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thoughts on the walking dead: judge, jury, executioner

Previously on The Walking Dead: 18 Miles Out

  • Daryl beats Randall in an attempt to get information about his group.
  • Rick decides to kill Randall to eliminate him as a potential threat. Dale disagrees and tries to get other members on his side.
  • Carl finds a gun and heads into the woods where he finds a trapped walker. The walker manages to free himself as Carl escapes.
  • Dale finds that no one agrees with his effort to keep Randall alive.
  • Hershel gives Glenn a family heirloom. Maybe a sign that Hershel is accepting Glenn’s relevance in Maggie’s life.
  • The house rules that Randall be killed.
  • Carl walks into the barn as Rick is about to execute Randall but Rick can’t pull the trigger.
  • Rick decides to keep Randall in custody until they can come up with an alternate solution.
  • Out on the farm, Dale is fatally wounded by the walker that Carl encountered earlier. Daryl shoots Dale to end his suffering.

Dale’s Demise: I have had my opinions about Dale – most of them being of a less favorable nature – but I was actually saddened to see him go out the way he did. Yes, he can be annoying. Yes, he does pry in everyone else’s affairs. Yes, he has floral patterns on his shirt. As horrible as all those things are he was still the most solid moral compass left. No one else is going to be able to play his role. Shane is clearly a lost cause and Andrea is close to following suit. Rick is still being influenced by Shane’s opinions of him. Lori has settled into her role of being a homemaker. Daryl is a wild card but I don’t see him making the decision to save a life as opposed to eliminating a threat. I guess this is where T-Dog steps up? Nah…

Hardcore Carl: I don’t know what Carl experienced while in his coma but he has gradually been becoming mini-Shane. Even though he doesn’t dominate the screen as much as the elder characters he manages to be just as erratic in that compact time frame. Clearly his world has been drastically changed, as has everyone else’s, but I didn’t expect him to change so suddenly. Maybe his realization that he is, in part, responsible for Dale’s death will make him understand that he has to play by the rules before he causes more trouble for himself and the group.

Passive Aggression: Did anyone REALLY think Rick was going to follow through with executing Randall? Because if you did this may have been the first episode you’ve ever seen from this show. I knew as soon as I saw that Rick was to be in control of killing Randall that he would be gun shy. Carl’s sudden appearance is a good scapegoat for his reluctance but I can see through that smoke screen. Rick is still a decent man and he isn’t use to killing those who don’t deserve it. I’m not sure what has to happen for him to cross that line but it makes for good tension betweeh he and Shane at the moment so I’m good with it.

On the next The Walking Dead: Better Angels

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the walking dead: chupacabra


Coming into this season Shane was a small blip on my radar in terms of characters but he is steadily becoming one of my favorites. He has taken the anti-hero role I had Daryl pegged as coming into the second season. He is challenging Rick to make tough decisions by giving up on searching for Sophia. I don’t like the fact that he is still so wrapped up with Lori because at this point there can’t be anything else between them.


On a consistent basis Daryl has been trying he hardest to find Sophia. I’m not sure if it’s because he was in the same situation when he was younger or just because she is a helpless child. Either way, kudos bro. I don’t know how his hallucinations of his brother – and getting shot – are going to affect him going forward though.


Can someone throw her in a well filled with death already?!


I want to be upset with Hershel for all of the obvious reasons but I understand what he is saying to Rick and his people. With Daryl losing his horse and Rick allowing Jimmy, a 17-year-old, to go searching with them without his permission is something to get upset about. Resources are clearly at a low given the whole zombie apocalypse thing and mistakes like that can’t afford to be made. I don’t know what he is trying to hide with the walkers in the hayloft though, maybe that’s why he wants the others to leave so quickly?


  • Shane doesn’t agree with Rick’s plan to search for Sophia.
  • Daryl accidentally impales himself with an arrow while out looking for Sophia – he lost Hershel’s horse in the process.
  • Hershel is upset with Rick because he doesn’t feel his group in under control.
  • Glenn tells Dale about his relationship with Maggie. Dale warns him to not upset their host.
  • Hershel warns Maggie not to get too close to Rick’s group because they won’t be there long.
  • Andrea nearly kills Daryl as he returns to the farm by grazing him in the head with a  bullet. She thought he was a walker from a distance.
  • Maggie asks Glenn for a late night rendezvous via note under the dinner table. Glenn suggests they meet at the hayloft and Maggie rushes to stop him. When Glenn gets there he sees that the hayloft is being used as a holding pen, of sorts, for walkers
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thoughts on the walking dead: cherokee rose

Shane’s Conscience

The episode begins with everyone at the farmhouse having a funeral-like ceremony for Otis who was left for dead by Shane in order to escape with medical supplies. Otis’ wife asks for Shane to share Otis’ “final moments” since he was the last one to see him alive. Shane is clearly being haunted about the decision he made as he tells a made-up account how Otis died. Later, Shane asks Lori if she meant it when she asked him to stay with the group. She tells him yes.

I like that Shane’s character is finally productive in the plot. I know he was having sex with Lori in the beginning of the first season but that issue has been, mostly, swept under the rug.

Daryl’s Dedication 

Daryl has never been one to divert from a plan he has set upon and that is still the case now. He continues to search for Sophia. He even goes off by himself to do so. It seems as though the other members are almost giving up on the chance that Sophia is still alive but Daryl.  Maybe it’s due to the fact that Daryl’s brother went missing and he has never had the chance to search for him so he is putting all the effort into finding Sophia. He even finds a “Cherokee rose” for Carol and tells her a comforting tale to help her deal with their current situation. Daryl is turning into just the right balance of anti-hero the group needs.

Rick’s Proposal

Hershel tells Rick that his group can’t stay at the farmhouse permanently. He says that after they find Sophia and Carl heals from surgery that they have to move on. Initially Rick says he understand but he changes his stance later on. Rick asks Hershel to reconsider. He says that Hershel doesn’t understand how difficult it is “on the road”. He also says that he just wants to be able to do what’s best for his son who he feels he lets down everyday. After a story about Hershel’s father being less than spectacular to him he tells Rick that if his group can obey Hershel’s rules then he might be willing to let them stay around.

Even though most of the “action” happens away from the farmhouse I think it’s a great hub for Rick’s group to plan and just take a safe break every now and again. I don’t feel as thought they’ll be calling Hershel’s farmhouse  home for too long but it’s what they need right now.

Side (Con)Quests

  • Lori may be pregnant. By who? My money is on Shane – but who trusts ONE self-pregnancy test, right? Right?!
  • The water supply on the farmhouse may be contaminated after a walker’s insides are spilled in a well.
  • Excuse my maturity but…”Glenn and Maggie sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G (and sexing).” Well played.
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the walking dead: favorite characters

As Sunday draws closer so does the second season of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Even though the first season was – much to the chagrin of yours truly – only six episodes long, I took the entire season as the prologue…to the show…that had already started? It makes sense somehow. I know that the characters aren’t always going to be the same throughout the entirety of show’s run but I managed to get favorites from the glimpse that was season one. And besides, it’s a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, I don’t think we have that much time anyway…

My Top 3 (in a particular order)


Of course it’s Glenn! The former pizza delivery boy just trying to make ends meet before the outbreak began. Maybe I’m a tad biased but when I envision the future zombie apocalypse – you know it’s inevitable – I see myself as the “scout”. Glenn is young, quick, and resourceful. Although he isn’t a leader per se he is usually on the front lines when the group needs him. His sarcastic insight is a must and his ability to lighten the extremely grave mood is, obviously, appreciated. Glenn is going to have to try REALLY hard for me not to idolize him during the season.

Daryl Dixon 

What a drastic change, right? I like a good antihero every now and again. Daryl is brash, brave and a slew of other “B” words – borderline bigot included. Every crew needs a wild card and Daryl plays the role well. He doesn’t mind challenging the authority of Rick or Shane when he feels there is another option and since he doesn’t know what has become of his brother he has that “nothing to lose” mojo going for him. I know that Daryl is going to make me hate him as a person several times this season but solidify his standing as one of my favorite characters. Cheers to hypocrisy?!


Rick Grimes

The adopted/accepted leader of the group. I mean the man is a Sheriff…who was presumed dead…left in a hospital with the dead…in an abandoned/infected town…then still managed to find his family and “friend”/partner Shane. I would follow that man. He made the practical decisions for the group in season one. He doesn’t have the “lone ranger” mentality that Daryl has which I feel is going to cause conflict going forward. I appreciate him as a main character, but for now I appreciate the conflict that he initiates just by being the leader. I hope to be able to like his character as an individual more this season.

For some pictures and insight on character development, plot lines, and ZOMBIES from the producers of The Walking Dead click here.

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