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once upon a time recapping: heart of darkness

Previously on Once Upon a Time: Red Handed

This week on Once Upon a Time, we pick the thread of Snow and Charming’s tale, while the cards are stacked against Ms. Blanchard. In the Enchanted Forest, Snow has forgotten her love for Charming and is determined to kill the Evil Queen, and Charming is determined to make her remember him, while avoiding King George’s guards. They’re happy for a record five seconds before they’re torn apart again. In Storybrooke, more damning evidence is discovered points to Ms. Blanchard as the killer. Emma thinks she’s being set up, but David starts to doubt her.

Once Upon a Time, Ms. Blanchard

In Storybrooke, Emma is forced to book Ms. Blanchard. Even though the sheriff doesn’t believe she’s a killer, she must pursue the evidence. Emma interrogates Ms. Blanchard, with Regina present to ensure objectivity, and it’s uncovered that box is actually Ms. Blanchard’s jewelry box. She claims someone broke in and stole it, but Regina points out to Emma that there was no break in, and a woman scorned in love will do anything. Emma goes back to their apartment to search, and Henry shows up to help (hi, Henry! I miss you!), claiming Regina is framing Ms. Blanchard because she hates Snow White. Unfortunately for all of them, Emma finds a knife in the heating vent. Henry drowns his sorrows in hot chocolate at Granny’s, and August tells him he should look for answers in his book – the book that just happens to contain stories that really happened.

Henry is ecstatic that someone believes, but August tells him Emma is the sort of person that needs proof. Emma starts to think that Ms. Blanchard needs a lawyer, and Mr. Gold appears to offer his services. Henry’s proof is the ring of skeleton keys from Regina’s office, and when Emma tries them in the door to her apartment it opens. David starts to think his blackouts are the key to Ms. Blanchard’s innocence, and visits Dr. Hopper to retrieve his memories – unfortunately he goes so deep in his hypnosis he remembers Snow talking about killing the Evil Queen. He confronts Ms. Blanchard with his doubts, and she’s crushed he would think her capable of such evil.

The next morning, Ms. Blanchard also finds a skeleton key – one that opens her cell. Emma brings her breakfast and bad news: the heart was Kathryn’s, and Regina appears to be framing her. She promises to clear Ms. Blanchard’s name if she has faith. Emma is taking no chances on this one. She goes to Mr. Gold and is willing to play dirty if it frees her friend. Ms. Blanchard, however, is not willing to sit around and find out.

Once Upon a Time, Snow White

In the Enchanted forest, we pick up where we left off at the end of What Happened to Frederick– Red and Charming on are the run from King George’s army. Red goes wolf-like to hold them off, and they split up. Meanwhile, forgetting her love has given Snow the personality of a sullen, bitchy teenager. The dwarves are so concerned they call on Jiminy Cricket to hold an intervention. Snow decides to spare the dwarves her bitchiness and take it out on the Evil Queen – by murdering her. Before she can put her plan into action, Grumpy wants to take her to Rumpelstiltskin, the man who can do anything. But Rumpelstiltskin can’t cure Snow – even he doesn’t have the potion to restore true love – and instead offers Snow a magic bow to kill the Queen, at no cost. Charming learns of Snow’s intentions and visits Rumpelstiltskin.

In exchange for his cloak, he gets information on how to find her, and a warning that if she succeeds with her plan she’ll become as evil as the Queen. Charming finds Snow’s hiding spot and forces a kiss on her. It doesn’t work, and she leaves him tied up while she continues on with murdering. Luckily, Jiminy frees him, and he shows up just in time to take Snow’s arrow. He tells her he would die for her, and its enough to make her see past her anger. This time she kisses him and remembers. Of course, King George’s men show up at that moment to tear them apart – again. She goes back to the dwarves to apologize, and they promise to help her free Charming. Just in case we’re thinking Rumpelstiltskin let everyone off easy, he combines a hair from Charming’s cloak with the hair he got from Snow, finally creating a potion that gives him power over love.

Once Upon a Time, Charming

Next week, Sebastian Stan (aka Carter Baizen from Gossip Girl) plays the Mad Hatter. Our fairy tales have already included murder and adultery, so why not throw in some insanity too?

o After disappearing for a few weeks, everything seems to have fallen into place for Mr. Gold. Though I’m not exactly happy that he’s using Emma and Ms. Blanchard as his pawns, I’m hoping Kathryn’s murder trial will be the battleground where he takes some wind out of Regina’s sails.
o August claims he’s here to help Emma believe in the curse. I’m going to be hopeful here and think that’s actually the case. It’s about time Henry had an ally, and I hope this means good will start winning a few battles against Regina.

Nicole N. decided to justify the countless hours she spends watching television by writing about it here. She enjoys a challenge and is currently re-watching all 15 seasons of ER. Follow her @nicolemnelson

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once upon a time recapping: 7:15 a.m.

Previously on Once Upon a Time: True North

Now that we’ve had a few more insights into Emma’s past, this week we’re returning to the star-crossed love of her parents. In Storybrooke, Mary Margaret is still pining over David (and therefore stalking him). In the Enchanted Forest, we finally pick up where Snow Falls left off. Snow is unable to get her Prince Charming out of her mind, and that same Prince is torn between saving a kingdom through his marriage to Abigail or his love for Snow. Juicy stuff.

Once Upon a Time, Stranger

In Storybrooke, the Mysterious Stranger just happens to be fixing his motorcycle on the street outside the mayor’s house. Henry tries to get information out of him, but no luck. Elsewhere, Miss Blanchard rushes out, supposedly late for a school project at 7:15am, but “school project” really means “creepily watching David buy coffee every morning.” Emma finds her and tells her to stop stalking; Ms. Blanchard wishes for a “magic cure” for love. Her non-magic cure is to buy a giant chocolate bar at the drugstore, but unfortunately she runs into Kathryn buying a pregnancy test. At this point it starts to get ridiculous: Ms. Blanchard finds a dove, and when she takes it to the animal shelter she’s told it’s a monogamous species of dove – if she doesn’t find its mate, it will be unhappy forever, so of course she decides to go out into a brewing storm to do so. Regina pays Emma a visit and asks her to look into the stranger, and when the mayor mentions his interest in Henry, she agrees. In trying to find the flock, Ms. Blanchard almost falls into a ravine (yes, really), David rescues her, and they take shelter from the storm in a cabin. They admit to mutual feelings/stalking, and are about to kiss when she mentions the pregnancy test. Emma confronts the Mysterious Stranger in Granny’s – he’s a writer, his mysterious box contains a typewriter – but that’s all she gets. The storm clears, Ms. Blanchard returns the dove to her flock, and she tells David he can’t have it both ways. They attempt to let it go…again, David learns Kathryn’s not pregnant, and 7:15 comes and goes with no coffee for either of them. However, they run into each other buying coffee at a time that is not 7:15, throw caution to the wind, and finally kiss. Yay!

Once Upon a Time, David and Mary Kiss

In the Enchanted Forest, Snow is similarly afflicted by her feelings for Charming. When Red Riding Hood tells her of his marriage in two days, she decides to do the proactive thing and have Rumpelstiltskin “cure” her of love. In exchange for a few strands of her hair, he gives her a potion that will make her forget Charming entirely. Meanwhile, Charming is still thinking of Snow, and King George reminds him what is at stake if his marriage to Midas’ daughter doesn’t proceed. Charming ignores him to write a letter to Snow, asking her to meet him at the palace. She goes and is almost immediately caught and thrown into a cell next to Grumpy. They bond over how love makes people do crazy things, and when Stealthy comes to spring his fellow dwarf, they take Snow too. After a botched escape (and Stealthy’s death), Snow turns herself in to protect Grumpy. King George threatens Snow with Charming’s death unless she tells him she doesn’t love him – with no choice, she breaks Charming heart and her own. She heads back into the wilderness, and the dwarves offer her a place to stay and recover from her pain. However, Charming won’t give up and the wedding is off. But when Grumpy tries to give her the good news, it’s too late – she’s already taken the potion and forgotten her love.

Once Upon a Time, Snow and Dwarves

o Another step forward and step backward. They are really playing up the tragic love here. I’m beginning to wonder how anyone found love in the Enchanted Forest.
o Points of interest: Snow helped Red out of some sort of bind. Rumpelstiltskin has Snow’s hair for future nefarious purposes.
o The Mysterious Stranger is still stubbornly mysterious. Wild leap here, but could he be the author of Henry’s book?


Ms. Blanchard – I just like to come here to see him.
Emma – So you’re a stalker.
Ms. Blanchard – No, not really. Maybe a little bit?

Rumpelstiltskin – Love makes us sick, haunts our dreams, destroys our days. Love has killed more than any disease.

Nicole N. decided to justify the countless hours she spends watching television by writing about it here. She enjoys a challenge and is currently re-watching all 15 seasons of ER. Follow her @nicolemnelson

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