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shameless recapping: summertime

The second season premiere starts exactly how the last season finished…all over the place! Steve is still out of the country because of his grand theft auto empire. Frank is still living with an agoraphobic woman (Joan Cusack) on the verge of a breakthrough – and her teenage daughter who took advantage of him sexually then posted it on the interwebs. Fiona is trying to get on with her personal life after Steve.”Lip” is in an underground fight club. And Kevin has a HUGE marijuana grow-op. Gotta love summertime Chicago at the Gallagher house, right?

Fiona moves on?: With all the plots and storylines that are in every episode of Shameless I still see Fiona (Emmy Rossum) as the “main” character. The majority of her time last season was spent with, or worrying about, Steve and now since he isn’t there I was very interested in how she would cope. But just like with everything else in her life she can adjust on the fly. I don’t know how long it’s going to be before Steve makes his return but I’m interested to see how far down the rabbit hole Fiona goes until he does.

Time’s almost up “Daddy Frank: Summertime has been good for Sheila Jackson. She can take 100 steps from her front door and may soon be able to leave her block soon. This doesn’t really bode well for Frank because she will be able to interact with the outside world again; maybe even find another man better than Frank – which can’t be difficult at all.

Ice Cream and Nicotine: I didn’t know why Lip needed a tracking device for police officers – unless he was still trying to steal cars – until I saw that he was helping Kevin sell cigarettes to “of age” 14-year-olds from an ice cream truck. I’m interested to see how long this scheme lasts before Tony, or another of Chicago’s finest, finds out about it.

Fiona Jr?: Each of the residents of the Gallagher house is strong in their own way, but Debbie seems to be right behind Fiona in terms of helping the family. She is running a daycare with the help of her younger brother Carl and she is only 12. Even though she let Frank sneak away with Liam, I still think Debbie is one of the stronger characters despite her age.

Long Distance Dreams: I hope that Fiona’s lost love for track turns into something more than just a one episode focal point. It will giver her something else to focus on besides being the adopted matriarch of the Gallagher house. Even though she can’t live without her family – as we saw last season when she moved in next door with Steve – she needs a mental break every now and then.

Jasmine…: As soon as Jasmine came onto the scene late last season I’ve been questioning her true intentions with Fiona. She helped her get a job during the first season finale but she seems to be trying to get Fiona to do a lot more than income tax returns. Jasmine is clearly trying to get Fiona more accustomed to her free-spirited lifestyle. I think she may even have a bit of a crush on Fiona actually, and who knows what kind of trouble that could get her in?! I have faith that Veronica won’t let anything to drastic happen…maybe…

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