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thoughts on homeland: representative brody

No Dick Johnson: The Vice President visits the Brody household to ask if he is willing to run for congressman. Brody accepts. Now that I’m not sure who really is involved in the pending terrorist plot I have no idea what Brody has on mind by deciding to run for office. He seems as though this is something he really wants to do but I doubt it’s based solely on his stance on healthcare.

Awkward Agreement: After Jessica doesn’t seem to agree with Brody running for office he goes to Mike for help. Since all parties now know what went on while Brody was in Iraq and Brody recently introduced his fists to Mike’s face in public it would seem he is the last person he would go to for assistance, especially when it comes to his wife. It seems as though Brody is truly apologetic for letting his emotions get the best of him during the brawl but Mike still seems a bit hesitant to completely buy in to it.

Leverage v. Loyalty: During Carrie’s interrogation of Al Zahrani she tells that she will expose his homosexuality to his family and his embassy but Zahrani decides he has nothing to hide and tells her to go ahead. But when Carrie tells him that she will get his daughter deported back to Saudi Arabia he changes his tune. He tells her how he can get in contact with Tom Walker but he doesn’t know what Abu Nazir has planned as an endgame.

Forever Alone: After Brody invites himself to Carrie’s house, for what she believes to be a date, he asks Carrie not to tell anyone about their recent sexual encounters because of his political ambitions. Carrie is clearly crushed by this when he leaves. A few episodes ago she asked Saul if she was going to be alone her entire life because of her job and it seems as though she is. Throw in Saul the next scene with Saul at his office in the middle of the night eating peanut butter with a ruler and one can’t help but feel that her fears are true.

Deadly Doppelganger: After Al Zahrani setup a meeting with Walker in a busy area during the day, a man that looked like Walker approached Al Zahrani with a briefcase triggered to explode by Walker. Nazir and Walker have to have an inside (wo)man in the government because they are always a step ahead of the CIA when they get close to catching them. I’m starting to get the vibe again that Saul may be the culprit but I don’t have the proof yet…investigation pending…

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