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death valley…kinda literally

Anyone who knows me – this includes you now – knows that I have a soft spot for the undead. Zombies more specifically. I know that in a previous post I didn’t list MTV’s new show Death Valley as a show that I was excited for come Fall but for some strange reason (sometimes I like to keep secrets or whatever) it skipped my mind.

The cast doesn’t feature any solidified “stars” but the most well-known might be journeyman Bryan Callen who has had roles on MADtv, Oz, and Sex in the City just to name a few. The cast isn’t what I’m worried about right out of the gate though. The comedic current is more concern, but from what I’ve seen so far I’m confident that I’ll be changing my diaper on the frequent. I felt the same way with Reno 911 when it first aired; I really didn’t “know” any of the cast but they made me forget about that with their banter and hilarious “investigation” processes.

The whole “Cops and Robbers” thing is far from a new genre but throw in a pinch of unnecessary supernatural goreĀ  and that’s a recipe even grandma will be proud of…but she shouldn’t watch the show…unless she’s awesome of course.

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