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grimm recapping–let your hair down

written by Sara Goldfinger & Naren Shankar

A pair of backpackers headed for Shining Lake are waylaid by paranoid pot grower Delmar Blake, who thinks they’re cops and brings them back to his camp. The terrified couple—they own a dog-wash called “Hair of the Dog”—are begging for their lives when some … thing … attacks Delmar and strangles him. The hikers get free and run. The next day Hank and Nick show up, along with the DEA. They’ve been trying to nail Delmar for three years. They knew he was moving drugs but they had no idea he had three million dollars in marijuana plants in the woods.

And the plants are still there, but all of Delmar’s camping equipment and his food are missing. That’s just weird.

Nick takes a closer look at the crime scene and spots a teenage female blutbad. He gets a sample of her hair and some buckshot embedded in a tree.

Hank and Nick pay a visit to the backpacker couple, who live in a terrific house. (Portland is a place where working class people can still buy nice houses; check out the “houses for sale” on Portland CraigsList.)

The couple are still shaken by their ordeal—the boyfriend has a bandage on his head from where Delmar hit him with the butt of a shotgun—but tell the cops that whatever was in the woods saved their lives.

Back at headquarters, Hank and Nick show Captain Renard slides of the dead Delmar, who was clearly strangled by a very strong rope. (They don’t yet realize it was a plaited rope of hair, a la Tangled.)

Like the detectives, Capt. Renard is confused by what’s going on. If Delmar were killed by a rival drug dealer, the killer wouldn’t have left the plants. He tells the guys to keep him in the loop.

Delmar’s brothers arrive at the police station, demanding justice for their brother. Hank insists they show some ID before he’ll tell them anything and when he and Nick are satisfied they’re who they say they are, they all head for the morgue. Continue reading

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