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dexter: what season six means for season seven

Dexter’s sixth season had its ups and (almost laughable) downs, which many fans will tell you they either saw coming or frequented a website full of fans that did (r/dexter was my preferred discussion spot).

True, this season wasn’t the strongest, but we know it kicked off (what may be) the last two seasons of the series. So instead of bashing and nitpicking what we loved/hated, let’s start obsessing early and guess what all this means for the future.

Harry’s Code vs. Religion

The two share a thread of morality (yes, being a serial killer can be moral) and Dexter’s belief in both was tested this season. Brother Sam played a major role in pushing Dexter from strong religious ambivalence to a tentative belief in the possibility of a higher power. While Brian popped up for one episode and (literally) pushed any thought of Harry and his code out of Dexter’s mind. The end result of all of this internal confusion was Dexter making a kill (Travis) that Brother Sam and Harry would have undoubtedly advised against.

What this could mean for next season: It was interesting watching someone who generally doesn’t believe in religion have it thrown in his personal and professional life pretty much all season, but there’s no need to rehash this again. Unless Brother Sam takes on the Harry-role for an episode or two, it’s highly unlike anyone else will re-spark Dexter’s interest in God or any other higher being in the seventh season.

Louis the Intern

Masuka originally selected Ryan Chambers for his intern, but after a little flirting and thievery, Louis replaced her. He flew under the radar and for a brief moment in time, I thought he’d be harmless character who was only introduced to give the homicide department some new blood.

Sure, his obsession with Dexter could have been written off as cute, but then we found out that he was in possession of the hand from the ITK case that Ryan originally stole. A red flag, especially when coupled with the palm reading he drew on the hand before mailing it to Dexter. All signs point to something nefarious, but there’s still a sliver of possibility that he’s a fan boy obsessed with Dexter’s work as a blood-splatter expert and not his side job as a serial killer.

What this could mean for next season: The popular opinion is that Louis is Dexter’s nephew. Perfectly acceptable, but if the writers go that route, I truly hope they make him Dexter’s nephew/mentee instead of Dexter’s nephew/opponent. Travis used up all of my patience for mediocre villains and Louis would be much more fun as a Lumen-style character who provides a support system for Dexter’s kills.

Deb’s Loving Feeling

With her new role as lieutenant, Deb spent most of the season in a perpetual state of adjustment. She broke up with Quinn early on and when she wasn’t figuring out how to fit into her new role, she was holed up in a dark office with her psychiatrist. Her sessions helped her realize how much she wanted Dexter to be someone he wasn’t (“You wouldn’t ask a chair to become a table“), her reliance on Dexter as a brother and finally, her feelings. Yes, Deb loves Dexter…romantically.

Her psychiatrist, who she may need more than ever next season, normalized these emotions because the two aren’t blood siblings. In turn, Deb decided it would be a good idea to tell Dexter that she is in love with him. This could be the most significant takeaway from this season.

What this could mean for next season: Whether or not Deb actually tells Dexter how she feels, the emotions will still be there. They will shape how she treats him as a brother and her subordinate at work, as well as how she interacts with any other romantic interests they may give her in the seventh season. Her psychiatrist could decide to tell someone, perhaps LaGuerta, which means everyone finds out she’s in love with Dexter. Although super unlikely, Deb being pregnant was mentioned as a possibility in Ricochet Rabbit. Does Harrison get a little cousin that could one day become his little stepbrother?

Dexter Got Caught

In one of Dexter’s sloppiest moments of the season, he decides to kill Travis at the abandoned church. Under normal circumstances, this would fit Dexter’s usual modus operandi just fine. However, he did the kill in the most visible place in the building on the same day/time Deb asked him to be there. Had he not already doubled his chances of getting caught, it was the end of the season finale, so it was expected that something big would happen….and he got caught….by Deb…his sister….that just realized she’s in love with him. Wow.

What this could mean for next season: If he were caught by pretty much anybody else, I’d theorize that this cliffhanger concludes with that person ending up as dead as Travis. Since it was Deb this can go a few ways, here are the ones that immediately came to mind:
• Dexter tells Deb it’s his first time killing someone and she buys it: Highly unlikely since Travis is killed in a very “I’ve done this a few times before” manner. She can’t be that blinded by love.
• Dexter tells Deb everything and she runs away in disgust, spending the whole season avoiding him and pretending she didn’t see what she so obviously did: Also highly unlikely since Deb tends to confront her issues/problems/etc. full force.
• Deb realizes Dexter’s killing style is similar to that of the Bay Harbor Butcher and he tells her he picked up where Doakes left off: More likely, since Deb is super observant when it comes to her police work and will probably notice the connection, but less likely that Dexter will only partially admit to what he’s been doing.
• Dexter accepts that Dexter is a serial killer and works with him to clean up the mean streets of Miami: Not likely, but it would be so enjoyable to watch.

The great thing about it being Deb is that she’s already let Dexter (and Lumen) go once before. She may not have known she was doing that, but she proved to Dexter that she doesn’t always see things as black and white, which means she might just understand why he’s been killing all these years. If he panders to that side of Deb, as well as lets her know that Harry essentially trained him, it could mean he continues to kill and share who he really is.

Season seven can’t come soon enough.

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thoughts on dexter: ricochet rabbit

“Travis is the only doomsday killer and I’ve made a terrible mistake. Same kill wound as the other victims, which means….Travis, you killed Gellar.” – Dexter

Whether you saw the (arguably) shocking conclusion of last week’s Get Gellar coming a few episodes ago or you were genuinely stunned, you were still probably interested in where the show would go next. We’re nearing the end of this season and this episode makes me think that Dexter just may have another twist or two in store.

  • Awesome parallel. We watched Dexter, watch Travis talk to Gellar (who wasn’t really there), while talking to Harry (who also wasn’t really there). Dexter may be aware of his delusion, but both men seem content on blaming their father figure for how/why they became the person they are now.
  • Is anyone really invested in the Travis character? Colin Hanks is doing a decent job, but Travis just doesn’t measure up when compared to the show’s past “big bads”. Although seeing him all gussied up with Gellar’s confidence and finally owning his inner killer did at least make him a little more intimidating.
  • What if Deb is pregnant? Dexter mentioned pregnancy as a potential reason Deb had her anxiety attack. The comedic value of pregnant Deb notwithstanding, this could bring a new dynamic to the show and help explain why the writers are overplaying the “Quinn is a mess” angle. Fatherhood tends to have a sobering influence.
  • Beth Dorsey was played by Jordan Spiro. She was really great on the underappreciated My Boys.
  • Louis likes Jamie. Or, he’s using her to get close to Dexter. It’s possible that the truth is a mix of the two, but WHY does he want to get close to Dexter? Is the video game his only motive? And speaking of the video game…
  • Homicidal Tendencies: coming to a GameStop near you. Dexter was completely unimpressed by Louis’ video game concept and couldn’t fathom why anyone would want to play a game where they are the serial killer. Dexter’s high and mighty response was pretty rude and Louis seemed really crushed.
  • Ricochet Rabbit sets sail. When the “fuck pad” set off on its voyage, we all knew Holly Benson was going to die. The trio (Steve, Beth and Travis) also used the boat as a workshop where they created “Wormwood”. The Dorsey’s home probably would have been a better place to do that, but I’m sure Travis knew what he was doing.
  • Deb demonstrated why she deserves her promotion. She figured out the Jessica Morris/Tom Matthews connection rather quickly. This should cut out LaGuerta as the middle(wo)man so that Matthew and Deb can negotiate how to handle this. LaGuerta’s faux-subtly was becoming almost as annoying as Quinn’s jaded ex shtick.
  •  Can Batista catch a break?! He’s one of the good guys. Sure, he’s made some sketchy life choices, but he doesn’t deserve the crappy end of the stick he’s been getting this season. Should Travis and Beth kill him, Quinn will have to live with that, since he wouldn’t have been alone if his partner was doing his job. But more importantly, I think the show would be missing a necessary element without Batista.
  • Father knows best. Dexter finally hears Harry or himself if you choose to remember that Harry is a projection from Dexter’s own mind, but don’t do that, it ruins the impact of the moment. Dexter has been taking this whole DDK thing too far and way too personal, which has made him too sloppy. Then again, this wouldn’t be the first time he got overly involved and had disastrous results (and I’m sure Rita would agree).

Next on Dexter:

How will “Wormwood “ play out? Will Travis and Dexter face off, or is that being saved for the finale? Does ‘talk to the hand’ have something to do with Dexter using Gellar’s hand or Louis having the hand from the Ice Truck Killer case? But more importantly, how creepy is that painting of Dexter?!

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