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thoughts on the walking dead: secrets

Super Carl: So Carl is apparently fine. Out of nowhere. Last week he was still comatose and now he is in the opening scene of this week’s episode like nothing ever happened. Also, he is carrying a gun around. Carl got shot then Carl got awesome.

Glenn the Guileless: After someone tells you, “I suck at lying. I can’t even play poker, it’s too much like lying”, why would you make them attempt to keep a HUGE secret?! I have no idea why Lori had faith in Glenn in that situation. Maybe she knew he was going to run his mouth but she just needed him to be quiet long enough for her to make her decision about her pregnancy.

Not Letting Go: Now that Dale knows that Hershel is keeping walkers in the barn – again, because of Glenn – he asks what the purpose is. Hershel tells him that he thinks they are still humans and they shouldn’t be killed. Dale disagrees with his stance but asks if he can help fortify the barn to keep them safe but Hershel tells him no because others might not agree with keeping them “alive”.

Search for Sophia then Spontaneous Sex?: After a heated exchange during gun training, Shane asks Andrea to come with him to a nearby residential area to search for Sophia. They find no evidence of her there but they do come across a horde of walkers. Andrea almost gets killed because of a gun jam but she fixes it right before she is attacked. On the trip home, surely still on an adrenaline high, she grabs Shane’s groin and he replies “Come on then” – Boss Move!

Scumbag Dale Strikes: After Shane and Andrea return Dale confronts Shane about…well…everything. Dale reads something in the body language between Andrea and Shane and gets defensive. He asks Shane why he hasn’t left the group yet like he wanted to before they made it to Hershel’s farm. He questions him about what happened during the night Otis died. He then tells him that he remembers when he had his gun pointed at Rick. Shane tells Dale that Rick is his best friend and if he did that to him what does he think he’ll do to someone who isn’t.

Excused Infidelity?: Lori finally tells Rick that her and Shane were having sex after he sees that she was taking “morning after pills”. Even though she did make herself throw them back up Rick is still upset that she would make that type of decision without him. She says she doesn’t want to bring a child into the world the way it is now – and I really can’t blame her for that – and she has something else on her conscience too; she was having sex with Shane when she thought Rick was dead. Rick seems to understand her reasoning for doing so…for now…

Side Quests

  • Maggie is attacked, but not bit, by a walker during her and Glenn’s trip to the store.
  • Hershel tells Lori that he heard that Rick’s group is leaving soon since Carl is healthy.
  • Maggie tells Glenn that he is a leader and his “friends” don’t appreciate him enough.


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