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30 rock recapping: hey baby what’s wrong

Previously on 30 Rock: Today You Are A Man

Ikea Trip

To make up for leaving us without 30 Rock for the fall, 30 Rock has given us two episodes in one night (two weeks ago) and this week they’re making up with us again with an hour long Valentine’s Day episode! Yays!

Liz and Criss will be spending Valentine’s day giving their relationship the ultimate test…a trip to Ikea! Jack, who hasn’t had “Mommy and Daddy Sheet Monster Time” (Liz’s words not mine), won’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day since Avery is still in North Korea. Avery’s mom pops into town to discuss the progress, or lack of progress, in returning Avery to the US.

Lutz who  has never had a good Valentine’s Day gets adopted by Tracy and Frank who will teach him the scumbag ways of picking up women. Jenna is nervous about performing live for the largest audience she’s ever had and Pete is producing the show.

Jack and Avery's mom

The tension between Liz and Criss is mounting as he picks out silly Valentine’s Day crap and she tells him he can’t get it if he’s not paying. They disagree about what table to get and Criss even suggest going an entirely different route and not purchasing one from Ikea. A fight starts but they lock it down. But in the warehouse, when Ikea is out of the table they selected the fight comes full force and they break up.

Avery’s mom and Jack have a meeting with the Trannsylvania Ambassador. It wasn’t successful. By the end she unplugged his phone and slapped him on the nose like a dog, Jack ruined friends and the inappropriate sexual tension mounts. During Jenna’s dress rehearsal her voice sounds froggy and hoarse. Not a good sign for Jenna, but all those who want her to fail will be pleased. Dr. Spaceman looks at her and says nothing is wrong. And her symptoms are psychosomatic because of the pressure. Jenna explains that she’s dealt with pressure before so that obviously can’t be it.

Attacked by an Iguana

Kenneth is trying to break in the new page who on her first day had a seizure, was attacked by an iguana, and had milk thrown at her. She doesn’t like her new “glamorous” life. But Kenneth tells her sometimes you have to start at the bottom. Tracy, Franks, and Lutz go to all the places where scumbags pick up women: Weight Watchers, beauty salons where white girls try to do black girl hair styles, and clothing stores. Lutz doesn’t pick up any women, but he does get a pretty one piece purple bathing suit.

Finally, they take him to the last place to pick up vulnerable women: the Ikea parking lot. Lutz hits on a sulking Liz and they both have realizations. Liz needs to apologize to Criss. Pete tells Jenna that she has the yips and he can sympathize because it happened to him. After acknowledging her problem Jenna hopes it’ll all be better. It’s not, it’s worse. But Pete figures it out, Jenna needs pain to distract her from the nerves. And she gets her voice back.

Criss and Liz Make up

Liz runs all the way home panicked that Criss won’t be there. But he is, with a new dining room table and dinner. Liz is glad to know that Criss isn’t bothered by her crazy, he just gets over it easily. The new page delivers a package to LIz’s house just as she and Criss have made up. Her aspiration is now to get Liz Lemon’s life. And she’s gonna be pretty creepy about it. Jack and Avery’s mother don’t cross any lines and they work out their frustrations at the driving range, how sexy.

Best/Funniest Moment

  • Liz recounting her past Valentine’s Days
  • Frank and Tracy teaching Lutz the scumbag ways
  • Jack and Avery’s mom playing golf


Liz: “Oh my God. I’m female Lutz.”

Dr. Spaceman: “Unfortunately there’s no field of medicine that deals with the brain.”

Criss: “The only thing you like about your job is taking home free sodas.”

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30 rock recapping: idiots are people two!

Previously on 30 Rock: Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

James Marsden

Liz is wiping her face and looking jolly, so I presume she’s eating something delectable. Well hello Kelsey Grammer! What are you doing here? There’s something wrong with Pete? Oh my. Liz runs to investigate and OH MY!

Cut to: Eight hours earlier.

Jenna needs a light bulb replaced and we discover Liz’s new man is James Marsden. HOTT! Oh and Tracy is of course stirring up some trouble. His newest offendees (not really a word, just go with it), the gays, the most organized of all groups (as explained by Liz). Jack propositions Liz with a FWB  offer to get her to expose the truth about her new man.

Jack is appalled by what he learns: jobless entrepreneur, living with Liz, spells his name Criss. Kenneth and Jenna break a whole box of mercury containing fluorescent light bulbs in Pete’s sleeping place. Pete, after downing scotch and sleeping pills retreats to his sleeping place (where he goes when shit is hitting the fan) not knowing about the mercury.

Denise Richards and Tracy Morgan

Tracy is organizing an idiot protest of NBC networks, since Liz offended him when issuing an apology to the gays. The idiot protests includes everyone from tramps, to investment bankers, to loudmouths, to Denise Richards. When Liz goes home for a nooner (pancakes for lunch in Liz’s book), a hallucination of Jack pops into the room and starts criticizing Criss. You can practically see Liz second guessing the relationship.

Back at work, she demands that Jack says he like Criss so he will no longer reside in her head and criticize Criss. When Jenna and  Kenneth go to clean up the Mercury mess they find Pete and panic. Jenna calls Kelsey Grammar to help them cover it up because who else would you call? Liz gets a video chat call from Criss who tells her he got an investor. When he holds up the check, Liz sees it’s from Jack. Dun Dun Dunnnn, TO BE CONTINUED…

Best/Funniest Moments:

  • Kelsey Grammer cameo
  • Liz asking the gays if she is pulling off her hat. They reply no.
  • Jack’s denunciation of Criss with an resounding “GOOD GOD!”
  • Favorite Gay Protest Signs: “My Wife doesn’t know I’m angry about this” and “We still watch Bravo, but that’s it, except for The Voice”
  • Favorite Idiot Protest Signs: “This Marker Smell Good” & “I Haz Protest”


Jenna: “Picking a lock is like riding a bike…they’re both skills you need to escape the Atlanta Falcons equipment room.”

Tracy: “Remember when I offended stubborn people? That took forever to sort out.”

Jack: “Is it a stupid name? Like Dakota or Barack?”

Liz: “My jaw stopped popping.” (Demonstrates)

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