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modern family recapping: baby on board

Previously on Modern Family: Tableau Vivant

It’s the season finale, which always makes me sad.

Gloria and the Spanish soap opera

Cam and Mitch get a call that the mother of their future baby is in labor. She is Latino and her family speaks Spanish so they take Gloria to be their interpreter. Cam must be nervous because his swerving is making Gloria nauseous. When they arrive at the hospital it’s like a scene out of a beautiful telenovela ala Fire and Ice. Sexy Spanish nurses, sexy Spanish priests, sexy Spanish cowboys, a slap in the face, an affair, and a conservative grandmother that decides she will raise the baby she didn’t know about, leaving Cam and Mitch without their baby. Cam, who has been an emotional mess through the entire process, finally sees Mitch break down. And they decide to take a break from the adoption process.

Phil and Claire are watching two of their children take big steps in their lives. Alex is playing “stubble” to a flashy boy who has yet to come out the closet and Haley is getting her first job (at the Gap, for the gap year), going to community college, and moving in with Dylan. Naturally Phil and Claire are against this, so they paint the picture of what Haley’s life is going to be like. It includes, dish racks, extra shifts, nuclear codes, and apocalypse, needless to say it’s gonna be bleak. But they get a ray of hope when Luke tells Dylan that he hid Haley’s college acceptance letter. Dylan brings the good news to light and takes Haley to the prom so that even if they don’t end up together, they’ll always have that moment.

Jay and Lily

Jay and Manny are trying to build a model airplane but were left in charge of Lily, while her fathers and Gloria went to get the new baby. Lily gets a little stage fright at the recital, but Jay talks her through it. Lily tells him the only way she’s going on is if he goes with her. So Jay takes the stage and Lily doesn’t miss out on her first recital. And it’s a good thing Jay’s fathering skills because Gloria is pregnant!

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Phil teaching Alex how to dance
  • Jay on stage dancing with Lily
  • Manny trying to talk reasonably to Lily
  • The whole Spanish scene in the hospital
  • Cam doubting everything Mitch says during the baby phone call.


Mitchell: “I think I’m laying on a rock.”
Cam: “I’m laying next to mine.”

Dylan: “Look I know that you’re concerned, but I’m designing t-shirts now. They’re gonna be huge. Also medium and small.”

Luke: “Are you doing sex?”
Phil: ““No no no, arms down here says, “I’m white and I’m sorry!” But arms up here says, “You don’t know what I am.”
Mitchell [to Cam]: “How cool would it be if you turned into Wonder Woman right now?”

Kristen is a confused young adult who sometimes thinks TV shows are actually her life. Wouldn’t that be cool? Unless she was a victim on Dexter, or a deranged privileged teenager on gossip girl, or a wolf on teen wolf, or Liz Lemon! Never mind. It wouldn’t be cool. Kristen is a young adult. Follow her @kris10_Alyse or read frustrateddreamer.com

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revenge recapping: perception

Previously on Revenge: Commitment

Daniel and Emily

The invitations are out and rather fancy. Queen Victoria and King Conrad seem hesitant about the invitations, thought Charlotte is pleased. Nolan is questioning Emily’s decision to press forward with her plot for revenge, but with the recent developments and lies Emily cannot be deterred. Over at the Porterhouse, Oh HELLO Jack’s arms! Please show yourselves more often. Sorry, back to the episode, Jack discovers a conrad tape under his bed. It’s the interview between Mason Treadwell and Amanda Clarke. Will this lead Jack to the real Amanda? Prob not. Jack’s grandpa shows up to express his displeasure in the divorce.

Nolan and Jack

Emily finds out that Jack as one of the tapes after he leaves a message on Amanda’s phone. Nolan takes on the task of retrieving the tape, thought I suspect he won’t do it. It’s family portrait time at the Grayson’s house and everyone is wearing white. Ironic. King Conrad confront Queen Victoria about his father’s sudden involvement in their divorce. Queen Victoria uses it as a threat and leverages what she wants. Jack won’t let Nolan have the tape so Emily calls Amanda for back up. Amanda and Emily discuss what they’re going to do about Jack.

Two Grayson’s walk into a bar….the Porterhouse to be exact. And one little bird walks into a disgruntled Graysons’ hotel room. But none of that is too interesting. What’s more interesting is when a scorned ex-lover, Jack, confronts his imposter childhood sweetheart, Amanda. Between tears and harsh words she asks for the tape, which jack refuses to give up. Emily presses Amanda to go after him, but she refuses. Emily turns back to Nolan to get the tape.

Victoria and Grandpa Grayson

There’s another Grayson party complete with fancy dresses and a concert pianist. While the Grayson’s are enjoying their lavish lifestyle, Nolan is showing Jack the Amanda interview tape. Ummm, I’m pretty sure that’s not what Emily wanted. Tsk tsk. Jack looks a little psycho after that, which could explain the moment on the beach in the first episode.  We get a brief break from the drama with a touching moment between King Conrad and Charlotte, which Emily witnesses. She rethinks her plan of exposing Charlotte’s paternity to her. Then in a swift move back to the drama, Jack is banging on Amanda’s hotel door exclaiming that he saw the tape and doesn’t care. Amanda calls Emily about it and tells her she is no longer listening to what she says. She runs after Jack, but is too late. He is already on his way to the Grayson mansion where he confront Victoria and exposes a whole bunch of truths. By the end of the dinner Charlotte knows who her real father is and Daniel know his mother wasn’t raped. Queen Victoria is looking pretty vulnerable now and Emily is looking pretty pleased.


King Conrad and his father argue about KC conduct in dealing with his family. His father tells KC its time to step down and let Daniel take over. Emily calls Jack to check that he hasn’t seen Amanda. But Emily finds out just where Amanda’s been when she comes home to find her Infinity Box is missing.

Prepare yourself for next week’s explosive episode. It’s gonna be epic.


  • Amanda will be the one who shot Daniel, though Jack will heroically take the fall.
  • Daniel won’t die, but Amanda’s actions against him will put another revenge plot in motion.
  • Every episode is better than the last.


Charlotte: “We can’t all be Greysons.” (Ohhh the irony.)

Emily: “It could be nothing or it could be Pandora’s box.” (A bit of foreshadowing, I think)

Nolan: “Fire and Ice. Subtle. Was fire and brimstone not available?”

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