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once upon a time recapping: the doctor

Previously on Once Upon a Time: The Crocodile.

This week on Once Upon a Time, it’s all about monsters. In the past, we learn how Rumpelstiltskin’s manipulation sent Regina down her dark path. In Storybrooke, Regina’s past, specifically Daniel, comes back to haunt her. And in the Enchanted Forest, Emma and Snow must team up with Hook to defeat Cora.

Once Upon a Time, Regina and Jefferson

In the pre-curse Enchanted Forest, Rumpelstiltskin attempts to tutor Regina on how to control – and kill – others by ripping out their hearts, but she’s not willing to go that far. When Rumpelstiltskin asks what’s holding her back, she reveals she wants to bring someone back from the dead. He informs her that it’s impossible, but Jefferson (who just happens to stop by at that moment) says there is a man who could help. “The Doctor,” a.k.a Dr. Whale, is brought to the palace. In order for his experiment to work, he needs an enchanted heart. Regina is still unwilling to snatch one, but her mother left a vast supply. Yet even though The Doctor uses “something greater than magic,” he fails. With Daniel lost, Regina returns to Rumpelstiltskin ready to crush hearts and continue her education. Rumpelstiltskin thanks The Doctor for fulfilling his end of the bargain, and in exchange gives him a heart to create “his own monster.” The Doctor insists his powers transcend magic, but Rumpelstiltskin warns that whatever it is, it comes with a price, and Jefferson transports him home. Back in his black and white realm, he uses the heart – and science – to reanimate a corpse. The assistant congratulates Dr. Frankenstein for bringing his brother back to life.

Once Upon a Time, Dr. Whale

In Storybrooke, Whale asks Charming if the “all the lands” still exist. His answer is a punch in the face (for the time Whale slept with Snow) and yes, which is why he’s trying to get back. Meanwhile, Regina is seeking help from Dr. Hopper to keep her promise to Henry. Whale interrupts her session, demanding to be sent back to his land since her curse only “transported the living.” However, that’s not exactly true, since Regina has kept Daniel magically preserved in her heart vault. Hopper tells her to let go of her past; Regina storms out and sees her past standing on the corner. Daniel is missing from the vault, and when she finds Dr. Whale, he’s missing an arm. He used one of her hearts to bring Daniel back and created a “monster.” Regina tracks him to the stables, but she’s only able to get through to him for a few seconds before she’s forced to use magic to destroy him. She returns to Dr. Hopper. Whale goes to Mr. Gold to reattach his arm. Whale confesses he revived Daniel in the hopes Regina would send him back to his brother so he could “try again,” since the first time ended badly. Gold forces “Victor” to admit he needs magic, and restores his arm.

Once Upon a Time, Emma and Snow

In the Enchanted Forest, Emma and company make it back to Haven, only to discover that Cora has killed everyone by ripping out their hearts. Under the bodies they do find one survivor – Hook. Mulan believes he’s a blacksmith, but he’s unable to get his lies past Emma. The threat of being dinner for ogres is enough to get him talking. Cora sent him to learn everything he could about Storybrooke, and the enchantment from the wardrobe remains in the ashes. The only thing Cora needs is a magical compass, but Hook is willing to help them get it instead – if he gets to come along. Their target is at the top of a very large beanstalk, guarded by a giant.

Next week, we get a glimpse into Emma’s past!

• Point of interest: Jefferson’s hat only transports between magical realms. Speaking of, I’m not 100% certain where this fits into his timeline, but it must be prior to his mushroom selling days with Grace. I’d be interested to see how he got to that point, because this version of him is quite nefarious.
• Whose heart did Whale use? Whose heart did Rumpelstiltskin give him? Do the original owners of the hearts affect the outcome? I have a feeling this will play out later on.
• Are there any other characters from different lands wandering around? The plot thickens.

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