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grimm recapping: bears will be bears

Episode based on “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.”

Written by David Greenwalt & Jim Kouf

The story begins just minutes after the pilot episode ended. Thrill-seeking girl Gilda and her boyfriend Rocky break into a house in the woods, raid the fridge, try on fancy clothes and then try out several of the beds in the house. The one in the master bedroom turns out to be just the right size and Gilda and Rocky are getting busy when she suddenly hears a noise outside. Sure enough, someone has pulled up in a sinister black car and the couple has no choice but to bail out a window. Gilda makes it out but Rocky is not so lucky.  He’s pulled back inside the house.  When Gilda hears him scream, she bails, driving his truck away as something large and furry comes after her.

Cut to Nick in the hospital, being bandaged up after foiling the attack on Marie. The doctor tells him he was injected with a substance similar to spider venom and that he’s lucky–it could have killed him. He wants to talk to his aunt but Dr. Rose won’t let him. Marie isn’t stable, she tells him, and she doesn’t want to risk her slipping back into a coma. Captain Renard shows up and assures Nick he’ll put a guard in ICU to protect Marie after he, Hank and Nick review security tapes showing the back of the lovely blonde assailant. Continue reading

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