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thoughts on the walking dead: nebraska

Previously on The Walking Dead: Pretty Much Dead Already

  • Everyone deals with the aftermath of killing the barn walkers.
  • Shane questions Dale’s role within the group.
  • Hershel seeks out an old vice in order to deal with his pain.
  • Rick, Hershel, and Glenn are found by other survivors while in town.
  • Lori runs into some trouble while heading to town to get the search party


The Rift: Before Shane took it on his own to open the barn we could tell that the opinions were nowhere near unanimous in regards to killing the walkers inside. Even afterwards the debate continues on. Was Shane right? Was it his place to open the barn? I think he did the right thing and it appears the majority of the group feels the same way, they just didn’t feel it was their place to make the decision. Even though Shane’s role as the anti-hero is growing exponentially, I appreciate his ability to do what everyone is afraid to.

Dale’s Duties? I’ve been calling him a glorified mechanic since the beginning. He does nothing but get in everyone else’s affairs and cause drama. It seems obvious that he wants everyone to play by the rules and “do the right thing” but the dismal situation they find themselves in is going to require getting your hands dirty every now and again. I try not to be so critical of Dale at all times but he just grinds my gears.

Open Bar: After realizing that he was wrong about the “sickness” that causes the dead to walk Hershel heads to his former favorite watering hole to drown his sorrows. It is sad that it took such a tragedy for Hershel to realize the truth but that was exactly what he needed. Whether or not he decides to evict Rick and his group from the farm is still to be seen but I think his decision may have changed after he met Rick’s alter-ego…

Quick Draw Rick:¬†After a confrontation with two other survivors, Dave and Tommy, Rick has to kill them in order to protect themselves as well as those back on the farm. Rick and Glenn know how difficult it is while on the road but they don’t want anymore issues with Hershel, seeing as though he is on the verge of kicking them out anyway. It appears Dave (Michael Raymond-James) was telling the truth about there being another group in the area but I want to see how they react to the news that their friends are dead. Will Rick be able to come to a diplomatic solution or will there be more bloodshed?

Lori…Be Patient: Seriously. Frank and Glenn knew they had to go to town and bring Hershel back. They weren’t going to go to the carnival and a day spa. Why was she is such a hurry to drive out there by herself?! They were in a car anyway. Now she may be in more danger than Beth is back at the farm. Is everyone in the Grimes family just THAT desperate to be comatose?

On the next The Walking Dead: Trigger Finger

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