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thoughts on bent: mom and tile date

Previously on Bent: HD and A-Game

NBC was smart to put Bent on the air, but in a fashion completely typical of the network, one good idea is closely followed by several idiotic ones (i.e., rushing through six new episodes in three weeks and barely advertising the show). Last night we saw the last of two new episodes, as well as what will likely be the end of the series. It was a brief (but good) run and given the opportunity, Bent probably would have continued to grow into an amazing show. Alas, we’ll never really know….unless somehow, some way this is just a brief interlude and additional episodes are ordered. Doubtful, but I have to at least address the possibility.

Mom and Tile Date weren’t all that comedic, but both demonstrated that the show is/was willing to play around with different dynamics and give the characters the chance to develop. In Mom, we saw Pete dealing with the return of his mommy and Alex finally demonstrating (yet not quite admitting) that she cared for Pete. In Tile, Walt is putting on an original play and Alex has a sexy dream about Pete. If this show were to stay on the air, these two episodes would have been the turning point for the star-crossed lovers. While neither episode was hilarious, they still demonstrated that this show deserves much better treatment from NBC. Here are the best and funniest moments:


  • Marcia Gay Harden as Pete’s mom Vanessa. Her off-and-on British accent was cute, but to me she’ll always be creepy Mrs. Carmody from The Mist.
  • “…and I need to be in a good head-space for our ‘woo'”. -Pete
    “What ‘woo’?” -Alex
    “Ben is out of town, this is our ‘woo’. Window of opportunity.” -Pete
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