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thoughts on it’s always sunny: thunder gun express

Nicole’s P.O.V.

I was hoping the ticking countdown would bring out everyone’s best/worst traits. I wanted some frantic Dee and a conniving Dennis, with some scheming Charlie thrown in as well. My hopes and dreams for this episode weren’t too far off. So in addition to the overall style of the episode, here are my other favorite moments:

  • Dennis’ suggestion that if they got split up they should “yell over everybody to each other until they get annoyed with us and just switch.” See? Conniving.
  • Thunder gun is most definitely a verb now. Sorry Dennis.
  • Big Mac trying to get in the sewer. Big Mac yelling, “We’ll come back for yoooooouuuuuu.” Big Mac trying to steal the motorcycle. Big Mac asking, “Who’s the brown girl?” Pretty much Big Mac for the duration of the episode.
  • If there was ever any doubt, Dennis is truly a sociopath. The kind that drives around with a briefcase full of tapes from his conquests. I would have guessed there would be more tapes, but maybe those are just his personal favorites.
  • Frank stealing the boat and essentially providing a highlight reel of IASIP’s best episodes.
  • Charlie as the brains and the only one who never got left behind.
  • Queen Dee and the wall of water….that we didn’t see, but I really wish we could have.
  • Frank ruining the gang’s efforts by calling in a bomb threat.

Will’s P.O.V.


When action meets Sunny you get betrayal, a countdown clock, bomb threats, “brown” girls, sewage, and some theater loving. Count me in! My favorite moments:

  • Does anyone ever notice how frequently all the employees of Paddy’s just up and leaves the bar unattended…in the middle of the day?!
  • Even though he may sound like a crazed lunatic – and he is – Charlie gives the best advice. You’re welcome Dee.
  • I LOVED that Frank took us down memory lane during his tour takeover.
  • Dennis keeping cassettes of women he had sex with in his car is admirable. If you’re that proud of your lunacy then more power to you my friend.
  • Why was it so easy for Frank to steal that boat? And when did he lean how to drive one?
  • I’m DEFINITELY verbing “Thunder Gun” in my word repertoire.


*Refer to everything Frank said during his River Tour Takeover.



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always sunny recapping: the gang gets trapped

Will’s P.O.V.

Somehow Dennis gave an awesome motivational speech that made the gang want to sneak into a local mansion and steal a vase that “belongs in a museum”. The “Extraction” team (Dennis, Dee, Frank) are stuck inside the house as Charlie and Mac wait outside in a painfully obvious “surveillance” van.

I kinda just realized that this show is just as “about nothing” (<–actual genre) as Seinfeld was but they just take it to the next level. I mean, yeah, Kramer was a complete spaz – and maybe a racist, but no judgment – but they never dedicated an episode to him becoming addicted to crack – although that would have explained a lot. But I digress.

  • Charlie and Mac are my favorites. Pairing them together in the car was the second best thing about the episode. What was first you ask…?
  • FRANK AND THAT DAMN WHIP!!! Whenever Frank gets a weapon he goes berserk! I think the whip gives Frank’s Gun a run for its money.
  • I have no idea how the inhabitants of the house didn’t hear the gang. Dee flushed a toilet, Dennis had that walkie-talkie, Frank was cracking that whip, and they were just talking too loud in general.
  • I wish we had been able to hear/see Dennis’ speech. Whenever  a speech includes a “demon whisper” that a speech I NEED to be present for.

Nicole’s P.O.V.

The gang gets trapped. Dennis gets self-aware (on behalf of the group). And Frank gets a whip. This episode was incredibly solid, but just like Will, I needed to hear that speech. Without it, I felt like we were only given the ‘L’ minus the ‘OL’ that would have taken everything to perfection.

  • Dennis examining the gang’s process as it happened was perfect and a tad meta.
  • Dee is a liability. Mac is the brawn (his new girth makes that official). Dennis is the looks and the brains. Charlie is the wild card. But can we agree that Frank also holds the wild card position down when necessary?
  • Mac may have been going for Indiana Jones, but he more closely resembled John Popper of Blues Traveler.
  • Charlie shouldn’t have asked Mac for the chips. In fact, there should be a social rule that if you pass up the opportunity to add to your order, you can’t freeload off the person that didn’t.


“I’m in a little girl’s room.” – (Something no parent wants to hear from) Frank

“Dee, you are escalating shit. See, this is exactly what I’m talking about. We immediately escalate everything to a ten. It’s ridiculous. Somebody comes up with some preposterous plan or idea. Then all of the sudden everybody’s on the gas, no one is on the brakes.” – partial quote where Dennis essentially explains the whole awesome premise of the show

“For what purpose would you have been dragged? You nosed your way into this like you do everything. You are nothing but liabilities Dee. Loud voice. Breath reeks. Nosey.” – Dennis

“What about your whole speech? ‘I have the grace of a falcon’ and ‘I’ll be in and out like a demon’s whisper.” – what originally sounded like Charlie ending up being Mac

“We should not be committing crimes based on beliefs that are two hours old.” – Dennis

“Dee, you gangly, uncoordinated bitch. I am not getting hogtied over your lack of grace.” – Dennis
“I hope they hogtie you and then I hope they rape you in the basement for ten years.” – Dee

“I’m gonna whip this little bitch in the face if she makes a peep.” – Frank

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always sunny recapping: storm of the century

Will’s P.O.V.

Lusting after good ole fashioned big breasticled news reporters is a swell platform – pun intended –  for the opening scene of Sunny. I didn’t think it would go much further than that honestly, but Dennis is a man on a mission. Philadelphia is getting ready for “The storm of the century” and everyone is getting supplies to prepare for the onslaught. Mac, Dennis, and Charlie head to the local supermarket to get food, girls, and batteries (respectively) while Dee and Frank stay back at Paddy’s to storm-proof.

Mac is pretty much a no-show during the entire middle of the episode, but Dennis and Charlie made me forget about that. From Dennis’ failed attempt to get some girls back to Paddy’s for his “Hurricane Party” to Charlie’s plan on accepted incestuous behavior to repopulate the planet Duke Nukem style the episode tickled me. Add in Dennis’ sighting of the aforementioned big breasted broadcaster, while Alone is ballading (<–present tense of ballad) the hell out of your eardrums, and I’m sold.

Meanwhile at Paddy’s, Frank and Dee are deciding what the difference between looting and surviving is. (My personal opinion, if you take anything from a store when there is no natural disaster then you are looting, I’m looking at you LA. But I digress.) I didn’t get much satisfaction from this pairing besides that and the fact that I love Dee so much more when she is especially spastic. They eventually find Cricket in their personal bunker and Frank shoots him. So they head to the supermarket (not the hospital) and Cricket drives the car through the entrance starting a riot.

Meanwhile Mac is at the bunker eating Ben & Jerry’s – I’d like to think it was Schweddy Balls flavored for the obvious comical reasons.

Nicole’s P.O.V.

Jackie Denardo’s (Jessica Collins, Tru Calling) boobs were reason enough to get a 3D television and care about the storm. I was nervous boobs would be the focus of the episode. I’m pro-boobage but I wanted a little bit more from the gang this week and they delivered…kind of. The episode wasn’t “fall out your seat and laugh ‘til you pee” funny, but it was far from a boring episode – mostly thanks to Charlie.

The gang is prepping for a Category 5 storm in the assbackwardsly way only they can. Dee is obsessing over a robopacalypse. Dennis is drawing up (semi-creepy) clauses and contracts to make sure they get “chicks and tits” back to the bunker. Charlie is on battery duty, but somehow he’s the only one to gather up a decent amount of supplies. Mac really only cares about getting the food. And Frank (accurately) thinks back on “that hurricane in New Orleans” and explains the difference between looting and surviving.

While Charlie and Dennis are imagining a big-breasted society they’ll repopulate after the storm, Cricket is back at the bar attempting to raid the bunker and is shot by Frank. When Dee and Frank drive Cricket to the hospital, they of course stop at the All American Home Center to make sure they don’t miss out on the supplies, leaving Cricket in the car…which he crashes….inciting a mini-riot….that triggers the looting/surviving. So we end the night with no storm and a jolly Mac with his 3D TV, food and an empty bunker all to himself.


The Breast make you care about the weather in a really good way.” –Charlie

We gotta stop pussy-dickin’ around here.” – Dee

Mayans. Mexicans. What’s the difference?” – Charlie

Storm coming. Hatchet coming.” – Charlie

How did you not know…that the reason I invited you back to my bar…was to bang you? GET OUTTA HERE!!!” -Dennis

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it’s always sunny in philadelphia recapping: frank reynolds’ little beauties

Just as the episode starts and Frank busts up his face – bloody broken nose and all – I was starting to think that this season of Always Sunny I was just going to have to deal with bodily fluids being a main part of each episode. I’m not the most squeamish person but at some point it’s going to get overdone and annoying. But looking pass that, the episode was classic Sunny gold…or yellow…I’m not sure.

Frank’s Little Beauties Pageant was inappropriate and beautiful. The gang makes the pageant about themselves as much as the kids and I greatly appreciated. Anytime the cast gets on stage I will, inevitably, compare it to the blockbuster performance that was The Nightman Cometh and this opening act was just as perfect. Whenever Charlie is given a microphone and Mac’s new belly bulge can’t be contained by his shirt AND awkward semi-stiff choreography is in the mix you can buy me two tickets to that show any day! Dee had a separate performance with a reluctant contestant. Charlie, Mac and Dennis gave “Yankee Doodle Dandy” a rave remix with the help of the lone male contestant. Pure genius.

If I can be promised at least two stage performances every season from the gang I don’t see how they can’t go another seven seasons easily. This was the first episode of the season that I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. I can’t lose faith in “the gang” and episodes like this help solidify my stance.


When Dee use to enter pageants when we were kids Mom use to tell her not to waste her time because she wasn’t pretty enough.” -Dennis

How would you win pageants? Did u have a different face?” -Mac (to Dee)

I bet you wish you win this pageant don’t you?” -Dee
My mom says I’m not pretty enough.” -Justine
Your mom doesn’t know dick! She’s a dumb fat cow and your sister is a stupid little s**t mouth b***h, isn’t she?” -Dee

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always sunny recapping: the gang goes to the jersey shore

Will’s P.O.V.

When the cast of Always Sunny does the Jersey Shore you might not see the Affliction tees or the Snooki hair “hump”…but u may get to see a homoerotic homeless sex scene under the boardwalk. That’s a plus right? Dee and Dennis convince the gang to go to the Jersey Shore so they can show them how much pure fun they can have despite what they’ve seen on TV. Of course it wouldn’t be Sunny if everything didn’t go at all how they planned…

I was more than excited that, my current television icon, Charlie finally got his moment/night with the waitress (Mary Elizabeth Ellis) who has been successfully demeaning and dodging him since season one. The night was magical! Playing with seaweed, “sea specimen” and broken glass is Charlie’s specialty, she didn’t stand a chance. What’s that? Did the fact that she was on Ecstasy play into that somehow? Well…maybe…but who cares about that?!

I love that Dee and Dennis can take time away from their day of permanently scarring events to chronicle a woman’s, apparently gritty, life. Last week was cocaine so why not up the ante to “angeldust”? It’s just the natural order of things. Add in a botched liquor store robbery, a dead doctor and a shall grave on the beach and the recipe is complete. Meanwhile, on the S.S. Guido, Mac and Frank realize that all the negative things they thought about the locals weren’t true. After losing their rum ham while lost at sea the boat pulls it up in a net and Mac gets to workout (steroid injection included) with their new found friends.

Nicole’s P.O.V.

The gang goes to Jersey Shore on Jerseday! How exciting! Surely hilarity will ensure…right? Maybe it should have, but what we got was a whole lot of ridiculousness and not a lot of actual humor. Dee had her braids and once I saw them, I KNEW that she would be mocked (I expected so much more form Dennis!) and that her hairstyle was oddly reminiscent of Monica from Friends. Charlie drank sunblock, while Frank and Mac drank the rum ham. Oh, and we were treated to a little bit of homeless man sex. Again, ridiculous, but not really all that funny.

The Jersey Shore was supposed to be a fun time for Dee and Dennis, but they ended up spending the day vomiting/bleeding on rides, doing angel dust and being accessories to armed robbery, kidnapping and murder. Charlie got to spend a magical ‘summer lovin’ experience with The Waitress, who was to hopped up on ecstasy to remember. Frank and Mac spend some QT lost at sea and were rescued by guidos who pumped them full of steroids and tanned their doughy bodies (that they fist pumped is a given).

I loved watching Dee and Dennis make up that story about the lovely crack ho’ while they were in the hospital and it may not have been particularly funny, but I like knowing other people do that too! It’s Always Sunny can’t always give me “The Nightman Cometh” style laughs, so I’ll just chalk this episode up as season filler, giggle at the parts worth giggling over and wait patiently for next week.



“Would you say we’re getting….hammered?” – Mac, so punny!

“We hung out with these Jersey dudes, they’re the shits” – Frank

“Are you drinking sunscreen?” – Mac
“No, it’s a decoy. We are drinking tequila out of sunscreen bottles,” – Dee
“Very strict open container laws here at the Jersey Shore. Cheers.” – Dennis

“HOLY S**t! Is that the ocean?” – Charlie
“Yeah buddy, that’s the ocean.” – Dennis
“What’s on the other side of it there?” – Charlie
“…Europe.” – Frank
“And how long would it take t-“ – Charlie
“Do NOT try and swim to Europe.” – Dennis

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