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dexter: the robin hood of serial killers

Maybe he doesn’t ‘steal from the rich and give to the poor’ but his system of morality is definitely on par with Robin Hood’s. Anyone who watches the show knows about ‘the code‘ and that Dexter never (rarely) kills those who don’t deserve it. You also know that every season we watch him twist, plan and talk his way out of the stickiest of situations. He’s even been caught a time or two, but not by anyone that turned him in or got the chance to (sorry Doakes). I think when you watch any TV show you have to allow the writers to do a few things that probably wouldn’t fly in real life and as good as Dexter is, there’s just no way he wouldn’t have been found out by now. A fellow Dexter lover recently passed over this article to me that breaks down why Dexter should have been caught by now. My favorite? Number 7: Association with Known Killers.

“Gee, after five seasons no one has bothered questioning the sheer number of dangerous killers that seem inevitably tied to Dexter? Not only did Deb eventually uncover Dexter’s connection to Brian Moser, but Dexter himself was also observed sharing very heated ties to Lila West, Miguel Prado, and supposed Bay Harbor Butcher James Doakes.”

Click here to read the full eleven reasons. Season six, which starts Oct. 2, can’t come soon enough.

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tvdm top nine tv picks for the fall season (there was room for ten, we just prefer nine)

Before cable TV introduced original programming, we were forced to endure reruns during the summer months. Obviously, this time should be spent enjoying summer fun in the summer sun and all those other things the Beach Boys so happily sang about, but realistically, there was a gaping hole felt from May to September.

With the fall season almost here our excitement level is high. New things, old things! Soon-to-be cancelled shows, should-have-been-cancelled years ago shows! All of them lighting up our screens and filling our DVRs!

We’ve compiled a list of our top nine (yes, nine) picks of returning and new shows set to start this season. The news shows we’re hoping make it to mid-season and beyond, and if there were bets being placed on them, we’d do that too.

Top Nine NEW Show Picks in No Particular Order
New Girl – comedy on Fox
Person of Interest – drama/thriller on CBS
Ringer – drama/mystery on The CW
Alcatraz –drama on Fox
Homeland –psych thriller on Showtime
Terra Nova
– sci-fi drama on Fox
– fantasy/mystery/cop show on NBC
Two Broke Girls
– comedy on CBS
Once Upon a Time
– drama/fantasy on ABC (the fairy-tale similarities between this and Grimm have not went unnoticed)

Nicole’s Top Pick: Buffy the Vampire Slayer was integral to my formative years and hands-down one of my favorite shows ever, which was largely due to the acting talents of Sarah Michelle Gellar. Her new show, Ringer, sounds exciting (twins, murder, double-lives, adultery, spying, low-lighting, strobe-lighting, etc.) and I think somewhere along the way my brain was wired to watch every CW show at least once. I am also a fan of the quirky, awkward acting style of Zooey Deshanel, but I’m rooting for Gellar the most.

Will’s Top Pick: Sooooo you’re telling me that I get to see Zooey Deschanel on a weekly basis? With those beautiful doe eyes? With that adorable smile? (She could be a smile model!!!) And that classic “Ridiculously hot and awesome girl next door vibe”?! I’m sold! But if I have to actually pick an entire show, I go with Homeland. I love a deep digging and thought provoking thriller every now and again and this one has the ingredients to satisfy. After the abrupt collapse of AMC’s Rubicon – that show was amazing until the last two eppies went all nonsensical – Homeland should be able to step in and capitalize in a genre that is, seemingly, difficult to maintain.

Top Nine RETURNING Show Picks in No Particular Order
Boardwalk Empire – HBO
Glee – Fox
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – FX
Fringe – Fox
Community – NBC
The Walking Dead – AMC
– Showtime
How to Make it in America

Will’s Top Pick: This season I’m going to be following Fringe the closest. Even though my inner/outer “Gleek” is concerned with the impending changing of the guard, the stories and characters that J.J. Abrams and crew can create sucks me in every single time. As many times as I try to predict the future in that show I end up looking more and more like Ms. Cleo (racism not included).

Nicole’s Top Pick: I’m looking forward to all of these for completely different reasons (Community’s Joel McHale and Donald Glover are reason enough and Dexter is doing a “time-jump” that is supposedly going to result in a season one feel for the show’s main character), but I’d have to say I’m most excited for How to Make it in America. I can relate to the “twentysomething, screw corporate America and build something of your own, similar to Entourage but more realistic” feel of this show and I can’t wait to see how they’ve developed the characters (and if Kid Cudi will have a larger role this season).

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