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grimm recapping: three bad wolves

Written by Naren Shandar & Sarah Gollinger

There’s a full moon out and a big guy named HAP is smoking and drinking and working out with a Shake-Weight (shades of the late, great John Candy’s “Johnny LaRue” character) when an over-enthusiastic shake sends the weight out the window of the geodesic dome where he lives. He’s outside retrieving the weight when his home blows up behind him, destroying his Iron Butterfly album and his comic book collection.

The next morning, as firefighters finish up at the scene, Nick and Hank arrive to talk to Hap who, under stress, reveals he’s a blutbad to Nick’s GRIMMvision. Note: the writers are really sloppy about day/night transitions on this show and this episode is one of the worst offenders so far.)

Hap tells the detectives that he can’t imagine anyone wanting to hurt him but does mention that his brother Rolf died in an explosion at his home some weeks earlier.

At the police station, Hap makes a call to a friend, asking if he can stay with him just until he gets back on his feet.

Hap reveals that he owes money to a lot of people for ill-considered business ventures (like a strip-mall creperie) and as Nick is getting the particulars, a mysterious motorcyclist pulls up to the remains of Hap’s house and takes a framed photo away.

Monroe shows up at the precinct to retrieve Hap (and he does not look happy). He tells Nick that he and Hap went through a treatment program a long time ago. Continue reading

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