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modern family recapping: the butler’s escape

Previously on Modern Family: schooled and snip

Luke wants to quit magic….yes Luke does magic. Phil’s disappointment leads him to force Luke to keep at it, especially since Luke is such a promising talent. Phil takes action and tells Luke if he performs the Butler’s Escape and still wants to quit he can. Phil turns his back for only a few moments and Luke has already escaped, still adamant that he should quit. Phil, however gets to the bottom of it and realizes that Luke doesn’t like being made fun of. But Phil explains, while trying to free himself from the Butler’s Escape, that that’s no reason to quit anything.

Mitchell and Lily

that butterfly lunch box looks much cooler on me

Cam and Mitchell swap lives for the day, kinda. Cam goes to work, his first day as a music teacher and Mitchell will take care of Lily. All day long it’s clear neither is doing the right thing. Cam’s students don’t like him and the teachers won’t talk to him. Lily continuously points out all the things Cam would do differently. At the end of their days, both confess, (technically Claire confesses for Mitchell), that their days were not as good as they had hoped.

Pregnancy is making Gloria snore. Jay and Manny haven’t been sleeping well, but neither want to say anything to upset Gloria. Instead Jay takes advantage of what was supposed to be an overnight business trip and gets a hotel room. Manny, relaxing in the piano lounge like every normal teenage, sees Jay and rats him out. Gloria shows up, throws a fit, and when she realizes Jay just needed a little sleep, decides to let him have it, but taking his hotel room and giving him the house.

the butler's escape

I’ll never tell you anything!

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Phil attempting the Butler’s Escape
  • Lily hiding in the freezer
  • Manny in the piano lounge
  • Gloria’s reaction to Jay’s “infidelity”


Phil: “Some people describe this escape as visual poetry!”

Claire: “Dad your hot wife, who was learning to walk when you were 30 years old, is pregnant with the baby you conceived doing something most men would kill to do.”

Cam: “I wouldn’t be surprised if I got slow clapped out of my first class.”

Manny: “Occupado big guy, find another foxhole.”

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