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thoughts on parks and recreation: live ammo

Previously on Parks and Recreation: Lucky

What could be better than an all new Parks? Community and Parks FINALLY back together on the same night.

Leslie learns that the budget for the Parks Department is in danger of being cut. In typical Knope fashion, she leaps to find a solution that makes everyone happy. She successfully convinces Councilman Pillner (played by Bradley Whitford, who is no stranger to navigating the fictional political waters on NBC) to make the cuts elsewhere, which causes a ripple-effect  and results in the threat of puppies dying and people losing their jobs. April takes on more responsibility as the stand-in Leslie, including running a pet adoption fair. Elsewhere in Pawnee, Chris and Ron meditate and “bond”.

The best part of this episode was that it raised the stakes going into the election. Sure, there have been a few laughs throughout the campaign (Pistol Pete’s dunk for example), but it’s become imperative that Leslie beats out Bobby Newman. Not just for the sake of Pawnee, but Chris would lit-er-ally lose his job if Newman is elected. Here were my favorite parts of what may have been (relatively) the most serious episode of Parks this season:

  • Tom’s apartment, which makes me wonder a few things: How much does he make? Is a shelf of coconut water really girl heaven? But most importantly, is 80 degrees the ideal temperature…isn’t that a little hot?
  • Councilman Pillner’s obsession with ships in bottles and Andy misunderstanding the point of it all.
  • April calling the gentleman in the meeting Mr. Hamster Penis.
  • Tom tweeting to Russell Simmons his idea for a “cologne that can kill spiders”.
  • My new favorite motivational quote: “C’mon little sparkle, don’t give up.”
  • The Beer-yonce Knowles aka beer in a sexy mug and the Jay-Zima. If only the Snakehole Lounge was real!
  • Jennifer Barkley (Kathryn Hahn) is back. Good for TV, bad for Knope 2012.
  • I expected that Chris would meditate on a grassy knoll or in an abandoned secret garden behind a community college.
  • Unfortunately, my love for Tom diminished slightly when he wouldn’t play with the cats because he didn’t want animal dander interacting with his cash-murr.
  • “April, that would be the coolest thing since N’Sync, Aerosmith and Nelly performed together at the Super Bowl half-time show.” (Leslie, you forgot about Britney!)
  • Are we really to believe Ron Swanson, lover of meat, wasn’t familiar with gyros (aka the hot spinning cones of meat)?!
  • Tom’s two-toned tie is example enough of why he’s the only man in Pawnee worthy of being an image consultant and  a swagger coach.
  • Tom’s tiny cup photo makes a return! (“What is he thinking?/”Why is my cup so tiny?”Summer Catalog)
  • Drinking the tap water in Pawnee is a bad idea. Duly noted.
  • Cranium, whiskey and wheat grass sounds amazing!

If you want to see more ‘Live Ammo’ and you missed good ol’ Jerry this week, you don’t have to wait until season four comes out on DVD, check out these deleted scenes.



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thoughts on parks and recreation: campaign shake-up

Previously on Parks and Recreation: Sweet Sixteen

Another episode where Ben and Leslie were off running her campaign while the Parks and Rec department tended to something else. On the one hand, it’s great to see everyone doing work that’s actually relevant to their respective job titles (I don’ recall seeing Tom do anything work related since his return from Entertainment 720). On the other, I’m slowly reaching a point where I’ve grown bored with the campaign. Maybe this upcoming hiatus will breathe new life into a storyline that would otherwise overstay it’s welcome.

Campaign Shake-up had a lot of great mini-moments of hilariousness, but similar to the department without Leslie, this episode lacked any comedic leadership. The season has been great and Sean Hayes is making an appearance next week, so I’m just fine with a somewhat weak episode. In order of appearance, but not how much they made me laugh, here are the best moments:

  • “Issue number one is the first issue we’re going to talk about.” – The ever literal Perd
  • Leslie is running against Bobby Newport, as well as Brandi Maxxxx (because three Xs is just too mainstream), Fester Trim and Manrico Della Rossa. I can’t wait to see the faces that go along with those last two names!
  • Senior citizens = the gray vote. I wouldn’t have minded seeing more of Ned Jones (aka The Grandfather bka the Grand Godfather), the president of Pawnee Seniors United.
  • Leslie describing Ben as a ‘brilliant sexy little hummingbird’ with a ‘slight but powerful body’.
  • Chris’ upside down situps.
  • Ron’s “Nooooooooo!” reaction to potentially replacing Leslie. So loud. So guttural. So manly. So Swanson.
  • Kathryn Hahn (Adam Scott’s nympho wife on Step Brothers) as Jennifer Barkley. And no, her Wikipedia page isn’t real.
  • Pawnee residents putting their mouths over the spots of the water fountains. Further increasing my fear of using a public water fountain.
  • Joe Biden is Leslie’s celebrity sex list.
  • “You’re right and I should listen to you always. Because you are a man-genius with a taut narrow frame like a sexy elf king.” – Leslie “Do you wish I were taller? What’s going on?” – Ben
  • “Do I look like I drink water?” – Donna, who probably treats herself to champagne instead of a cool glass of H2O
  • Leslie’s amazing ramp entrance.
  • “I’ve started interviewing people to fill in for Leslie. I have found five candidates I would like to hire and two I’d like to be life long friends with.” – Chris
  • Tom’s repeated yelling of “Everything I’m wearing is suede!” 
  • Andy’s kamikaze water balloon fight tactic was genius. Seriously. They should turn that into a yearly thing ala Community.
  • “I think Ben’s already filling the Leslie void.” That’s what she Donna said.
  • “If you love chess, which I do. But you don’t have anybody to play against, which I don’t. Then sometimes you just gotta play yourself.” I can’t wait to see Jennifer return and play off the Paul Rudd’s dimwitted Bobby Newport.
  • “Let’s begin this show by starting it” and “Now it’s time to move on to our next segment, which is a commercial”. This was the best use of Perd, ever.
  • Between Leslie’s wish for a three-course meal in which all courses are desserts and Ron’s affinity for bacon, I think Jerry has a good chance of outliving them all.
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judgement call: free agents

At one point during the premiere last night Hank Azaria (The Simpsons) and Anthony Head’s (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) characters make a joke about how long Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddy Prinze Jr.’s marriage has lasted. For Buffy fans we essentially watched Giles, albeit a bright LA-color wearing version, briefly mention the actress that played Buffy (or at least that’s how it played out for me).

That was the only high point for me during this otherwise awkward 30-minute episode. I rooted hard for Kath and Kim and I didn’t like the Office (or Creed) at first, so I’m understandably less than confident when it comes to picking winners for NBC comedies. But I feel pretty comfortable with saying I didn’t really like this pilot episode.

Similar to the plot, the theme song sounds like something fresh from 90s NBC programming. Unlike the slightly less cheerful British original, the U.S. version plays out like a workplace rom-com. Alex (Azaria) and Helen (Step Brothers’ Kathryn Hahn) have a one-night stand because he’s emo and divorced and she’s newly widowed (I’m assuming if your fiancé dies you can still be a widow) and looking for an escape. They have the usual hijinks that come from such things, all the while dealing with a cast of “zany” coworkers. They don’t really have the sexual chemistry to push that predictable a storyline, which is disappointing, because if they’d been written as opposite-sex besties (as I originally hoped) it might have a chance.

I don’t see this show being cancelled immediately because:

  1. It comes on after the much funnier Up All Night.
  2. Outsourced lasted a full season and based on the pilot episode alone, Free Agents is a wayyyyy better show than that.
  3. I don’t really understand a lot of NBC’s choices sometimes, so it would make sense that this would be a show they hold on to.

I’ll give it another viewing next week at least. Hopefully in that time they transition from painful, The Situation roasting Donald Trump awkward to funny, Awkward awkward.


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