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boardwalk empire recapping: georgia peaches

Nucky’s Return

  • Nucky begins selling Irish Whiskey to all of Atlantic City for less than half of what Jimmy has been selling his liquor.
  • Nucky’s lawyer can’t get the trial moved back to Atlantic City so Nucky fires him.
  • As the investigation into the World Series scandal begins against Rothstein Nucky heads to New York to meet his new lawyer.

Darmody’s Struggle

  • Jimmy and his crew are hit hard by Nucky’s new offer in the liquor market.
  • Meyer and Lucky propose that Darmody start moving heroin but he isn’t to eager to change his business plans before they sell all the liquor they have.
  • Important businessmen and politicians are pressuring Jimmy to end the strike that many of the black workers have began.
  • Jimmy sends Doyle to meet with Horvitz in Philadelphia to pay him back with liquor. The meeting doesn’t go too well because Horvitz knows that Jimmy put the hit out on him even though Doyle disagrees with him. Horvitz gets Doyle to tell him where Darmody lives due to some hands-on interrogation.
  • Jimmy calls a meeting with Chalky White in order to get him to stop the worker strike. Chalky asks that the men responsible for killing his workers are brought to him so he can deal with them personally but Jimmy denies and Chalky doesn’t call the strike off.
  • While Jimmy is out of town to sell liquor Horvitz visits the Darmody residence to kill him. What he finds is Angela and her new girlfriend Louise. He shoots Louise as she is coming out of the shower and then kills Angela after she pleads that he spare her life.

Margaret’s Dilemma

  • Emily’s polio has gotten worse and it seems as though she is going to be paralyzed permanently.
  • Teddy is jealous that Emily has been getting all the attention lately and mocks her illness. But his mother slaps the shit demands that he stop.
  • Margaret goes to the church for help but Father Brennan says she needs to show devotion for God to assist her. She then takes all the money she has been saving up, along with some jewelry, and donates it to the church.


  • Deputy Halloran is attacked by the mob that attacked the workers on strike.
  • Eli is imprisoned by Esther Randolph over the Hans Schroeder murder.
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