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recapping revenge: victory/masquerade

Previously on Revenge: Illumination


Nolan and Aiden

It’s not what it looks like.

Ironically named since no one is really victorious in this episode. Padma makes contact with the initiative and sets up a drop off time. Nolan, Aiden and Emily are ready for the drop. But when the drop gets moved up Emily is busy deal with her stepbrother and can’t make it. Once the transfer as been made, Padma is kidnapped and Nolan and Aiden are left dumbfounded on the roof. They follow the tracking device they had give Padma only to find the initiative had been one step ahead of them all along. Nolan dives deep into trying to track down Padma only to find that his archenemies Falcon is working for the initiative.

Eli makes good on his promise to Emily all those years ago. He exposes their foster mother and all her treacherous ways and tries to retrieve they letters that Emily’s father wrote to her while she was staying there. He couldn’t do that, but he manages to discover where the letters might be. With that information in hand Emily visits Mason Treadwell in jail and discovers that Victoria has another son.


Aiden: Can you stop breathing so heavily?
Nolan: I’m sorry to bother you Lee Harvey. I guess I just get a little nervous when I’m about to kill people.

Emily: In the art of war if you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the approaching battles. But if you know only yourself and not your enemy, for every victory, there will also be defeat.


Victoria is throwing her annual masquerade, which had to be cancelled last year because of Daniel’s trial (as soon as she said that I was like WHOA that was a long time ago). An invitation which went to the campaign instead of Victoria was ominous and no doubt sent by Emily who has developed a plan to spook Victoria as far as her first born is concerned.

Victoria and Emily

Bitch, please. I get what I want.

Emily had not received an invitation to the affair and when she tries to solicit one is turned down. Her disappointment doesn’t last long since Daniel, who has recently figured out it was Victoria who sent the threatening message against Emily, invites her to go as his date. Victoria is a bit confused when Emily shows up, but she is put in her disappointed place quickly.

Aiden, meanwhile has discovered that Padma is dead and killed Trask himself. I wonder who the new initiative point person will be. With that out of the way Aiden is free to help Emily spook Victoria by wearing a surprising similar suit to a man who poses as the aforementioned abandoned child. Victoria takes Emily’s well-placed bait and heads to the convent where she was helped during her pregnancy. Emily then claims she too is a pregnant woman, unsure of what to do. I assume her efforts will bring her closer to the answer of what happened to Victoria’s other son.

Emily’s findings about Victoria’s son will be salacious and downright scandalous.
Jack will soon be discovered as the person foiling Conrad’s campaign OR Amanda will start to aid him.
Nolan in his grief for Padma will continue his search for Falcon, which will come to a head shortly.

Emily: I’m not leaving you alone, Nolan.
Nolan: I love you, too.

Conrad: [to Victoria] And here I thought I knew all the skeletons in your closet by name.

Conrad: You are deceptively brilliant.
Ashley: I learned from the best.
Conrad: You meant Victoria, didn’t you?
Ashley: Yeah.

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revenge recapping: grief

previously on revenge: legacy

Emily is still hell bent on getting this white haired man, though Nolan insists it’s not a good idea. When she sees the man in Conrad’s office, since she now has camera and audio spying equipment throughout the Hamptons, she senses an opportunity to track him down. By sending a fake threat to Conrad, which he assumes is from the white haired man. He arranges a meeting, which Emily wants to attend in order to follow the man. Unfortunately for her Daniel and Ashley have other plans, wedding plans to be exact. Daniel has begun to take the planning very seriously since he knows the wedding will be used to assist Grayson Global’s image. Speaking of Daniel, 180 much? I’m kind of confused by him. He hate his family, then he hates his dad and sides with his mom, then he hates his mom and sides with him dad. Dude can’t make up his mind.

Nolan spying

Anyway, Emily sends Nolan on her mission, since Daniel and Ashley won’t let her out of planning. Emily picks a fight and gets out of the planning early, but Nolan in an effort to deter her current mission, texts her the wrong address. He does however, enter the white haired man’s house and plant a camera. Later telling an angry Emily that she now has time to think it over and gather intel before following through.

Emily crying over sammy

When Emily arrives home she finds Sammy, who had been acting strange and gone missing. Emily calls Jack, who had been looking Sammy. He rushes to Emily’s house and the two of them cry and say goodbye to Sammy. Jack confesses he always imagined he’d share this moment with Amanda, little does he know he is. A grief stricken Emily leans in and kisses Jack, while Ashley spies from the window. After burying Sammy Emily calls Nolan to thank him for stopping her today. Nolan checks the video he set up and realizes there is a time lag at 8:20, just as the white haired man pops out of nowhere and knocks him out. Uh oh….

In other news which I find less interesting: Charlotte realizes as long as she is with her family she can never get better. But when she goes to Declan’s, the only place she can escape to, she finds a girl with him (not really). She returns to the drugs. Also Victoria found the evidence she needed to incarcerate Conrad, but on request from Daniel she gives the evidence back to him, leaving it in Emily’s knowing hands.


Emily: “There might be a place for kindness and fairness but this is definitely not one of them.”

Nolan: “You may be a lot of things – black belt in karate, impeccable dresser, and a certified sociopath, but you’re not a killer.”

Ashley: “Please don’t say you’re sorry. You so clearly are not.”

Jack: “You think I don’t see right through this?”
Daniel: “See through what Porter? It’s a check not a shoe bomb.”

Victoria: “Why would Conrad hold onto something that he knows has no value whatsoever? Other than you, of course.”



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