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the walking dead recapping: arrow on the door post/ prey

Previously on the Walking Dead: Clear

Arrow on the Door Post

In this episode, we finally get a meeting between Rick and the Governor, to come to a peaceful agreement to prevent further unnecessary blood shed

  • Rick, Daryl, and Hershel drive to an abandoned feed store, where Rick is to meet with the Governor inside, with Daryl and Hershel as back up. Although I question Hershel being the driver of the vehicle, I think he was an important person to bring along since he has shown himself to be level headed. And Daryl is just a  badass.
  • Rick walks in to see a table and chairs set up for the meeting. The Governor makes his appearance, and tries to calm Rick by claiming to be unarmed. Unbeknownst to Rick, the Governor has taped a pistol to the table, because clearly the man cannot be trusted.
  • Daryl and Hershel meet the Governor’s henchmen, Martinez and Milton who are accompanied by Andrea. Both of them share a common ground, as Daryl and Martinez both demonstrate aggression while Milton and Hershel are more passive and calm. Daryl and Martinez both combat approaching zombies, both trying to one up each other. They share a moment of male bonding over a cigarette as they both realize that the outcome of the meeting isn’t going to be a peaceful one. Milton and Hershel sit near by discussing Hershel’s amputated leg, with Milton being intrigued by Hershel not becoming a zombie after the bite.
  • Back in the feed store, Rick outlines a clear territory to keep the two groups away from each other. The Governor waves away these conditions, and explains that all he wants is Michonne, and that he will leave the prison group alone once they hand her over to him in two days time. If Rick refuses, the Governor will annihilate the prison group.

  • Although Andrea is coming to understand how sick the Governor really is, but still returns with him to Woodbury once the meeting is over.
  • Once Rick returns to the prison, he informs everyone that they are going to war and that the Governor wants them dead. Later, Rick confides in Hershel what the Governor really said about Michonne. They both agree that Michonne has earned her place within their group, but Rick looks to Hershel to talk him out of not turning her over.
  • Once back at Woodbury, the Governor informs Milton that no matter what, the Governor plans on killing Rick and his group, because it would have to be done sooner or later.


“Let’s end this. Save the bullets for the real threat.”-Andrea

“Turn her over, and this all goes away. Is she worth it?”-The Governor.

“Are you willing to sacrifice your daughter’s lives for her?”-Rick



In this Andrea-centric episode, viewers finally get to see Andrea realize what a sick man she was been so naively hanging around, but is it too late for her to realize this?

  • The episode opens with a flashback of Andrea and Michonne before Woodbury. Andrea asks Michonne about the limbless zombies she walks around with–and Michonne reveals that they were people she knew before, but that they deserved what they got.
  • After failing to talk the Governor out of attacking and killing the prison group, Milton brings Andrea to the Governor’s secret little room, where he is preparing a torture chamber, presumably for Michonne. Andrea is mortified, and realizes that the Governor must be killed.Milton informs Andrea that killing the Governor will not solve anything, that Martinez will just take command and the bloodshed will resume. He urges Andrea to leave Woodbury and warn Rick.
  • During her attempt to escape, Andrea is disarmed by Martinez, and questioned by Tyreese and Sasha who are keeping watch. Andrea warns them that Woodbury is not what it seems, and that they must leave. Unaware of what damage they have done to Andrea, Tyreese and Sasha tell the Governor that she left in a hysteria, and the Governor sets off to find her.

  • Tyreese, Allan, and Sasha go with Martinez on a run. Once there, they are mortified by a pit of zombies. That night, someone throws gasoline all over the pit, and lights it on fire.
  • Andrea is running from the Governor, who has caught up to her in a truck. They wind up in an abandoned factory, with the Governor tailing her and menacingly offering her help. Andrea is able to escape when she releases a hoard of trapped zombies at him.
  • Andrea makes it to the prison, where Rick is on watch. Of course, right before Rick sees her, the Governor shows up and foils her plan.
  • The Governor returns to the prison, and is informed of the fire that happened the previous night. He questions both Tyreese and Milton, although he claims he knows who does it. He also informs everyone that he could not find Andrea.
  • The final scene of the episode is with Andrea tied to the dental chair in the Governor’s torture chamber.


“They deserved what they got, they weren’t even human to begin with.”-Michonne

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