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5 reasons we’ll tune in for community’s fourth season (and you will too!)

We love Community. We were there way back when Britta and Jeff were the show’s will they/won’t they couple and Pierce briefly joined Vaughn’s band (remember Vaughn and his tiny nipples?). We cheered when the show was picked up for a second season, and loyally hated Whitney when NBC favored it over our superior show and the third season went on a hiatus. More recently, like less than a few weeks ago, we watched the last three episodes of the season and although we weren’t happy (read: livid) over the move to Friday and the shortened fourth season, we were just glad that ‘Introduction to Finality’ wasn’t Community’s swan song.

Then, news broke that Dan Harmon, the sick genius behind the whole operation, was fired. We share his outrage and to say it sucks is a huge understatement. However, this is no way means we’re going to tune out for the fourth (and potentially final) season of Community as a showing of loyalty to its creator. Everyone is voicing their indignation (if you need examples, feel free to visit r/community) and vowing not to watch the show unless Harmon returns. We hate to sound callous…well actually, we don’t….but that’s bullshit. Or, as Will so eloquently put it, “People say anything over the webernet and the ratings might drop a tad, but most people are still going to tune in unless something else drastic happens.”

The Good Ol’ Days

So, if you were a fan of Community before, you’re most likely not going to boycott the show. Or maybe you are, but we sure as hell won’t. We figured as fans, it was our duty to chime in with our two cents and tell you why:

Reason #1: If we stop watching the show, then the terrorists NBC/Sony win! No seriously, they will win. All that does is tell them they were right for not backing this show and more importantly, we’ll miss out on any gems David Guarascio and Moses Port, and more importantly Megan Ganz, have in store for next season.

Reason #2: We’ve already fallen in love with the show. And once you’re in love, it’s kind of lazy to just end the relationship because the one you’re enamored with makes a few changes, or in this case, loses its creator. To paraphrase Troy (or rather almost completely quote Troy): All we had was dumb reality before we met Community. And the show has made all of our lives better than reality. Now it becomes a little inconvenient and it’s time to get real? For shame! For shame indeed.

Reason #3: If Cougar Town fans can adjust to Bill Lawrence (creator of Cougar Town) no longer acting as the showrunner, so can we. Obviously, we won’t know how well Ric Swartzlander handles his new position until the show heads over to TBS, but according to Mr. Lawrence, “For me, the only drag is that I think it makes people nervous about the creative direction of the show, especially since we’re lucky enough that our fans are intensely passionate. They will get the same quality show.” There’s a chance we might get some quality Community too! Besides, it’s probably what Abed would do.

Reason #4: Maybe, just maybe, Harmon had it coming. Maybe. We share Mr. Ken Levine speaks on this unfortunate situation far more eloquently than we ever could, but if you’re too lazy to read the whole thing, here’s the bit that resonates: For a network to fire a showrunner, his behavior had to be pretty unruly. The network weighs the value of his contribution with the nightmare of dealing with him and must decide if he’s worth it. Dan Harmon apparently wasn’t worth it.

Reason #5: The cast, and subsequently the characters, have more than won our loyalty and Dan Harmon is one of the best things about Community, but he’s hardly the only thing. Try and remember that during your next diatribe about how crappy Community will be without the visionary Dan Harmon in the captain’s seat.

Share our opinion? Have a few reasons of your own? Think we’re incredibly stupid for even considering a Community without Harmon? Feel free to let us know. We doubt it’ll change anything on our end, but a good healthy debate with fellow human beings is a great way to pass the time until the fourth season starts.

P.S. Russian fans of Community made this, which is awesome.

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community recapping: biology 101

Nicole’s P.O.V.

The episode began with Jeff flying and singing, it was like they read my heart and made an opening that reflected how I excited I was that Community had finally returned (and delivered the laughs I so sorely missed this summer). I loved that everyone thought Troy and Abed were announcing their man-love and not that they were just becoming roommates, as well as the Chevy Chase-less National Lampoon reference. I’m not biased (well maybe a little), but Donald Glover has the best comedic ad-libs of anyone.

We met Dr. Omar Little Chalky White Marshall Kane, who kicked Jeff out of class after berating him for his phone constantly ringing, but in his defense, Jeff was kind of a douche about the whole thing. Regardless, this secluded him from the group and inspired a Supernatural-esque look, but he also got a taste of what it’s like to be Pierce. Outside of the Jeff drama, the group spent most of its time tending to Abed’s comatose state over the mid-season start date for Cougar Town and Dean Pelton dealt with Fred Flintstone Vice Dean Laybourne.

Was this the funniest Community? Hell no. But this show’s B game is the humor equivalent of everyone else’s A game anyway, so it was a solid season opener. I look forward to the school dealing with the major budget cuts that are surely around the corner and what class Jeff takes while the rest of the group is in Biology (assuming he doesn’t get back in, but it looks like he will thanks to Starburns).

I’m also convinced that:

  • Inspector Spacetime is a Dr. Who spoof
  • The Dean tells the group news before telling anyone else in the school
  • Pierce is lovable again
  • Britta is proof that people who study people are a little crazy

Will’s P.O.V.

Although we were berated by the notion that things are going to be more normal at Greendale Community College this year/season during a campus-wide musical number (contradiction at it’s finest!) I don’t think I believe them all too much. Dean Pelton’s no-nonsense policy is doomed immediately when we find out that Chang is living in the venting units and “monkey knockout gas” is to be used to counter that issue, also Vice Dean Laybourne (John Goodman) of the Air Conditioning Repair School Annex is apparently much more successful than, and is funding, Dean Pelton and Greendale Community College.

Jeff is excited that Pierce is no longer in the study group because he didn’t take Biology 101 with everyone else. But Pierce, being the rich and conniving antagonist we’ve grown to (insert emotion of your choosing), bribes Professor Kane (Michael K. Williams) so he can get Jeff kicked out and replaced. Except, Pierce being the softhearted guy we never realized he could be only said he bribed the professor to help keep his “villain” role in the group intact. Jeff finds out that life away from the “magical” study group table is lonely and maddening – even if it has only been a few hours since he left. He even took a page from The Shining and went all fire axe on the table.

Abed finds out that his favorite show Cougar Town – he said it would get six seasons and a movie – got pushed back to midseason (true story :/ ) and he is desperate to find something to hold him over until then. Britta finds him the show that Cougar Town was “based” on from England, “Cougarton Abbey” (WARNING!!! NOT A REAL SHOW). But after the show comes to an abrupt end Abed shuts down until they find him another ridiculously fake show to reinvigorate him. All in all, everything is back to the way it’ll always be at Greendale.


Annie- “Are we really doing this without Pierce? So sad.”
Jeff- “Yeah. We have parted ways with our closest, oldest, craziest, most racist, oldest, elderly, crazy friend. And he’s not coming back.”

Professor Kane (to Jeff) – “Get out!”
Jeff – “Seriously?! Hey dude, Sean Penn called he says to dial it back…Sean Penn is an actor w-
Professor Kane – “I know who Sean Penn is. I seen Milk. Now get out!”

Troy – “Why did everyone on “Cougarton Abbey” just die?”
Britta – “They only ran six episodes. That’s the greatest thing about British TV, they give you closure.”
Abed (in a key Mariah Carey couldn’t hold) – “AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”
Troy – “We’ll find you a new favorite show, we’ll find you a new favorite show. C’mon buddy. (To Britta) You are human tennis elbow. You are a pizza burn on the roof of the world’s mouth. You are the opposite of Batman!”

Abed – “We’re registered at Linens ‘N Things. We have plenty of linen, we just want the things.”

Dean Pelton – “If I wanted to run a monkey hotel, I’d install a banana buffet.”

Vice Dean Robert Laybourne (to Dean Pelton) – “You look like a white Louis Gossett Jr.

*Thank you to dudemann over at Reddit for pointing out the things we missed.

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