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thoughts on it’s always sunny: the high school reunion pt. 1

Nicole’s P.O.V.

It makes sense that the gang is emotionally stunted, their teen years had a major influence and they went to school with a few assholes. In high school, Dennis was a god, Dee was ‘The Aluminum Monster’, Charlie was a dirt grub and Mac was a drug dealer/Ronald McDonald. Things have changed for them…slightly: Dennis is less god-like, Dee’s back is fully recovered, Charlie is less Dirty and Mac enjoys McDonald’s.

Here are my favorite things about watching the gang spend the evening preoccupied with images of who they were while Frank desperately tried to hang out with them.

  • Not Dee misunderstanding what ‘baby got back’ means, but the look on Dennis’ face when he explained it to her.
  • The gang pre-gaming for the reunion. However, and I don’t care if they do own a bar, smashing beers is a waste and disrespectful.
  • Dee’s whole vibe and pungent air of desperation reminded me of Miri.
  • The return of Denni’s ex-wife, Maureen, and Frank’s disgust with her dead tooth. This coming from the same man who can stand the stench of dirty, boiled denim and the sewers.
  • The return of the waitress. Although she didn’t interact with Charlie and seemed to forget that she’s been off the wagon since the gang went to the Jersey Shore.
  • The return to Cricket. Poor, poor Cricket. I thought he was back to his lifestyle pre-Sweet Dee, but alas, he wasn’t and left the reunion with ringworm and the goods he’d stolen.
  • Dennis is crazy. His little exchange with Tim confirmed that for me.
  • The Kings of Leon cameo.
  • Charlie’s disgusting underwear.
  • “To be continued”….maybe this means we’ll see Plan B in action.

Will’s P.O.V.

Reunions – from what I hear – are usually looked at two ways: You can’t wait to show your former classmates how thin and successful you’ve become since high school or you dread to show them that you are still fat and irrelevant. Of course it’s never that cut and dry with gang from Paddy’s though. My favorite parts from the eppy:

  • I want to “smash ’em up” so bad right now. I think I’d finish my beer first though…
  • Dee’s back is sharp. There were bones EVERYWHERE!!!
  • I always figured “Mac” was a nickname but I think I’m calling him Ronald McDonald from this point on. Or at least until he loses weight.
  • I love making fun of how dirty Charlie is but when people outside of the gang do it I get mad. But honestly, those underwear were disgusting!
  • KINGS OF LEON!!! (minus Matthew). I hope they settle their band/family issues because seeing them gives me bittersweet tinglies.
  • The Waitress returned but she didn’t have any screen time berating Charlie. What a waste!
  • I didn’t believe Rickety Cricket for a second! The Catholic church has a high standard for their priests…
  • Who mixes ammonia and bleach? Everyone’s favorite Wild Card, that’s who!
  • I don’t know what Dennis did that caused his fall from grace but they better explain in Part 2.


See ya later Dirt Grub and Ronnie the Rat. Hope ya suck each other’s rotten peckers until you get mouth cancer.” -Dee

Don’t play coy with me you little bitch!” -Dennis

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thoughts on community: regional holiday music

Will’s P.O.V.

When I consulted my DVR the day before this episode aired and saw that the focal point was on glee club I expected more than few sarcastic digs about how Glee sucks. And as a proud “Gleek” with aspirations to get accepted into Greendale Community College I was more than torn when the mockery came about. I’m not not one to hold a grudge though so I can forgive my favorite study group because the laugh/mad as hell ratio was in their favor. My favorite moments from the episode:

  • Troy’s family being Jehovah’s Witnesses is super coincidental since Donald Glover’s family is too.
  • I don’t know about you all but I’m counting that performance as Childish Gambino ft. Abed.
  • Annie’s musical number reminded me of a very annoying Harley Quinn. Of all the perfectly perverse combinations one could make of Annie + Harley Community found the worst one. I kind of hate them a little for it.
  • What’s so hard to understand about regionals?
  • NEVER yell out Kings of Leon and not deliver. Because I’ll be mad and briefly think about removing my signature from the Save Community petition.
  • If Britta and Pierce were ever to sing simultaneously I will personally push Earth into our asteroid belt.

Nicole’s P.O.V.

Sarcasm and mockery are two integral pieces of the Community puzzle and tonight, Glee was completely slaughtered with the latter. It was bittersweet watching one of my favorite shows do one of my favorite things at the expense of one of my other favorite shows, but even that turned to sour when I remembered that this is the last new episode until…well…we don’t really know. So on that mildly depressing note, here are my favorite moments:

  • Troy thinking that Annie’s bubbie meant Annie’s boobie(s)
  • Greendale’s glee club had an Asian kid, but he was no Mike Chang
  • Corey Radison (Taran Killam, Saturday Night Live) as the sinister and exaggerated version of Mr. Schue
  • Glee club became a cult and Abed was the indirect leader
  • The writer’s didn’t half-ass this episode and either watch the show or did their research. For example, the piano player in the study room looked eerily like Brad Ellis from Glee
  • Pierce’s face during the baby-boomer Santa medley.
  • Christmas Annie’s voice was annoying, but it was great that she was given that outfit and sent to reel in Jeff. I’m sure all the male (and a few female) viewers appreciated that as well.
  • Shirley was lured in with Jesus and children.
  • Britta fixed everything by Britta’ing the performance.

I’ll miss moments like those during this indefinite hiatus. And somehow, Whitney will be back in January? I kind of hate you NBC.

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