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sons of anarchy recapping: toad’s wild ride

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Small World

After the revelation that Clay was behind the home invasions–and reaffirming he’s a maniac–we are immediately thrown into the consequences of the home invasions being an inside job.
clay the gorilla face

Clay is obviously furious that the invasions did not go as planned. He realizes that the three nomads (SAMCRO members who are not posted to a specific charter) are within the criminal justice system, and that the DNA found will implicate them. Clay suggests that they leaving Charming until the heat of the murder subsides. Clay’s plan ultimately breaks the deal he had with the three nomads–to get Clay back at the head of the table.

Jax seeks out Unser as he believes the former police chief has some valuable information about the home invasions. Unser, who has always been a friend of Jax’s (and of Clay’s as well) informs Jax that he believes that the home invasions were intended to be a message to SAMCRO. After some deliberation and theory tossing, they decide that the Nomads might be behind it, and Unser is asked to find them and feel their character’s out. Jax further suspects that Clay is the brains behind the whole operation, and once again is confronted with the consequence of allowing Clay to live for the club’s benefit. Unser, obeying Jax’s request, seeks out the three nomads. Of course, they are extremely hostile towards any questioning, and become uneasy when Unser points out the nasty cut on Go Go’s neck (played by Chris Browning). Back at the club, Jax spots the nomad Frankie (played by Chuck Zito) and informs him (in a semi-accusatory fashion) that he is close to figuring who is behind the home invasions. Frankie obviously becomes a bit unnerved.

Gemma wakes up from her one-night-stand with Warren. After sulking in the bathroom over her rash and childish decisions, she becomes aware that Warren has driven off with her wallet and her SUV. Stranded, she calls Nero for help. Nero, who has demonstrated he has more loyalty to Jax than to his former lover, calls Jax and informs him of the situation. Jax is clearly less than thrilled to clean up after his mother’s moment’s of indiscretion, and it shows on both his and Gemma’s character. With some strategic phone calling, Jax and the crew find Warren at a chop shop, chase him down in a car chase, then beat the crap out of him.

The unnerved nomads run to their leader. They tell Clay that Unser and Jax are onto them. Clay reaches the conclusion that Unser must go. Clay arranges for the two nomads, Go Go and Greg the Peg (played by Kurt Yaeger) to show up at Unser’s trailer and kill him in the home invasion style. Clay makes his way over to Unser’s with the help of Juice, who is beginning to become suspicious of Clay. Clay and Unser have a brief and somewhat unnerving conversation when Go Go and Greg the Peg break in. In a surprise twist of events, Clay and Unser both shoot and kill the invaders, and Clay once again removes all blame from himself by explaining that he figured out who the invaders were after his talk in the hospital. Unser still remains unconvinced, as he believes someone bigger and more powerful is behind the operation.  Jax finds out about the attempted murder at Unser’s residence. Although Jax is running late to meet up with Tara for a weekend getaway, he races over to confront Clay, who places every form of blame onto Damon Pope. Jax also remains skeptical, and concludes that Frankie must be found, questioned, and put forth on the table. Clay agrees.

While Jax and Chibs are riding to Tara, they are attacked by shooters in a van. They are both injured in the pursuit, and discover that the shooters are Niners (or at least associated with them). Gemma, who is taking care of her grandchildren for the weekend, suddenly becomes a dangerous driver as she swerves all over the road and ends up in an accident. We are left with quite the cliff hanger, is Jax’s son Abel dead, or is he just severely injured?

  • Clay is just one of those characters you love to hate. It seems he has learned a bit of a lesson since his murder spree last season. Clay wants the gavel back, its been obvious since the beginning of the season, but the way he is going about it is much more intricate than I previously would have expected. Not only does he cunningly arrange for his hench men to be murdered, but he creates a bigger threat to club than himself, Damon Pope. The genius behind Clay’s plan is it’s a double edged sword: will SAMCRO ever trust Jax’s judgment again if Clay’s plan succeeds and Jax targets Pope? OR, if Clay’s plan back fires and Jax reveals his reasons for not initially killing Clay, will the club become angry at Jax for his decision, and thus remove him as president?
  • It seems Abel just is not supposed to live. In season one he almost died at birth because his mom was a junkie, in season two he was kidnapped by the IRA, and now he is in a perilous car accident.
  • Was Gemma drugged? Or was she just exhausted from her one night stand and the emotional trauma of the collapse of the life she once knew?
  • If Abel were to die, what does this mean for the relationship between Jax-Gemma-Tara? If Abel dies, then Jax and Tara will hate Gemma just as much as they hate Clay. And, if that relationship were to shatter so drastically, what will that mean for Gemma’s character? Solely based on the accident without the tragedy of the child’s death, there will be a strain on the family’s relationship with Gemma and vice versa. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out, either way, there is definitely going to be some Gemma-Tara fighting.


“These break ins were supposed to put pressure on Jax, not cause a homicide investigation!”-Clay

“Charming has become a very messy place since you guys showed up.”-Jax

“She’s caught between a husband she hates and a kid she thinks hates her.”-Nero

“You’re not on borrowed time, to me, you’re already dead.”- Tara

“Let SAMCRO decide who lives and who dies.”-Jax

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