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thoughts on dexter: ricochet rabbit

“Travis is the only doomsday killer and I’ve made a terrible mistake. Same kill wound as the other victims, which means….Travis, you killed Gellar.” – Dexter

Whether you saw the (arguably) shocking conclusion of last week’s Get Gellar coming a few episodes ago or you were genuinely stunned, you were still probably interested in where the show would go next. We’re nearing the end of this season and this episode makes me think that Dexter just may have another twist or two in store.

  • Awesome parallel. We watched Dexter, watch Travis talk to Gellar (who wasn’t really there), while talking to Harry (who also wasn’t really there). Dexter may be aware of his delusion, but both men seem content on blaming their father figure for how/why they became the person they are now.
  • Is anyone really invested in the Travis character? Colin Hanks is doing a decent job, but Travis just doesn’t measure up when compared to the show’s past “big bads”. Although seeing him all gussied up with Gellar’s confidence and finally owning his inner killer did at least make him a little more intimidating.
  • What if Deb is pregnant? Dexter mentioned pregnancy as a potential reason Deb had her anxiety attack. The comedic value of pregnant Deb notwithstanding, this could bring a new dynamic to the show and help explain why the writers are overplaying the “Quinn is a mess” angle. Fatherhood tends to have a sobering influence.
  • Beth Dorsey was played by Jordan Spiro. She was really great on the underappreciated My Boys.
  • Louis likes Jamie. Or, he’s using her to get close to Dexter. It’s possible that the truth is a mix of the two, but WHY does he want to get close to Dexter? Is the video game his only motive? And speaking of the video game…
  • Homicidal Tendencies: coming to a GameStop near you. Dexter was completely unimpressed by Louis’ video game concept and couldn’t fathom why anyone would want to play a game where they are the serial killer. Dexter’s high and mighty response was pretty rude and Louis seemed really crushed.
  • Ricochet Rabbit sets sail. When the “fuck pad” set off on its voyage, we all knew Holly Benson was going to die. The trio (Steve, Beth and Travis) also used the boat as a workshop where they created “Wormwood”. The Dorsey’s home probably would have been a better place to do that, but I’m sure Travis knew what he was doing.
  • Deb demonstrated why she deserves her promotion. She figured out the Jessica Morris/Tom Matthews connection rather quickly. This should cut out LaGuerta as the middle(wo)man so that Matthew and Deb can negotiate how to handle this. LaGuerta’s faux-subtly was becoming almost as annoying as Quinn’s jaded ex shtick.
  •  Can Batista catch a break?! He’s one of the good guys. Sure, he’s made some sketchy life choices, but he doesn’t deserve the crappy end of the stick he’s been getting this season. Should Travis and Beth kill him, Quinn will have to live with that, since he wouldn’t have been alone if his partner was doing his job. But more importantly, I think the show would be missing a necessary element without Batista.
  • Father knows best. Dexter finally hears Harry or himself if you choose to remember that Harry is a projection from Dexter’s own mind, but don’t do that, it ruins the impact of the moment. Dexter has been taking this whole DDK thing too far and way too personal, which has made him too sloppy. Then again, this wouldn’t be the first time he got overly involved and had disastrous results (and I’m sure Rita would agree).

Next on Dexter:

How will “Wormwood “ play out? Will Travis and Dexter face off, or is that being saved for the finale? Does ‘talk to the hand’ have something to do with Dexter using Gellar’s hand or Louis having the hand from the Ice Truck Killer case? But more importantly, how creepy is that painting of Dexter?!

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thoughts on dexter’s ‘the angel of death’

“During the Middle Ages it was believed that the outcome of nearly all earthly events was decided by angels, either light or dark. I’m quite certain that face I saw in the crowd was of the dark variety.” – Dexter

I’ve watched The Angel of Death twice since last night and I’m still not sure how to feel about everything that transpired. The episode wasn’t confusing and the surprise twist would have more weight if not for those pesky, revealing promos. But watching a show like Dexter, it’s pretty hard not to be emotionally/mentally invested in what happens week after week. One thing is certain, I’m increasingly convinced that the answer to the question I posed last week about whether or not Travis is working alone will be revealed next week.

  • According to “Gellar”, it’s a good thing that his voice is the only one Travis can hear. This would be one of the more obvious clues that Gellar isn’t real, but it also draws yet another parallel between Henry/Gellar and Dexter/Travis.
  • Dexter is ALWAYS ahead of his coworkers in the race to catch the serial killers, is that because they share similar ways of thinking or is he just smarter? Not counting Deb as an outlier, I think it’s a little of both. But what is the relevance, plot-wise, for Dexter to catch Travis so early in the game?
  • 1237, 1242, 1244…just to keep track of these numbers.
  • Masuka fired Ryan off camera? What a waste! Unless this is some set-up for later…but until then, my disappointed sentiment remains.
  • Brother Sam and Dexter continue their opposites attract-style bromance. He sees the light in Dexter, but would he still see it if he knew about Dexter’s true nature, regardless of how “pure” his motives are?
  • Murderer-esque black sweats aside, is anyone else having a hard time believing Travis is genuinely evil? Without Gellar around, he seems torn, like he’s going through the motions out of obligation. Even if he wasn’t able to kill the young cautionary tale lady on the dock without Gellar, you can still see how “normal” he is without his mentor lurking in the corners of his apartment….and his mind….assuming he’s a figment, which I am at this point.

  • Although their “evil exes” have hurt both Quinn and Batista, please oh please don’t turn them into a Crockett and Tubbs type of duo just to give them something to do. It feels forced and I’d prefer watching either of them play off of another character.
  • Speaking of Quinn, watching him chase after Lorena Professor Porter was equally but not more pitiful than thinking about her lusting after Gellar. If she’s involved in all of this doomsday killing, Quinn should just bow out of the dating game for awhile.
  • Am I that fucked up?”….Yes Deb, you are. However, the surprising part is that you haven’t realized it yet.
  • Anderson is married. Deb is drawn to relationships that are dramatic and end tragically, so the sparks that may or may not have been there between these two would be completely understandable. Why? See above.
  • Dexter hunting and catching Travis was entirely anticlimactic. I think Dexter went soft because hearing that Travis is being led by Gellar reminded him of his relationship with Henry and after his conversations with Sam, he believes that people believe they are speaking with God. No, I’m not saying Dexter believes in God, but I do think he believes other people that say they do.
  • The shooting should have been pushed back another week or so, unless Brother Sam really dies, in which case they could have just left that part out all together. The cliffhanger for this episode was who shot Sam, why they shot him and whether or not he’ll live. Introducing that character was one of the best things about this season and aside from Lumen, Dexter has never had such a fast connection. If he has to be dead, I’m really hoping it’s due to a pivotal point in the plot that we haven’t seen yet.

Next on Dexter …

Word is there’s a huge twist in this episode [the link is only for those who enjoy spoilers…you were warned!]

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