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thoughts on shameless: a bottle of jean nate

Previously on Shameless: Can I Have A Mother

  • Jessica invites Fiona to a party on one of her “friend’s boat”.
  • Kevin and Veronica look for a pet as a replacement for Ethel.
  • Karen goes to Lip for advice on how to get out of her marriage with Jody.
  • Peggy recruits Carl to help her get her meth lab operation running again.
  • Fiona confronts Steve/Jimmy about all of his lies.
  • Lip decides to drop out of school to get a job to support Karen’s child.
  • Jessica makes a move on Fiona but it doesn’t pan out as she had hoped it would.
  • Lip and Ian – with the help of Peggy – decide that a fight will settle their dispute.

Fool Me Once… Maybe I was delusional in thinking that Fiona would just let Steve right back into her life. I knew he had wronged her in surplus – and even brought Lip along for the ride for good measure. I know he got married to a stranger, lived a double life, and stole cars but somewhere around there they both want to be together. I don’t want to believe that her and Steve are completely done but I understand he has to do more than he usually would to gain Fiona’s trust back. She doesn’t allow that many people outside her family to get close to her (with the exception of Kevin and Veronica) and Steve is only making it worse.

A Grandmother’s Love: Seriously Grammy Peggy? A meth lab? And you choose Carl?! That plan is destined for failure. I knew by the end of the episode Carl was either going to blow something up or needing a really good dental plan. Also, don’t do meth. I hope that little venture into the hardcore drug production was just this episode though. She can keep making Frank interact with his children for as long as she is around, since her cancer is, probably, going to lead to her demise fairly soon.

Room at the Alibi: Is Kev the new bar manager? He did ship Stan off to the old folk’s home because he wasn’t in any shape to run the Alibi Room not to mention just living by himself. I don’t think Ethel is coming back anytime soon so maybe his new promotion will keep him occupied.

Newlywed Bliss: When I think love I think “morningwood”, Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose“, and prenuptial agreements. Call me a romantic or whatever. I didn’t think Karen and Jody were going for the long haul or anything but didn’t they just get married last week? I’m all for Lip being happy but at this point it looks like Karen may be more “baby momma” material as opposed to an actual girlfriend.

The Kiss that Missed: If we thought Fiona was already having her fair share of problems with men this summer just add Jasmine to the mix and then it’s a party. I thought it was fairly obvious that Jasmine wanted more of a physical relationship with Fiona since we met her last season. I’m a pretty friendly guy and all but I don’t lick my friend’s ear to wake him up when a swift pillow to the face will suffice. I hope that Jasmine doesn’t just disappear now that Fiona has denied and embarrassed her, maybe she takes more of a “frienemy” role from here on out.

On the next Shameless: Parenthood

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community recapping: studies in modern movement

Nicole’s P.O.V.

The last time we were at Troy and Abed’s apartment, it was awesome. So there’s the bar…now, mesmerize me with your humor Community! All right, that wouldn’t be entirely fair, but had that actually been my thought process, this episode would have still fared pretty well.

Annie is moving in with the boys and Jeff is the only group member who isn’t there to help her with the actual moving part. Kudos to Jeff. Moving is the worst and asking your friends to help you do anything but watch the movers carry out huge boxes is just disrespectful. Jeff’s plan to fake sick paid so much eloquent attention to detail that not even Britta realized he was faking it. So the group broke up into mini-groups, except for the perpetual “cheese stands alone” Pierce, and made for some of my favorite parts of a very funny episode:

  • Troy taped to the door and Abed wearing a bubble-wrap helmet are to things I hope, nay, expect to see replicated on Reddit/Tumblr/Internet in the near future.
  • The dinner portion of Dean Craig and Jeff’s “date” took them to a Mexican restaurant that looked a lot like Chi-Chi’s.
  • The “Kiss From A Rose” medley officially restored my faith in karaoke. However, there should never be ANY fighting during “Sailing”…Christopher Cross would be appalled.
  • Pierce completely destroyed that apartment, but he did so with the best of intentions and it was accompanied by a funny hallucination…which makes it okay.
  • Of course Britta picks up a hitchhiker…and of course Shirley is delighted when he’s a religious nut like her….and of course he turns out to be crazy. The overall lesson, unless it’s Ford Prefect, never consort with hitchhikers!
  • “The Dreamatorium”…please oh please oh please let us see that magical room in action before the end of the season.
  • Moon Dean > Sun Baby

Will’s P.O.V.

It’s time for Annie’s big move!!! And at this point I wouldn’t be upset if more episodes used Troy & Abed’s apartment as the central hub. Both episodes there this season have been top-tier and might not get deleted from my DVR anytime soon.

Even though I think the characters all get their individual time to shine when they are all together I am liking that they are getting paired up differently this season – with the exception of Troy & Abed, they can stay linked up for eternity for all I care.  Here are my favorite moments from the eppy:

  • Although my social networking skills aren’t deeply rooted in Twitter, I love the fact that Trobed decided to make #AnniesMove a trending topic.
  • Even though Annie can be somewhat annoying at times, I like the fact that she got upset with Trobed for being worse than she is in this episode.
  • Call me a sap or whatever but that fairy tale they made up for Annie was uber cute! There were princesses, unicorns and CRACKSMITHS?!?! Awesome.
  • Dean Pelton is the ultimate creep/stalker…but I like it…
  • And if I don’t see a “Dreamatorium” episode sometime soon…!!!


When you become roommates with friends, the things you love about them make you want to smother them with a pillow.” – Britta

Call blackmail a day at the mall with Craig.” – Dean Pelton

How long was I out? Is Napster still a thing?” – Pierce

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Annie who was harassed everyday by Count Spaghetti the evil cracksmith.” – Troy & Abed

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