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sons of anarchy recapping: authority vested

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Sovereignty

Charming, the ironically named hometown of SAMCRO, already has it in for new President Jax Teller and his gang of rebel vigilantes. Jax and his fellow bikers only have eight hours before they are officially pronounced fugitives of the law, local law enforcement is turning to Opie in an attempt to end the Motorcycle gang’s exploit for good, and a series of home invasions leave residents of Charming wondering if it’s just merely gang retaliation, or something much more sinister.

While in hiding (at a “classy” brothel) Jax and Bobby receive a call regarding Tig. Upon arrival, Tig is still standing stunned and alone at the site where Damon Pope viciously murdered Tig’s daughter as part of his “eye for an eye” policy of revenge.  Jax, Bobb, and Chibs attempt to clean up the murders while Tig, sitting away from his friends, cradles the charred remains of his daughter. This is one of the most heart wrenching moments in the series so far. Tig believes that Pope is going to murder his remaining daughter, and goes on a pursuit to Oakland to find her and warn her of Pope’s evil plan to destroy his family.

Meanwhile, Jax and Tara are dealing with the obstacles of becoming the new king and queen of the Motorcycle Club. Jax feels it is his duty to look out for his member’s family, while Tara believes the true threat is within the boundaries of their own family.  Jax is also concerned with the situation of becoming fugitives. As they only have eight hours before they are pronounced fugitives, Jax believes that the Niner’s, Damon Pope, and the local police force are trying to flush them out of hiding. In season four, it is revealed that incarcerated SOA member, Otto, has become a rat in an act of revenge, and consequently, a RICO case has been filed against SAMCRO. This case is the ultimate threat to the livelihood of SAMCRO members and the gang itself, and Jax must find a way to prove that the case was made on bogus charges.

The episode concludes with the AWOL members of SAMCRO turning themselves in. As they are being arrested, Opie makes his appearance, punches a cop in the face, and is arrested along with Jax, Chibs, and Tig. A completely legitimate way to demonstrate comradeship against the earlier pursuits of law enforcement to turn Opie into a rat.

  • In the most endearing moment of the episode, Jax and Tara finally decide it’s time to get married. Viewers have been waiting since season one for something official to finally happen between those two love birds. Jax and Tara exchange vows within the lobby of the brothel, in front of a very perturbed judge. Although the setting was less than fairytale, the love between the two can be felt through the screen, and I cried a little.
  • After the tragic murder of Tig’s daughter at the hands of the evil Damon Pope, viewers wonder what this could mean for Tig. Is he going to try to seek revenge for himself, or revenge for the club?
  • Clay continues his typical journey of lies and deceit by pursuing Opie at his home. Opie is still (understandably) angry at Clay about the situation regarding his deceased father, Piney. Clay, being the amazingly predictable character that he is, spits the same lies at Opie that was said at the table. Clay claims “history escalated, it’s either kill or be killed.” A reluctant and vulnerable Opie, faintly believes Clay.  Could this be because of Clay’s obvious physical ailments, or is it too hard to grasp that your team leader is a homicidal sociopath?
  • However, Clay did offer some insight into his murder spree. Although we already know that it ensued because of the detrimental revelations that John Teller’s letter would have exposed, Clay actually provides Opie with some truth to the situation, by blaming history rather than just the individuals (John, Piney) themselves.
  • Jax and Gemma’s lover, Nero, have become somewhat close. While on a ride along, Jax and Nero confide in each other on the struggles of having an ex wife who uses drugs during pregnancy, and the prospect of starting a new life clean of gang affiliations. This new formed relationship could serve either two purposes for Jax: Nero could represent a new father figure for Jax, one that Clay lacked OR Nero could become a new member of SAMCRO and a way to eliminate Clay altogether.

jax and tara

Jax: “Something is coming for our families.”

Jax: ” I want you to be my wife, I always have. Right now. In a brothel, wanted for murder.”

Tara: “So much for romance.”

Jax: “I’m a fairy tale man. Nothing says love like capital murder.”

Clay (to Opie): “You’re walking away from SAMCRO because of your hatred for me. That is a mistake.”

Jax: ” Is this you becoming me?”
Opie: “How did I do?”
Jax: “Not bad.”


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once upon a time recapping: an apple as red as blood

Previously on Once Upon a Time: The Stranger

This week on Once Upon a Time, just about everyone reaches their breaking point. After her small kidnapping attempt, Emma decides she’s making things harder on Henry and the best thing she can do is leave. Regina will do anything to hold onto her son and protect the curse, including sacrificing her last bit of magic to get Emma permanently out of the way. Henry, unwilling to let Regina win or Emma give up, takes a huge risk to make the savior believe. In the Enchanted Forest, Snow risks everything to rescue Charming only to be thwarted by Regina, and makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect her love.

Once Upon a Time, Regina and Charming

In the Enchanted Forest, we pick up where Heart of Darkness left off, with Charming held captive by King George. The King decides to execute him via guillotine, but the Evil Queen appears at the last moment and offers to pay for Charming, so she can make him suffer and enact her revenge on Snow, and King George agrees. Charming offers to die for Snow, but Regina has a different punishment in mind. Snow, the dwarves, Red and Granny, and the Fairies launch an all out assault on King George’s castle. When Snow gets to the dungeon, Charming is there – only in a magic mirror. He tells her he’s been taken to the Queen’s palace, and then Regina appears in the mirror, offering a parlay. Snow agrees, despite the misgivings of her friends. She meets Regina at the stable where Daniel died. Regina takes her to his grave, and tells her she was responsible for his death. She gives Snow a choice: eat an apple that will trap her in nightmares of her regrets, or she will kill Charming. Snow congratulates her, takes a bite, and collapses. The apple rolls out of her hand and disappears. Her friends find her, and since she is not breathing, think her dead.

Once Upon a Time, Snow White

In Storybrooke, Regina is sitting down to dinner with Henry when there’s someone at the door. It’s Emma, and soon many of Storybrooke’s residents are behind her. It’s clear she’s having a nightmare as they tie her to her rotten apple tree and Emma cuts her head off. Meanwhile, Henry realizes that Emma intends to leave Storybrooke <i>right now</i>, and refuses to go because the people of the town need her. The next morning, Regina notices her apple tree is dying and complains to Mr. Gold. He doesn’t care much, and suggests giving up Henry to Emma might be her price to keep the curse alive. Regina would rather get rid of Emma, but killing her would break the curse – a nice little loophole Mr. Gold has no means, or desire, to fix. Emma comes back, and Ms. Blanchard lays into her, calling her out on her irresponsible behavior. Regina summons Jefferson (who didn’t disappear into his hat?), offering to restore his daughter if he retrieves something from the Enchanted Forest.  Jefferson agrees, but only if Regina writes him and Grace a new story, with no memories of their previous life. Henry goes to visit a dying August, who admits he tried everything and Emma just won’t believe. Emma, meanwhile, consults with Archie about gaining custody, but he apologetically tells her she doesn’t have a case, and if anything, her presence has made Henry’s delusions worse. Regina takes Jefferson to a vault where she stores her last magic items. The hat won’t work, until she sacrifices the ring Daniel gave her – but even then there is only enough magic to reach through for something – an apple. Jefferson snatches the apple from the Enchanted Forest as it rolls out of Snow’s hand. Regina uses the cursed apple to make a pastry. Emma shows up at her door, and offers to leave Storybrooke if Regina will still let her see Henry. Regina agrees and gives her the pastry for the road.  Regina goes to Mr. Gold to gloat, and he reminds her that all magic comes with a price. Emma invites Henry over to apologize and tell him she’s leaving. He argues that Regina is trying to trick her, and when he sees the apple turnover, he decides to prove it to her. Upon taking a bite, he collapses on the ground and Emma loses it.

Once Upon a Time, Henry

Next week, season finale!

o Is it just me, or did this episode have more holes than swiss cheese? Jefferson suddenly reappears after falling out of a 2 or 3-story window (and disappearing into the hat, I thought)? Red and Granny, who were separated when we last saw them, have mysteriously reunited and joined Snow? If Regina has little to no magic in the real world, how does her heart vault work? As always, I can’t tell if this is shoddy writing or we’re only getting parts of the story.
o What will happen to Henry?! I love that little guy.

Nicole N. decided to justify the countless hours she spends watching television by writing about it here. She enjoys a challenge and is currently re-watching all 15 seasons of ER. Follow her @nicolemnelson

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once upon a time recapping: what happened to frederick

Previously on Once Upon a Time: Skin Deep

This week on Once Upon a Time: people vanish, objects reappear, and the Mysterious Stranger finally has a name, but is no less mysterious in either deed or motive. In Storybrooke, David fails yet again to tell his wife the truth, but Regina has no problem revealing the affair, leaving Ms. Blanchard and Kathryn as collateral damage. In the Enchanted Forest, Charming proves to be the more honorable of the two by restoring Abigail’s lost love before setting out in pursuit of Snow.

Once Upon a Time, Charming and the Siren

We start in the Enchanted forest. The timing is a little tricky here, picking up towards the end of 7:15 A.M. – Snow has left, Charming thinks she doesn’t love him, and the wedding is not officially called off yet. Charming is on the run from King George’s men, and they seem to have every intent of killing him. We cut awkwardly to a bound Charming, but it’s Abigail who’s found him. She knows the truth about Snow, and she wants to help him escape because she has no desire to marry him either. Charming is suspicious of her motives, and she reveals that she loves another – her betrothed, Frederick, who was accidentally turned to gold protecting King Midas. There is a magical lake that could restore him and Charming agrees to get what she needs, despite the deadly creature that guards it. That creature just happens to be a siren, who transforms herself to look like Snow to lure him into the water, and he almost drowns before escaping at the last second. He restores Frederick to Abigail, and sets out to find Snow. We’re now where 7:15 A.M ended, when Charming meets Red Riding Hood at the woods. She tells him Snow truly does love him, and they set off with King George on their tail.

Once Upon a Time, Mary Margaret and David

In Storybrooke, Kathryn has been accepted been into law school, and she wants David to come with her to Boston. He later meets with Ms. Blanchard, and she argues that he needs to tell Kathryn the truth. The next day, Emma runs into the Mysterious Stranger outside of Granny’s, and he gives his name – August W. Booth – to secure a date with her. Inside, Ms. Blanchard reveals that she been seeing David, to which Emma is like “duh,” noting the “plunging necklines” were a giveaway. Ms. Blanchard is convinced David will tell the truth – and we cut to him doing just the opposite, telling Kathryn he can’t go to Boston because of some bs story about not connecting. Meanwhile, August appears to be restoring the Book or adding pages. Kathryn runs to Regina, who reveals David’s infidelity. Kathryn then runs to Ms. Blanchard, bitch slapping her in hall at school and telling her to enjoy her liar boyfriend. August takes Emma for that drink, which just happens to be from a well fed by a “magical” underground lake that will return something lost to her. He waxes poetic about having faith, while Emma only believes what she can see. Everyone in town is calling Ms. Blanchard a tramp, and she’s fed up with David and his lack of backbone. Their relationship is destructive, and she tells him it’s over. Emma finds the Book in the gutter by her car and returns it to Henry; Kathryn tells Regina her marriage was like “an illusion,” that she’s left a note giving David and Ms. Blanchard her blessing, and she still intends to go to Boston. The Mayor takes her skeleton keys (complete with skulls) to get the note from Kathryn’s home, which she burns. Kathryn, meanwhile, has left for Boston. The curse does its thing, however, and Frederick/Gym Teacher finds her car abandoned on the side of the road.

Once Upon a Time, Emma and Stranger/August

o August W. Booth, who are you, really? What have you done to the Book, and how long will it be before we find out?
o For those keeping score: Graham is dead (sniffle), and now Kathryn is missing. Mr. Gold knows truth but seems outside of Regina’s influence – for now.
o If Storybrooke is connected to the Enchanted Forest, as evidenced by Snow’s coffin hidden deep in a mine shaft underground, does that mean this “magical” underground lake is the same one Charming visited? The way August was going on about the mystical powers of water, I believe it has some significance, but you can’t trust anything with this show. We shall (hopefully) see.

August – If you need evidence for everything, Emma, you’re going to find yourself stuck in one place for a long time.

Nicole N. decided to justify the countless hours she spends watching television by writing about it here. She enjoys a challenge and is currently re-watching all 15 seasons of ER. Follow her @nicolemnelson

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