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thoughts on boardwalk empire: under god’s power she flourishes

Nucky’s Defense: It would seem as though Nucky’s days as the “leader” of Atlantic City have been numbered since the start of the season but as Esther Randolph’s case continues to gain momentum the end may be soon. Until Nucky’ s butler Harlan tells him about Nelson Van Alden drowning his former partner during a church event last year. I honestly thought that Nucky was going to meet his end before the season finale but it seems like he has dodged yet another bullet – pun kinda intended.

A Princeton Man: Seeing Jimmy before he became defined by his tour of duty, marriage, family, and all the joy that Atlantic City brings was a bit refreshing. He and Angela’s background shined a light on what he felt about her during their mostly dry relationship. When by Gillian if he loved Angela his first answer was “No”. Speaking of Gillian…

I KNEW IT: Up to this point I just chalked it all up as Gillian being a complete creep – which she still is – but actually seeing her having sex with her own son you really don’t need any more evidence. If she wasn’t telling people how she use to “kiss (Jimmy’s) winky” when she use to change his diapers or just trying to steal a more sensual than necessary kiss on the lips from Jimmy she was busy trying to make Angela feel like a lesser woman in comparison. I’m glad I finally got proof even though, I’ll admit, it was a cringe worthy experience.

Eli’s Freedom: Eli’s lawyer informs him that if he testifies, against his brother Nucky, that he was ordered to kill Hans Schroeder that Esther and her team won’t argue for the death penalty. An offer that we later find out he accepts. I know that Eli and Nucky have been feuding since the show started up last year but for some reason I don’t see Eli actually following through with his testimony.

Sinful Possessions: With Nucky worrying about his freedom, he tells Margaret that he has hidden away some property and money for her and the kids if anything were to happen to him. But Margaret has some secrets of her own; she has been stealing from and cheated on Nucky during their relationship. Clearly Margaret’s new found religious faith and Nucky’s more than shady dealings are clashing on every level but I think she is the primary beneficiary of the relationship. I understand fighting for what u believe is right but at what cost?

Sweep the Legs: With Jimmy on a hiatus, assumably because he killed his wife, Lucky, Capone, and Lansky plan to take his portion of the alcohol. But Doyle tells them that Jimmy didn’t kill his wife and he’ll be back soon. We all know that Jimmy’s associates blossom – may that’s the wrong word – into successful criminals in their own right but I can’t wait to see how things play out once he realizes he has been cheated.

Van Alden the Vagabond?: Now that Van Alden’s secret has been exposed to Nucky’s lawyer and Esther Randolph he has nowhere to go. Shooting a federal agent never really helps either though.  I don’t have any idea what camp Van Alden is going to find himself in now but I’m intrigued to see what he can bring to the table since no one really likes him.

No More Commodore: After Jimmy kills his father for stopping him from choking the life from his mother it would seem as though all the pressure is really going to be on him now. The reason he hasn’t gotten the support of the more influential members of Atlantic City is because he is new to the political happenings of the boardwalk and it’s surrounding areas. I’m sure Gillian has no problem with the Commodore being gone but it may make things twice as hard on her son.

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