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thoughts on one tree hill: in the room where you sleep

Previously on One Tree Hill: Know This, We’ve Noticed

By: Nicole + Will

Brooke (Sophia Bush) discusses a new business venture with her father (guest star Richard Burgi), as Julian (Austin Nichols) stresses about his own investment. Quinn (Shantel VanSanten) convinces Clay (Robert Buckley) to get help, and Millie (Lisa Goldstein) struggles to be honest with Mouth (Lee Norris). Meanwhile, Chris Keller (Tyler Hilton) makes Alex (guest star Jana Kramer) an offer she may not be able to refuse and Nathan (James Lafferty) volunteers to scout in Europe, leaving Dan (Paul Johansson) with Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) and Jamie (Jackson Brundage). Stephen Colletti also stars. The episode was written by Mark Schwahn and directed by Joe Davola. (Courtesy of cwtv.com)

  • Brooke and Julian do the whole “I’ll take the bottom, you take the top of the men’s pajama set” thing. Adorable.
  • Another opening without the theme song. Is this going to be standard for the whole season?
  • Clay and Quinn are starting to make me feel like they are actually going to have some real drama in their relationship. I understand that being stalked and shot is drama but that came from an outside source. Internal struggle is a must!
  • Completely forgot about Mouth and Millie. Apparently Mouth’s nickname is going to apply to his new desire to eat everything in sight. Maybe he’s just on the Mac “cultivating mass” diet? Also, who did Lee Norris sleep with to stay on this show when much more relevant characters have been written off?? Clearly he’s learned a thing or two from his Boy Meets World days.
  • Do Chuck and Jamie even interact anymore? Do they go to school? Do they have friends their age? Chuck sang a little duet with Chris Killer and Jamie’s huge contribution to the episode was saying, “Clay is a werewolf.” Both very weird.
  • Does anyone else think Daddy Davis is up to no good. I know this is usually counter-productive but “Listen to your mom Brooke!”
  • Now I get it! Chris Keller = Someone is going on tour.
  • Is it safe to say that Jamie (Jackson Brundage) is legally a dwarf at this point? He’s been on the show longer than Lucas was and he still hasn’t grown.
  • Why would Julian think opening a sound stage in Tree Hill be profitable? Was there any indication that would work out well for him?
  • Tric has to be the only bar in town. Not only is it where any and all events are held, but Chase has the sweetest apartment, something he could only afford if the bar was raking in money pretty consistently.
  • Is Dan planning something? Of course. But is his plan to steal his son’s family??? But who leaves Dan alone with their family anyway?!
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one tree hill moments: know this, we’ve noticed

By: Nicole + Will

One Tree Hill is back! Whether or not you appreciate the soap-y goodness of the many, varied storylines (i.e., Peyton’s fake half-brother Derek) this show has offered up each season, you have to respect that OTH survived for nine seasons. That’s a “Beverly Hills 90210 staying on the air long after Brandon and Brenda left” level of epicness when it comes to teen dramas.

We went into this season knowing two potentially great things: Lucas is back and a killer is on running around Tree Hill. Will the two be related? Who knows! But instead of trying to connect any dots, let’s revel in the triumphant return (and last season) of one of the few shows to survive losing two of its main characters.

  • Why wasn’t the intro real-life in Tree Hill? Sure, the dramatic opening had Dan with a gun and Chris Keller (????), the usually dry Quinn and Clay having a full-blown argument and Brooke flipping out, all of which was great. But why not start the season off with tantrums, (possible) arson, and back-alley beatings? What’s the reason for the tease?
  • Last season strayed from the usual Gavin Degraw’s ‘I Don’t Want To Be’ as the opening theme and instead went with weekly variations on the OTH classic. This season opened with….nothing.
  • Chris Keller has returned and he still talks in third person. This means that someone’s relationship isn’t going to be the same. The easy bet is on Alex since we’ve already been down that road with Haley. Maybe the writers will really make it interesting and let him mix and mingle with all the ladies on the show.
  • Limited amounts of Jamie! Hurray! He was a cute kid a few seasons ago. However, cute turns to annoying quite seamlessly when you’re at that age.
  • Can Alex (Jana Kramer) have a spin-off when this train-wreck ends? Maybe on Showtime? HBO? Hell, even Skinemax would work. Remember when they let Brooke be that sexy?
  • Brooke’s dad, Ted, is played by Richard Burgi (Desperate Housewives aka another show that overstayed its welcome and is wrapping up this year). Hopefully we aren’t forced into episodes dedicated to his character. Honestly, it’s the last season and we don’t care to learn that much about him.
  • Someone – like the director – needs to explain why Clay is sleepwalking by next week. Besides them getting shot, Clay and Quinn are very blah. If this some cheap ploy to make their coupledom exciting and intense….we’re going to be ultra mad….unless it’s actually and exciting and intense plot, then we’re cool with it.
  • When Dan Scott is around something catastrophic is not too far away, whether he is directly involved or not. Plus, Lucas is coming back and unlike Nathan, he doesn’t play all that nice with Daddy Dan.

Next Week on One Tree Hill: In the Room Where You Sleep

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