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revenge recapping: intrigue

So Lydia’s in a coma and Emily, though surprisingly regretful about it (apparently that’s not what she wanted to happen, nice to know she does have a heart still), decides to use the footage that Nolan snagged to her advantage. Always the opportunist. She has Nolan email the footage of Frank attacking Lydia to the Graysons hoping it’ll cause tension between the Graysons and Frank.

I guess it really isn’t the Hamptons without an extravagant party. Victoria is planning a traditional Fourth of July, well traditional for the Hamptons anyway. I doubt there will be any burgers and hot dogs. Tyler makes a double date with Daniel and Emily, my guess is he’s hoping for sabotage.

Nolan tells Jack he needs to fight for Emily. Not sure exactly why he is pushing Jack towards her so much. I can’t tell if it’s for the benefit of “Amanda” or if it’s a way to sabotage her. Anyway, Jack takes the bait and shows up to fix Emily’s porch swing. Unfortunately she is on her way out for the double date. Daniel may have won the battle but Jack isn’t going down without a fight. Now Daniel’s boss he puts him on duty starting tomorrow, which happens to be July 4th. Daniel’s bummed, but concedes.

The video of Lydia and Frank has the exact effect Emily was hoping for. Mr. Grayson seems genuinely appalled by the video, especially since Frank claimed that she jumped. He decides to let Frank go, but doesn’t tell him what he’s seen. He simply tells him he doesn’t feel Frank is as loyal to him as he is to Victoria. Victoria isn’t pleased with the news of Frank’s termination, but when Frank explains it to her and shows her the footage she seems to agree with Mr. Grayson’s decision.

Emily on the double date

The double date is a small stand-off between Tyler and Emily. Not surprisingly Emily wins the match. But Daniel and Ashley, rather than agreeing with Emily and seeing the ridiculousness and inaccuracies in Tyler’s story, they get pissed at her. (How does she know so much anyway?) Emily’s conscious comes out again and she realizes she may have gone too far. Hmmm, I wonder if that was Tyler’s plan all along.

Frank shows up behind the refrigerator door – is this a scary movie?! – and Victoria jumps. Frank does look a little creepy, and honestly I thought he was drunk. He tells her he did it all for her. How romantic, it’s just what every girl wants, a guy to kill someone for her. Not surprisingly she isn’t impressed by his gesture and though he grabs her for a kiss she wiggles free and returns to her husband. Frank is a desperate man now, and desperate men, especially ones with his skill set, are not to be trusted.

Tyler lets it slip (intentionally) that Daniel now has a job as a bartender. Victoria isn’t pleased and she lets Daniel know it. But he stands up like a man and tells her she doesn’t get a say in what he does anymore, especially now that he’s been cut off. Good for you Daniel! Daniel heads off to work, but first a stop at Emily’s house which makes him late because Emily finds him so irresistible.

Declan and the Lobsters

When Daniel finally shows up to work he has a lipstick imprint on his neck, Jack scoffs at him and puts him to work. Declan, who is trying to save enough money to take Charlotte out on a real date, steals someone else’s lobsters and sells them. When he gets attacked by the guys he stole the lobster from, Jack threatens them with a bat, but Daniel asks them all to be gentlemen (no, he SERIOUSLY said “let’s all be gentlemen about this”) and pays the guys off. Then Jack and Declan decide to pursue the girls they want and go to the Grayson’s July 4th party.

At the party, Emily and Victoria exchange a stony greeting which they cover up with a kiss. Ashley gives her a more obviously hostile greeting. She’s pissed Emily hurt Tyler’s precious feelings. Tyler, the gem that he is, spikes Daniel’s drink, once again sabotaging his supposed BFF. Jack confesses his love to Emily, who has to tell him she doesn’t feel the same way. He believes her, even though the pain is written all over her face. But at least one of the Porter boys wins tonight. Charlotte tells Declan that she doesn’t care that he has no money. Yay for Declan!

When Daniel starts to act funny, Tyler swoops in to his rescue. He gets him to a bed and for a split second I’m pretty sure he’s about to make a move on Daniel. For a moment his motives are clear and I see that he’s in love with Daniel and just wants to die every time he sees him with Emily. But then Daniel pushes him off and Tyler bashes his head against a pole and I’m confused again.

Tyler runs home to Mrs. Grayson and tells her that Daniel, after having a few drinks, punched him. Then he flees to the pool house where Nolan is being interrogated by Frank who saw him on surveillance footage from Lydia’s apartment building. Emily, after making a subtle threat to Tyler, enters the pool house with Tyler and finds Nolan on the floor. Nolan tells Emily he’s done helping her and Frank witnesses their intense exchange. The episode ends with Emily sitting on her newly placed front porch swing (I guess that’s the closest she’s going to allow herself to get to Jack…at least for now), with Frank watching from afar – Creeper!

So Tyler keeps pushing the normal boundaries of friendship. Nolan called it quits in his quest to assist Emily, even though it was his last promise to her father. I thought Nolan would be a little less squeamish, but I guess not. And Emily now has, for the first time, a worthy adversary. Looks like things are heating up, let’s just hope we get to see some ass kicking.

The Ominous Quote of the Episode:

Emily: Frank dug his own grave. All we need is Conrad and Victoria to bury him in it.

But I’m thinking Emily will be the one to bury Frank….

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it’s always sunny in philadelphia recapping: sweet dee gets audited

Will’s P.O.V.

Dee got her “surrogate money” back and she is $30,000 richer and plans on writting off the child as a dependent for the next 18 years. What a  sweet scam for Sweet Dee, right? Wrong. She is being audited by the IRS. Dee panics and needs to prove that she has a child – the she doesn’t have – to the auditor. Charlie and Mac tell Dee that getting a child for Dee to borrow is no problem and they will have one for her by the time she meets with the auditor. Mac and Charlie hold their end of the bargain…kinda (not really). They show up with two crucifixes wrapped in a blanket with a recording on a child crying. Just enough to escape the meeting as Dee tells the auditor that the baby is sick. They then invite the auditor to a faux-funeral for the “baby” – Dennis’ plan. The plan ultimately backfires when Mac and Charlie open the casket at the funeral to show a dead and disgusting dog. I don’t think the bar Dee or Paddy’s Pub has heard the last of the IRS though.

Meanwhile, the boys are trying to make some changes at the bar. Dennis wants to learn the secrets of the business from Frank. Frank has been making illegal transactions and their “books” aren’t exactly IRS friendly. Since Frank is making all the decisions about the bar Dennis thinks it is smarter to align with him if he wants to a make a profit…and some “puss”. Mac and Charlie branch off and create their own party to vote against Dennis and Frank. After Charlie and Mac recruit Dee to their side to get the majority vote Dennis causes a rift in the newly formed “Pickle Party”. After Charlie and Mac compromise on putting a crucifix in the bar they then begin to argue on how much blood should be on it. After realizing that Frank and Dennis are making them focus on trivial things instead of money, Mac and Charlie decide to ruin the funeral. The gang then votes to not let Frank make all the decisions around the bar anymore and go back to their adopted method of “organized chaos”.

I didn’t like this episode all to much but I think the best parts were when Dee’s story was the focal point. The rest of the episode seemed more like filler with a lot of flat moments. The idea that the IRS is still looming makes me think that we might be seeing the end of Paddy’s Pub soon…eek!

Nicole’s P.O.V.

Sweet Dee getting audited isn’t as funny as one might hope. We start the evening with the guys having an emotional argument over where the money Frank takes out of their paychecks is going. They decide to remove emotion from the equation and argue everything in a rational manner, which of course means the near opposite when it comes to the gang.

Dennis and Frank partner up on a scam, while Mac and Charlie search for a way to settle a lime slicing debate. Sadly, none of this was all that humorous. Dee isn’t all that stealthy, so watching her try and come up with a real baby to match the fake one she’d been putting on her taxes was “meh” as well.

Mac and Charlie together is probably my favorite combo, so I was in full support of the pickle party. However, if Paddy’s Pub were real, I’d NEVER be fine with ordering a Corona with pickle…ever. The funniest part of the night for me was Sweet Dee with the chili pepper in her eyes. Not only did she cry True Blood-esque vamp tears, but also Kaitlin Olson really brought her best physical comedy game to that whole moment.

Always Sunny isn’t exactly the most plot-driven show on television, but even by its own standards, nothing really happened this episode. I can only hope the whole IRS bit was a setup for future troubles. I’d love to see them squirm out of tax fraud charges!



“Charlie, you can’t just start your own party. You gotta talk to people about…” – Frank
“Yes you can! When you’re not as educated or informed, what u gotta do is start your own party and you yell the loudest.” – Charlie

“People don’t trust you Frank. You’re a piece of shit! And you’re ugly. And you ooze sleaze. And you’re very very ugly.” – Dennis

“You guys better all eat a dick. Cuz Sweet Dee beat the system.” –Dee

“Goddammit! I don’t know how to express myself unless through and personal attack.” – Mac

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it’s always sunny in philadelphia recapping: frank reynolds’ little beauties

Just as the episode starts and Frank busts up his face – bloody broken nose and all – I was starting to think that this season of Always Sunny I was just going to have to deal with bodily fluids being a main part of each episode. I’m not the most squeamish person but at some point it’s going to get overdone and annoying. But looking pass that, the episode was classic Sunny gold…or yellow…I’m not sure.

Frank’s Little Beauties Pageant was inappropriate and beautiful. The gang makes the pageant about themselves as much as the kids and I greatly appreciated. Anytime the cast gets on stage I will, inevitably, compare it to the blockbuster performance that was The Nightman Cometh and this opening act was just as perfect. Whenever Charlie is given a microphone and Mac’s new belly bulge can’t be contained by his shirt AND awkward semi-stiff choreography is in the mix you can buy me two tickets to that show any day! Dee had a separate performance with a reluctant contestant. Charlie, Mac and Dennis gave “Yankee Doodle Dandy” a rave remix with the help of the lone male contestant. Pure genius.

If I can be promised at least two stage performances every season from the gang I don’t see how they can’t go another seven seasons easily. This was the first episode of the season that I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. I can’t lose faith in “the gang” and episodes like this help solidify my stance.


When Dee use to enter pageants when we were kids Mom use to tell her not to waste her time because she wasn’t pretty enough.” -Dennis

How would you win pageants? Did u have a different face?” -Mac (to Dee)

I bet you wish you win this pageant don’t you?” -Dee
My mom says I’m not pretty enough.” -Justine
Your mom doesn’t know dick! She’s a dumb fat cow and your sister is a stupid little s**t mouth b***h, isn’t she?” -Dee

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