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the walking dead recapping: welcome to the tombs

Previously on The Walking Dead: This Sorrowful Life

It’s finally here! The season finale! Although I am distraught about having to wait til October for season four, this episode set up a wait that is worthwhile.

  • The Governor is torturing Milton, after he has figured out it was him who set the pit of zombies ablaze and ultimately betraying his plan against Andrea. The Governor then takes Milton to Andrea, and gives him the ultimatum: either kill Andrea and leave the room alive, or die in the room and ultimately kill Andrea as a zombie. Milton turns on the Governor, who obviously knew that it was coming, and leaves a dying Milton. Andrea is now in a race against time to free herself with some pliers before Milton dies and reanimates.
  • The Governor rallies up his troops to fight against the “enemies” at the prison, claiming that they are responsible for the deaths of eight of his men. Tyreese speaks up and says he refuses to fight against people.
  • The people at the prison are seen packing up their belongings into (a very nice and clean) vehicle. Carl is seemingly pissed off about this. Michonne approaches Rick, saying that she understood that Rick had to contemplate the Governor’s deal about her, and she does not hold any hard feelings against him and thanks him for taking her into the group.
  • The Governor and his troops storm the prison. The find it seemingly deserted and decide to investigate further. Once inside the “tombs” (aka the lower levels of the prison) they are attacked by smoke bombs and walkers. The prison group did not abandon the prison after all! Glen and Maggie assault the invaders while the others fight as well until they retreat. In the woods, Hershel, Beth, and Carl stand watch. A young boy from Woodbury is running away in fear, which promotes Carl to shoot him in cold blood.
  • The Governor chases after his troops on the road. They openly question his reasons, claiming that they will only attack walkers, not people. The Governor responds by nonchalantly shooting them all, leaving them all dead except for Karen, who hides under a corpse for protection.
  • The prison group return. Hershel informs Rick of Carl’s gunning down of the boy. Rick refuses to acknowledge it at first, until he has a talk with Carl. Carl claims that he did what had to be down, because Dale, Lori, and Merle all died because his father refuses to take out potential threats.
  • Rick and a few other members decide to leave the prison and find the Governor, with Glen, Maggie, and Carol behind to defend the prison if the Governor returns. During their trip, they stumble upon the Governor’s massacre, and meet Karen, who explains what happens. They ultimately decide to go to Woodbury, where they meet up with Tyreese. After realizing what the Governor did to Andrea, and how she didn’t make it to the prison, they go off looking for her. They eventually do find her, with a reanimated (yet dead) Milton. Andrea has been bitten and is running out of time. She apologizes to Rick, claiming she did because she did not want to see anyone die. She asks for Rick’s gun, and the others leave while Andrea commits suicide with Michonne by her side for comfort.
  • Rick returns to the prison with the remaining members for Woodbury. Rick realizes that his hallucinations of Lori have finally gone away.


  • It has already been confirmed that the Governor is going to return to season four as a regular. This means that he is going to come back even more insane and homicidal than he ever has before.
  • Although we did not get the epic showdown between the two groups, we did get a nice set up for more battles and revenge to come in season four.
  • Rick’s realization that the hallucinations for Lori are gone could signify that his conscience is clear, as he has finally decided to let the group have a say in their survival and has allowed himself to trust other individuals.
  • I’m sure many of us were waiting for Andrea’s death, since besides Lori, she was one of the most annoying characters. However, I have to point out that if Andrea had not made her decisions the way she did, we would not have had the evil Governor that we have right now, which I think will be good for season 4.


“In this world, you kill or die. Or, you die and kill.”-The Governor.

“What would Penny think of you?”-Milton

“She would be scared, but she would still be alive if I had been like this all along.”-The Governor

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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the walking dead recapping: home

Previously on The Walking Dead: Suicide King

The Prison

  • Rick is still reeling from his vision Lori–to the extent that he’s taken a turn for the worse. Rick envisions Lori standing by the graves and runs after her. He promptly follows her ghost outside of the prison gate where he has a brief moment with his deceased wife. He pretty much stays there while Michonne and Hershel watch him from afar.
  • Glen feels it is his job to take up the role as leader since Rick has gone completely nuts and Daryl is out of the picture. Glen wants to take action against the Governor (most likely a personal vendetta against the Governor since he violated Maggie) and hold down the prison against the imminent attack. Hershel, on the other hand, believes that it would be best for them to try to make a run for it since the group has already faced too many tragic deaths.
  • Glen and Maggie have hit a speed bump in their relationship. Maggie seems like she is feeling somewhat guilty about what will happen if the Governor does find the prison, while Glen is hellbent on torturing the Governor for hurting Maggie. They’ll work things out, I’m sure of it.
  • Carol and Axel prepare the prison for the Governor’s attack. During their preparations, Axel reveals that he has never fired a gun, and that the reason he was in prison was because the cops charged him for armed robbery (while in reality, he was only caring a toy gun during the burglary). Carol seems to have warmed up to Axel since his lesbian comment earlier in the season.
  • Glen takes off in the truck by himself to pursue the Governor.


  • The Governor commends Andrea for her uplifting speech to the community. The Governor asks Andrea to take over leadership of Woodbury since he has failed in his protection of the citizens. He also reveals to Andrea that he does not have any plans to attack the prison. Ha.
  • Not even thirty minutes after his conversation with Andrea, The Governor pursues Milton. Milton is obviously a bit twitchy around the Governor, and becomes even more unstable when the Governor asks Milton to keep an eye on Andrea, because he and Milton are “friends” and he does not trust Andrea’s loyalty to Woodbury.

  • The Governor disappears for a while, and none of the citizens of Woodbury want to tell her where he has gone.

The Dixon Brothers

  • Merle and Daryl are hiking through the woods, foraging for food and failing terribly at it. Daryl hears some cries, and runs to find the source. A family is being attacked by walkers, and are almost overwhelmed and killed when Daryl arrives. Merle reluctantly helps kill the zombies, and takes up his normal asshole personality by attempting to rob them of their food in exchange for efforts. Daryl stops Merle from taking the family’s food and sends the family away.
  • Merle and Daryl argue over Daryl’s choice to save the family and how Daryl has become soft–revealing that the brother’s planned on robbing the group of their goods once. Merle pushes Daryl, tearing his shirt, revealing scars all over his back. Merle realizes that their father tortured Daryl as well. Daryl realizes that leaving Rick’s group was a mistake, and heads back to the prison.

And It All Comes Together

  • The Governor arrives at the prison with a surprise attack–and kills Axel with a head shot. It all seems hopeless as the Woodbury crew fire assault rifle rounds at the group–ultimately busting through the prison gates with a van full of zombies.
  • Glen pulls up in his truck and saves Hershel from being eaten by walkers (again)
  • The group holds their ground. Rick is attacked by walkers, and right when it seems that it is lights out for Rick, the Dixon brothers save the day.


  • The Governor just looked orgasmic as he fired those shots at Rick’s group. His appearance at the prison was unexpected (at least for this episode) and we as viewers were really able to see just how conniving and vicious this man really is. I wonder if it was the outbreak and loss that brought about the cruelty in the Governor, or if he has always been a cruel man?
  • The emotional scenes between Merle and Daryl in this episode were enlightening. There is a nice juxtaposition between the two brothers. Daryl really has a soft spot for children.
  • Rick admits to Hershel that he has been seeing visions of Lori and Shane. He seems worried about the visions of Shane, however.


“Andrea..I’m not sure where her loyalties lie..”-The Governor

“You went down to help them even thought you might have died trying? Is that something your sheriff friend taught you?-Merle

“There was a baby!”-Daryl

“I may be the one who is walking away, but you’re the one leaving..again.”-Daryl

“We need you [Rick] now more than ever”-Hershel

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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