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thoughts on true blood: somebody that i used to know

Previously on True Blood: In the Beginning

  • The remaining Authority members, along with the weird baby-eating vampire, Bill, Eric, Russell and Steve drink Lilith’s blood and go on a drunken killing spree. Lilith was “reborn” in a pool of blood and Godric appears to Eric.
  • Jason shoots Jessica, but only after she bites him.
  • Ifrit taunts Patrick and Terry, which makes Terry threaten suicide.
  • Lafayette is almost killed, but instead Don Bartolo is stabbed by his wife, Maria, Lizzie Borden style.
  • Sookie tries to get rid of her powers.

“Praise Lilith. Praise Jesus. Praise Moses’ cock. I am born again!” – Russell

Should we be worried that Luna’s going to end up like Tommy?
Similar to Tommy, Luna is a skinwalker. Although Tommy died from the beating Marcus gave him, it was pretty obvious that shifting into humans wasn’t doing any favors for his overall health. If we’ve learned anything from watching True Blood (or HBO in general) it’s that no character is ever truly safe. Emma has a grandmother and pack to take care of her if something happens to Luna and if the writers can break up Lafayette and Jesus so callously, there’s no way Sam is immediately exempt from losing his new love as well.

Was Roman’s death really sanctioned by God?
It seems that seeing Lilith was enough to let Nora, Salome and the rest of the bunch know that Russell killing Roman was not only a good plan, but it was inevitable. However, Godric seems to disagree. It’s not clear if he’s warning Eric because of all the humans that will soon be killed or if he just knows that something darker is at play. Bill’s idea to destroy all of the True Blood factories and Nora’s assertion that Godric was a blasphemous apologist during his final days makes it pretty clear that Eric is alone on this one. Although I’m still not convinced that the typically good guy Bill isn’t just going along with things so that he can figure out what’s really going on.

So wait, Alcide really isn’t going to be the packmaster?
After his training and rawkus lovemaking with Rikki, I assumed that Alcide has this whole “taking over Marcus’ pack” thing in the bag. I was sure Martha would have his back since it was revealed that JD is a fiend for the V, but she played things relatively neutral. Unfortunately, Alcide just wasn’t alpha enough to best JD and instead of leading the pack, he had his ass kicked and subsequently kicked out. I’m still a little annoyed we didn’t see more between him and Sookie, so I’m really hoping Rikki is the kind of girl that follows the power and ends things with Alcide.

Who was that figure in Sookie’s bathroom?
With the hat and creepy demeanor, the obvious answer is Warlow (who looked a lot like Bill…or maybe Eric…or perhaps Russell??), the vampire (??) Claudine killed (??) after he (??) murdered Sookie’s parents. As you can see, my thoughts on this are pretty scattered. However, Claude noted that the Elders wouldn’t be happy that Sookie tapped into the past from the vampire’s perspective instead of her mother’s, which was the original plan. With that in mind, it could just be the faeries attempting to scare her a little bit so she doesn’t dig any deeper into what happened. Although Claude does all of the talking, I think Claudette is the one with the answers, something I believe Jason will figure out.

Will Terry kill Patrick?
I have to be honest, I’m torn between not caring how this plays out and wanting Terry to just shoot Patrick already and end this. The Ifrit demon situation is still terribly boring. I don’t know Patrick’s character well enough to care if Terry kills him, so there’s that. I also have a hard time feeling bad for Terry, since he did kill Zaafira. It’s like the writers really wanted to give these supporting characters something to do, just like last season, and they failed to give them a really interesting plot that unites their story with everything else that’s going on. Also, Lafayette deserves so much better than being forced to play medium for whatever dead chick feels like inhabiting his body.

Other observations:

  • Although it wasn’t hard to find True Blood x Somebody That I Used To Know mash-up already in existence, as evidenced by the song playing during the end credits, the writers had the Elliot Smith song in mind when naming this episode. (Edit: I stand corrected.)
  • “I’m fine, you got me in the head.” Wait, shouldn’t that have hurt Jason more than being blasted with faerie power on another, less important body part?
  • It didn’t play out so well for her in this particular episode, but I’m loving the newer, raunchier Jessica this season.
  • Another boring Bill flashback, which took us back to him with his daughter Sarah in Baton Rouge circa 1910. He didn’t turn her, even after she begged him to. Tragic, but why is this important to the overall story of this season?! Side note: Lorena would have LOVED to see Bill all doped up on Lilith blood.
  • We get Jesus for 10 seconds…that’s it?
  • “I hate this goddamn town.” Poor Andy.
  • Who pulled the gun on Hoyt…and why the hell did he think it was smart to leave Jessica and instead walk miles to get help? By the time he got wherever he was going, it was going to be dark, at which point Jessica could have easily protected herself.
  • Steve and Russell are actually really adorable together. I know this is true because I don’t like Steve Newlin’s character so much, yet, I’m not bothered when he’s on the screen in close capacity to Russell.
  • Did anyone else find the band-aid thing really gross?
  • If the “Dragon” that Luna smelled isn’t Maxine and she isn’t the leader of this whole charge to kill all the supes, I will be SUPER shocked.
  • “He’s off his meds, ciao bitches.” Lafayette is still one of my favorite things about this show.
  • Pam’s mad face/happy face thing also deceived me too, because I really didn’t think she was going to do something nice for Tara. A very pleasant surprise, Tracy totally deserved that.
  • Possibly a stretch. Scratch that, very likely a stretch, but I’m gonna toss it out there anyway. There is a Warlow, Germany. We’ve seen a flashback with Godric and Eric in Germany when Eric was almost killed by a werewolf. Maybe the name Warlow is somehow connected to Russell (a nickname, perhaps?), who as we know has very long history with werewolves.

Next week’s True Blood: Everybody Wants to Rule the World (The Bill/Sookie scene better be a flashback.)

Nicole is a TV junkie and TVDM helps her feed a lifelong addiction. She can be found here, providing biased commentary (sprinkled with a few Pop Up Video-esque insights) on her favorite shows, every week.

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once upon a time recapping: the shepherd

The episode opens with David finally returning home from the hospital. Kathryn (apparently I’ve been spelling it wrong) asks if he remembers anything, such as an ugly windmill that used to be in the yard, but he’s still blank. Inside, David’s clearly overwhelmed by all the people at his homecoming party, but Dr. Whale says anything might trigger his memory.

Henry and Emma are by the stairs. Henry explains the reason David can’t remember anything is that the curse hasn’t worked on him yet, filling him with false memories. David interrupts to say hi, but he’s really just looking for Ms. Blanchard, who didn’t show. In the kitchen, Kathryn whines to Regina that it’s like she’s lost David twice, but the mayor tells her she still has a chance. Kathryn says it’s nice to have a friend, and Regina agrees.

David shows up at Ms. Blanchard’s. He worries that his feelings are one-sided, but she counters that he’s married and it should be no-sided. He wants to choose her, but she says their connection is because she rescued him, nothing more.

In the Enchanted Forest, Charming is facing down a brute. He is flung to the ground, but before his opponent can finish him, he springs up and stabs him in the chest. Charming has passed the test. King Midas needs a dragon vanquished, and King George (Charming’s father) needs gold. They leave to discuss the details. As Charming turns to his men to make a heroic speech, his not-quite-dead opponent suddenly stabs him through the chest.

Despite his son’s death, King George still needs a dragon slayer. Rumpelstiltskin appears and reprimands him for not being more careful with the son he provided. King George wants his son back; Rumpelstiltskin wants the Fairy Godmother’s wand. They deal. Turns out the baby he provided has a twin brother, a shepherd who is the real Charming we know and love.

Ms. Blanchard is scrubbing the crap out of some dishes when Emma walks in. Over a drink, Emma tells her if she thinks being with David is wrong, then it’s wrong, and to let him go. Meanwhile, David is looking at old pictures. Kathryn kisses him, but he pulls away, saying it isn’t right.

Once Upon a Time, Shepherd Charming

A floppy-haired Charming is locking up his sheep when his mother returns from the market with a marriage offer that could save their farm. Charming argues he will marry for love, not money, and they’ll save the farm another way. Rumpelstiltskin appears at that moment with his offer – play the part of the dragon slayer and his mother will never want for anything again.

Ms. Blanchard is at the diner when Dr. Whale smarmily apologizes for their disastrous date and asks for another chance, despite her obvious disinterest. Regina then walks in and accuses her of being a home wrecker, since David has left Kathryn. Ms. Blanchard says she had nothing to do with it, and Regina warns her to keep it that way.

A newly prince-like Charming and his knights go to slay the dragon. The knights order him to stay back while they do the work, but it goes horribly wrong. Charming picks up a sword and tricks the dragon into getting stuck in a narrow crevasse, where he chops off its head.

Once Upon a Time, Blanchard and David

David visits Ms. Blanchard at the school before class. She pleads with him to leave her alone, as she is trying to do the right thing. He argues that it’s wrong to stay with Kathryn and pretend to have feelings, when he truly loves her. He gives Ms. Blanchard the choice – he’ll be at the toll bridge at 8, waiting for her decision.

At the station, Graham uses doughnuts to bribe Emma into working the night shift, claiming he has to work at the animal shelter, though I think we all know where he’s really going. A flustered Ms. Blanchard storms in, wondering what to do about David. Emma tells her it’s pretty apparent he’s made a choice, and to meet him.

Charming and King George present the dragonhead to Midas. In addition to gold, he wants to offer Charming his daughter’s hand in marriage to unite the kingdoms. The snooty Princess Abigail (Kathryn) walks in. Charming tries to refuse, but King George warns him if doesn’t accept his farm will be destroyed.

David is on his way to meet Ms. Blanchard when he runs into Regina. She tries to convince him to change his mind, and then points him in the direction of the bridge. On the way, he gets lost again, and stops into Mr. Gold’s shop for directions. As he’s leaving, he spots the windmill from his house and starts to remember.

Charming stops by the farm to tell his mother about the marriage and say goodbye, as Midas must never learn who really he is. She urges him to run away, but he refuses. She gives him her wedding ring, promising that true love will follow it.

Ms. Blanchard is twirling that same ring on her finger when David arrives at the bridge. He remembers his past. Despite his feelings for her, he feels he needs to honor his past with Kathryn. Ms. Blanchard is crushed.

Emma is on patrol when she spots someone sneaking out of the mayor’s house. She knocks him down with her nightstick, and it’s of course a disheveled-looking Graham. She is disgusted and hurt, and tells him she won’t be working anymore nights.

David returns to Kathryn’s. He’s willing to try again.

Charming and Abigail prepare to start their new life together. As their carriage travels towards the palace, we leave them where ”Snow Falls” begins.

Once Upon a Time, Dr. Whale and Blanchard

A tearful Ms. Blanchard is at the diner. Dr. Whale walks in and asks what’s wrong. Ms. Blanchard wants to know how to stop being caught in situations when she already knows the outcome, he tells her to do the unexpected. He offers to buy her a drink. She says she’ll take two.

What we know so far:

What little progress David and Ms. Blanchard made has been crushed, thanks to what looks like clever plotting between Regina and Mr. Gold. Emma and Graham’s budding interest has also been crushed, which makes me sad. On the Enchanted Forest side of things, it appears Charming was being set up as some sort of High King. There is a lot of ambiguity about the political system there, and I really want that to be cleared up sometime soon – there are far too many princes, kings, and queens being thrown at us without a means of fitting it together. The only one that seemed to have any real power was (is?) Rumpelstiltskin.

Next week, Graham starts to remember his past, and someone dies.

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