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30 rock recapping: live from studio 6H

Previously on 30 rock: murphy brown lied to us

Live from New York it’s 30 ROCK!!!!! Jack has made the decision that TGS will no longer be a live show. It’s less expensive to pre-tape, so that’s what they’re going to do from now on. Liz is hesitant at first, but when Jack tells her that she’ll only have to work two weeks a year, Liz changes her mind.

EVeryone in Tracy's dressing rom

Kenneth however is not having any of it. He locks everyone from TGS, except for Hazel and Jenna who are too self absorbed to notice anyone’s absence, in Tracy’s dressing room to convince them that TGS should stay live, 12 angry men style. Kenneth goes back in time and discusses the history of NBC’s live television programs. The result is a bunch of hilarious skits with guest stars like Donald Glover, Jon Hamm, Jimmy Fallon, Amy Poehler, Fred Armisen, Paul McCartney (or Kim Kardashian, depending on the coast). Though Liz and Jack hold out til the end, they realize that their big career breaks began with live television. So it’s settled: TGS will remain a live show.

Paul Proposing

While all of this is happening, Jenna had planned to use TGS’s last live show as the setting for her marriage proposal from Paul. However, Paul has his own plans. He wants to propose in a private setting. The two argue and Paul storms out. Jenna realizes that she doesn’t care where or when Paul proposes, she just wants to marry him. Paul proposes on live TV anyway, but Jenna says no. She wants their proposal to be private.

Chattertons Dr Spacemen

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Jack and Liz having heart attacks
  • All Dr. Spaceman skits
  • The Joey Montero Show
  • The Abner and Alfie Show


Jon Hamm (as Chuck): “Honey you have a dynamite shape, but you’re gonna have to shut up and let a man tell us what’s happening.”

Dr. Spaceman: “Recent studies have shown that while pregnancy is disgusting, babies do not need tar or nicotine.”

Jack (as Tony): “We’ve got a great show. At least that’s what the Jews I pay tell me.”

Paul: “I may have a dress, and a wig, and a gynecologist, but I am the man.”
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30 rock recapping: nothing left to lose

Previously on 30 rock: The Shower Principle

Through the employee self-evaluations, Jack finds out that Pete doesn’t have any ambition. So he takes Pete under his wing to help him regain what he has lost. His first step is to take Pete to a gym to try and find some manly strength. Unfortunately, Pete ends up being beaten up by a a dummy. Then Jack tells him to shave his strip of hair in an effort to own his hair loss. Pete does everything Jack asks to no advantage. Jack discovers his need to take on Pete’s case is because he also has no idea where he will be in five years.

Tracy pleasing Liz as his dad

Liz finds out that Tracy lost his sense of smell, so she forces him to go to the doctor to find out why its gone. Dr. Spaceman (Chris Parnell), the miracle worker, is able to remove he trinket that was blocking Tracy’s sense of smell. With his newly regained sense, Tracy finds that Liz’s scent triggers memories of his father. Also, that he can no longer be around his family because teenage boys smell bad, Angie’s cooking smells ethnic, and baby girl makes bad smells in her pants. Liz flees to Jack for assurance that taking advantage of Tracy’s need to please his father’s smell, now found on Liz. Knowing what she needs to to, Liz takes Tracy back to Dr. Spacemen and he puts a new blockage (a pencil top) back in Tracy’s nose.

Jenna blackmailing the writers

Jenna’s self-evaluation was surprisingly candid and she said she was the worst person she knew, but by the end of the episode she realize she is the fourth worse person she knows. The writers play a prank on Jenna which leads her to dress as a Smurf and do cartwheels through Time Square. Jenna gets her revenge by digging through the writer’s trash and getting some dirt on them. The writer’s give Jenna a taste of her own medicine and tell her Lutz was hurt that she didn’t try to get back at him. So Jenna digs through the trash to find something to make Lutz feel included. Turns out the whole thing was another prank against Jenna, but she discovers the truth about being the fourth worse person she knows.

Jenna as a smurf

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Jenna dressed as a Smurf
  • Pete being beaten by a dummy
  • Lutz crying to himself in the mirror

Dr. Spacemen: “Ya know what else was in the 70’s, women being quiet”

Tracy: “I just wanna make you proud of me, LL-Dad-Liz-Dad.”

Jenna: “You know what they say boys. If you can’t stand the heat, get off of Mickey Rourke’s sex grill.”

Kenneth: “Oh my, it smells like Grandma’s house at Christmas. That’s when we found her dead on the toilet.”

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