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thoughts on community: introduction to finality

Previously on CommunityThe First Chang Dynasty 

Jeff seems to be the only one in the study group concerned with passing his biology course. Shirley and Pierce get into a battle over Shirley’s sandwich shop in the cafeteria. Pierce hires Jeff’s former colleague Alan (Rob Corddry, Children’s Hospital) to help him win his case. Shirley gets Jeff to help her side of the argument. Evil Abed escapes the Dreamatorium and is on a mission to make things more like “his timeline”. Troy “misses his friends” and is trying to find a way out of the A/C branch of Greendale.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned but I was expecting another paintball fiasco as the season came to a close. The Changlorious Bastards v The Greendale Seven. Doesn’t that just sound like massive amounts of yes? Bias aside, I thought the eppy was solid. Nothing too spectacular or over the top–besides Vice Dean Laybourne being murdered and Abed trying to dismember Jeff–but I appreciated the story nonetheless. I also like that we got several teases for the beginning of next semester. The Dreamatorium lives!!!

  • “Scouts honor, Sinead O’Connor.” I’ll be putting that one to good use. Soon.
  • Never have I been one to promote the use of hardcore drugs but if cocaine makes you give one of the most epic intros to anything then keep up the good work, Dennis. Now, a word from our sponsors…
  • How long does it take before your innards melt at 145 degrees? I would have fainted at 93. Easily.
  • What does Dean Pelton have tattooed on his thigh? If the tat is that close to his man-meat I’m guessing it’s Jeff related…
  • The Dean consulting the court room to decide on going with contemporary Amy from Judging Amy or the classic Judy from Judge Judy.
  • Why didn’t Britta tell Jeff that Evil Abed was out to cut his arm off?
  • It seems as though Dean Spreck is planning another attack on Greendale.
  • Did anyone else notice that Evil Abed said ‘cool, cool cool cool’ while in Contemporary Impressionists he says ‘hot, hot hot hot‘? (Edit: According to Hulu’s captions, Evil Abed says ‘cruel, cruel cruel cruel‘. Thank you Katie!)
  • Are Britta and Troy going to room together?
  • Star-burns faked his own death, maybe now Pierce will get his comb back. Wait, no he won’t.
  • You’re right Leonard. “No such thing as bad press.” Especially at your age. Burn!
  • #sixseasonsandamovie


Because you think you’re broken you’re gonna get diagnosed by someone who said her favorite superhero was ‘X-Man'”? -Evil Abed

“My goodness, this molehill is becoming a mountain. You guys work it out while I put together an alpine costume.” -Dean

“Shut-up Leonard, I know about your crooked wang.” -Britta
“No such thing as bad press!” -Leonard

“Do you know what kind of person becomes a psychologist Britta? A person that wishes deep down that everyone more special than them was sick. Because healthy sounds so much more exciting than boring. You’re average Britta Perry. You’re every kid on the playground that didn’t get picked on. You’re a business causal potted plant. A human ‘White Sale’. You’re VH1, Robocop 2 and Back to the Future 3. You’re the center slice of a square cheese pizza. Actually, that sounds delicious. I’m the center slice of a square cheese pizza. You’re Jim Belushi.” -Evil Abed (Why does Community hate Jim Belushi?!)

“The true repairman will repair man.” -Vice Dean Laybourne (R.I.P.)

“When the world gets bad enough Abed, the good go crazy, but they smart, they go bad.” -Evil Abed

You know what? Maybe I should talk to Good Abed instead.” -Britta
Where I come from we call him Lame Abed.” -Evil Abed

“That’s right Jeff, I went there. You drove me there. Miss Daisy is in the house. Thanks for the ride, sorry about slavery.” -Alan

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thoughts on community: contemporary impressionists

Previously on Community: Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts

Jeff decided to go to a shrink over break and is now taking anti-anxiety medication – so he can love himself more than he already does for some reason. Britta tries to keep him humble before an inevitable break happens. Abed is hiring celebrity look-a-likes to help him reenact scenes from films. The group feels they should intervene but Troy keeps them at bay. Eventually the group helps Abed pay off his debt by working as look-a-likes at a Bar Mitzvah.

  • Why did no one notice the eerie resemblance Britta has to Michael Jackson?! It’s all so obvious now, but I can’t be credited for it anymore so it’s irrelevant.
  • Wasn’t last week’s episode the first time the group saw each other after break? Can somone tell me what I missed?
  • We now know that even Jeff’s shadow is fully capable of inducing physical, orgasmic convulsions…at least for Dean Pelton.
  • Seeing Blake (Anderson) from Comedy Central’s Workaholics was awesome. Even if his hair is pulled back into a boring – and outright offensive – ponytail.
  • Would anyone take a French Stewart threat seriously? Especially with his Sue Sylvester styled track suits and adorable gold chain?
  • Next time I see an older film from the Halloween I think I’ll be more scared thinking about Abed as Jaime Lee Curtis than Michael Myers being a remorseless murderer.
  • I’ve never been to a Mitzvah (Bar or Bat) but do they all rival MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 in production value?
  • Abed walking away from Troy’s handshake attempt made me sad.
  • Playing the actual score from the ending of The Incredible Hulk (1978-1982) for a broken Jeff gets you more geek points that you already don’t need, Community.
  • I treasure Troy and Abed’s relationship – and you better too! – but I think it’ll be fun if Evil Abed sticks around for a few eppies. That beard is just a thing of legend.


“Jeff, you can’t be on anti-anxiety meds what little self-doubt you have is the only thing keeping your ego pinned in. You are a textbook narcissist.” -Brita
“I’m an exceptional narcissist, Brita.” -Jeff

“All we had was dumb reality before we met that man. And he’s made all of our lives better than reality. Now it becomes a little inconvenient and it’s time to get real? For shame!” -Troy

“…there are many advantages to traveling by yourself: You can drive faster. Change direction. And the only pee-breaks are yours.” -Evil Abed

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