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sons of anarchy recapping: crucifixed

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Andare Pescare

There was so much development in this 90 minute episode that I sat on the edge of my seat!

Jax and the Sons

Jax has a lot on his plate. Not only is he trying to figure out a way to bring Clay down, but he’s also dealing with Juice’s fate since the revelation that he was the rat at the table, and avenging Opie’s death! Although we will never find out what Jax’s intended plans for Juice were when he followed him home–since Roosevelt was so worried he sent squad cars to his house–it’s clear Jax now has plans for the kid. Juice, who broke down and confessed his crime of killing a fellow Sons member, has the opportunity to redeem himself in the eyes of his President. Jax gives Juice the ultimatum: betray Clay’s trust and gather information on Clay’s involvement in schemes against Jax and the club, or face the table and his crime. Juice accepts Jax’s ultimatum, and begins his search into Clay’s potential hiding places. Jax informs Chibs and Bobby of Juice’s situation, and even makes the request that some laws of the club (such as it’s form of racism against joining members) be revoked.

Jax also kicked a few of his new plans into gear when he met with both Pope and mayor Hale to discuss their new partnerships. Busy lad! Pope gave Jax new intel on the person who murdered Opie, which drives Jax to seek more revenge for his fallen friend.

Jax seeks out a fellow gang/ motorcycle club on information regarding the prisoner who dealt Opie’s fatal blow. The Grim Bastards have access to the individual, but will only give him up if Jax promises to only fight him, not kill him. The Sons agree to this deal since the clubs have shared a brotherhood bond for 20 years. Upon finding the guy, the Sons chase him down, with the Grim Bastards in tow. However, Jax does not honor his promise, and has him killed. Bobby is appalled by Jax’s decision to have the man killed, while Chibs is supportive of his President. It is clear that the Sons are becoming divided again, and Jax begins to question Bobby’s role and morals as Vice President (this feels familiar, doesn’t it?)
guy died
Clay and Gemma:

Clay and Gemma are becoming closer–per Jax’s request of his mother. Gemma continues to visit Clay and ultimately suggests that they return to the home that they shared. In this moment, Clay confesses that he does not want Gemma to continue making contact with him unless it is genuine because he does not want to lose her again, which prompts Gemma to kiss him. I’m still not sure if Clay is truly falling in love with Gemma, or if he is playing her in order to get information to use against Jax.

However, don’t get too caught up with Clay and Gemma’s little romance, Clay is still a sneaky ape-faced dude. Clay meets with the two FBI agents who double as cartel members with information regarding the deal they have running drugs with the Sons. Romeo (played by Danny Trejo) becomes agitated with Jax’s presidency, and request that Jax be removed from the table and Clay reinstated as a way to keep their deal. Clay does not seem like a fan of the idea, but I do not entirely believe him. This could ultimately mean bad news for Jax in the upcoming episodes!

Tara and Otto

Tara believes she has succeeded in getting Otto to revoke his Rico statement. She visits him once again, and Otto has a request from her–to bring the gold crucifix that he gave to his deceased wife, Luanne, claiming he wants to pray. Tara agrees and finds the crucifix in order to seal the deal. Otto asks for a few minutes alone to pray, and to untie one of his arms so he can pray properly, which Tara agrees to do. However, Otto presses a button to summon the nurse once Tara is gone and attacks her. The nurse is stabbed to death in the neck, and Otto is apprehended. He screams at Tara “The Sons live, but Redwood bleeds!” Otto has set up Tara as an accessory to murder, and the investigators will now have Tara’s background information with the Sons, which will ultimately cause more legal issues for the club and for Jax.

  • Will Juice be able to double cross Clay, who has been like a father to him, in exchange for redemption in the eyes of Jax?
  • Jax has evolved into a different person. Part of me feels like he is evolving into Clay because he has become so ruthless with his killing–which arguably is because he’s seeking revenge for his best friend. Bobby is beginning to question Jax’s leadership, but does the audience?
  • Otto’s plan was genius, he wants Jax to feel the same pain and loss and he did with Luanne. I wonder what will happen to Tara, and if Gemma will come to her aid?


“Do you believe in God?”-Otto
“I…think so?”-Tara
“That’s not believing, Doc, that’s covering your ass in case there is a Rapture.”-Otto

“Jax, you just shit on two decade of brotherhood, what you did was wrong.”-Bobby
“Maybe it was wrong, but you didn’t see the look of pleasure on that animal’s face when he beat my friend down!”-Jax

“Out with the new, in with the old.”-Romeo

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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sons of anarchy recapping: ablation

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Toad’s Wild Ride

Alliances are tested and new deals are formed as the real danger known as Clay is revealed to SAMCRO.

Jax, Chibs, and Tig are cleaning up the mess from their showdown. Jax decides to cut off the hands of the dead body; one is to go to Unser to be identified, and the other is to go to Pope to be identified, but also as a means of bringing accusation to Pope’s organization. Before Jax can finish his task, Tara rushes in with the news of their sons, and they hastily leave.

After Gemma’s accident, she and the boys are rescued and taken to the hospital. Gemma and Thomas received minor injuries while Abel underwent surgery. Luckily, Abel survived (yet again). Jax and Tara immediately hold all blame to Gemma, thinking that the accident was caused by either drugs or alcohol. Before Jax is able to confront his mother, Clay steps in and gives the excuse that the same van that went after Jax and Chibs ran Gemma off the road. Jax, appalled by this new information, sets up a meeting with Pope so he can be confronted. During the meeting with Pope, Jax confronts him with the information that the attackers were black, which is why he is assuming Pope was behind the attack. Pope, who received the dismembered hand, calmly assures Jax that he had nothing to do with the attack and gives him the name of the attacker (Charles Turner, with no known affiliations outside of prison) and information  on Turner’s brother-in-law, who was most  likely the driver of the van. Jax and his fellow Sons quickly drive over to the house of Turner’s brother-in-law, where a shootout begins. Once cornered by the Sons, Ray, confesses that he was hired by Frankie Diamonds to attack Jax, but not his family, as Clay had explained earlier. Jax, who is beginning to realize what Clay has done, shoots Ray and leaves the scene.

After the shootout, Jax receives a phone call from Nero. Upon arrival to Nero’s place of business, the Sons meet Frankie Diamonds, who is holding Nero and Opie’s widow, Lilla, hostage. Frankie demands the two hunder grand that Clay promised him in exchange for removing Jax from the table, which Nero quickly hands over to Frankie. Frankie then orders Chibs to drive him away from the scene–but not before shooting Lilla in the leg. Nero is appalled by the amount of violence that has ensued because of the internal beef going on with SAMCRO that he asks Jax to end his partnership. Jax is clearly upset, and to cause further damage (although I’m sure he only meant it for good) Nero confesses that Clay lied about Gemma’s accident and that she really was high when the accident occured.  Later on, after driving some time, Frankie has Chibs pull over to the side of the road, where Frankie is met with a getaway car. For a few moments, it seems that Chibs is a dead man, but Frankie is in a hurry and just beats him over the head with his gun before driving off.

Jax confronts Gemma at the hospital. Gemma, who was already feeling guilty about the lie Clay told, confesses everything. Tara, immediately punches Gemma in the face upon receiving this information, and informs Gemma that she has been disowned from her small family.

After the confrontation with Gemma and the revelation that Clay is a larger danger to the club that initially expected, Jax and Tara contemplate their situation. After some deliberation (it is assumed) Jax and Tara come up with a solution. Jax visits his mother and gives her the opportunity to redeem herself. Gemma is to reforge her bond with Clay, get him to reveal his secrets the way he used to when they were married. If Gemma succeeds, she will be forgiven, and it is clear that Jax’s end game for the club this season is to (FINALLY) kill Clay.

  • I like Juice, but his confessional scene with Clay will probably lead to the killing off of his character. Juice confessed everything that happened to him last season to Clay: the fact that he is African American, that he killed a fellow Son when he discovered Juice stealing some cocaine to give to the Feds and that Eli Roosevelt and the Feds has been trying to use Juice’s blood line to form a case against the cartel. Clay was receptive to Juice’s confession, and even revealed everything about the home invasions. If I were Juice, I’d be very afraid for my life. Clay has already demonstrated multiple times that he is capable of betrayal. Will Clay use this information that Juice has revealed in order to save himself from Jax’s end game? My guess is: very likely.
  • Eli Roosevelt is willing to give up the rat at the SAMCRO table in exchange for information on his wife’s murder. This could potentially hurt the club even more, because it will show just how many insiders have worked against the club.
  • Gemma is asked to get back with Clay. In a way, it is somewhat brilliant of Jax because Clay obviously misses his wife and Gemma wants to redeem herself in the eyes of her family. But, Clay is a very cunning and sly character, I feel that Clay already has an idea that Jax will use Gemma’s lapse of judgments to his advantage.
  • Nero once again has demonstrated the potential as a father figure to Jax as he reminds him that Jax isn’t focusing on the end game he should be focusing on: his sons and Tara.


“If she was drunk or high, Jax, I swear…”-Tara
“I know…”-Jax

“I’ll bet you Clay is real curious about the private conversation we are having. About the bond we share.”-Roosevelt

“Listen to me, everyone at that table has done something outside of the Reaper.”- Clay

“You were right, attacks are coming from the inside. But, how do I know the order are not coming from you?”-Jax

“Betrayal is an awful thing.”-Pope

“What are you going to do, Prez? Beat the shit outta your mom? Hasn’t that been done enough by her family?”-Nero

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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