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revenge recapping: union/sacrifice

Previously on Revenge: Collusion


Jack and Amanda's Wedding

“I sooo want to bang him…” (Emily…and Nolan)

Its time for Jack and Amanda’s nuptials, but like any wedding there is a lot of prep to be done. First, there is the obligatory blackmail that Amanda must do to secure her hubby’s safety. She confesses to Conrad that she has the evidence she needs to clear her father’s name and she would be willing to go to the police at anytime, unless he accepts Jack’s money (generously given to him by the one Emily Thorne) and leave the Stowaway alone. Conrad acquiesces but Nate Ryan, well-balanced guy that he is, does not. His wheels begin turning as he figures out how to free up Conrad’s worries.

Aiden’s quest to truly know what happened to his sister is assisted by Nolan. Working under direct order of Emily, Nolan is trying to help Aiden uncover the truth. Emily wants her Aiden back and knows he won’t return until he has his answer. Nolan and Aiden discover that Colleen died six years ago, Helen Crowley was just a cat playing with her food. Nolan meanwhile discovers that Padma’s father has been kidnapped and the initiative is using her to uncover Carrion. Now in the know, Nolan and Emily will help her.

Daniel’s life is teetering on the edge as the Grayson’s livelihood may very well go up in smoke. Queen Victoria sets a plan in motion that gives her a moment alone with Helen Crowley. Opportunist that she is, Queen Victoria uses this moment to shoot her. Now what shall she do with the body.

Also the wedding was beautiful. Emily had some difficulty with it, given the life she chose over an opportunity to marry Jack. But when Aiden shows up Emily breathes a sigh of relief. One hot guy for another, right?


Nolan: [to Padma] Hey, careful who you’re calling black, little kettle.

Ashley: Victoria, do you mind? We’re actually in the middle of things.
Victoria: And fully clothed! How refreshing!



Helen is definitely dead. And Victoria definitely killed her. What does this mean? It means we’ve got another scheming pile of cover-up on our hands. Luckily the mastermind already pretty much has is figured out, she just needs the other two on board. She fakes Helen returning to her home and stages a falling-out/disagreement with Daniel under the watchful Initiative camera’s. Then she places just the right amount of evidence against Amanda Clarke at the Porter’s place. And all in time to put on a killer (no pun intended) red dress and happy face for the labor day party. Is summer over already?

Emily, Aiden and Nolan decide to let Padma lead them to the Initiative now that Daniel will be keeping Emily at arm’s length for her own safety. Yeah, right Daniel! She definitely needs big bad gullible boy to protect her. During their discussion it is discovered that Jack and Amanda might be in trouble. Aiden is left to assist Padma, Nolan and Emily set off to find “The Amanda”.

After one blissful night together on the deck of their ship, where they probably froze their asses off, Jack and Amanda wake up to a gun-toting Nate. He threatens and throws his gun around, no biggie. Then he separates the two. Amanda manipulates him into believe it was all her and had nothing to do with Jack, meanwhile confessing her true mission was always to get revenge on the Grayson’s. Jack and Amanda mislead Nate to believe the evidence he is looking for is below deck. When he find he’s been deceived there is a scuffle and Jack gets shot. Amanda sacrifices herself but pushing him into the life boat and across the water. She fights off Nate long enough that he doesn’t get another shot at Jack.

Nolan and Emily find Jack and Nolan takes him to the hospital while Amanda goes after Emily. She finds her intact and as they are about to leave. Nate blows up the boat. Emily comes out unscathed, but Amanda is in bad shape. As she dies she asks Emily to take care of Jack and thanks her for giving her a family. Emily is distraught over Amanda’s death.

Creepy guy

I’m related to the creepy thin man….


  • Victoria framing Amanda for killing Helen is gonna piss Emily off
  • Jack will be upset, but how long do we have to wait until he is with Emily
  • Nolan and Padma will join in the crusades against the Initiative
  • This new guy will be way creepier than Helen

Conrad: Congratulations, Victoria. With one bullet you’ve slaughtered us all.
Victoria: The bitch had it coming.

Daniel: How are we gonna live with this?
Victoria: Like we always do. We go about our lives as if nothing ever happened.
Daniel: And what about Amanda Clarke?
Victoria: Poor girl. She chose the wrong enemy.

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