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the walking dead recapping: this sorrowful life

Previously on the Walking Dead: Prey

Season finale next week!

  • Rick is still debating with himself whether he should hand over Michonne to the Governor or if they should stand their ground and fight. He debates this with Hershel and Daryl, who put further doubt into Rick’s mind about handing her over. Rick reaches the reluctant conclusion that they have to give her up, and that they must enlist Merle’s help.
  • Rick finds Merle searching feverishly for drugs. Merle confronts Rick by stating that the Governor will not simply kill Michonne, but will torture her, as he’s realizes he’s known to do. Merle challenges Rick’s decision to hand her over, claiming that he doesn’t have the spine to do such a thing. Later, Merle and Daryl discuss the situation. Merle acknowledges the hypocrisy of handing over a group member, especially when Merle did the same thing with Glen and Maggie.
  • Glen proposes to Maggie.

  • While searching for wire to tie up Michonne to take her to the Governor, Rick has a vision of Lori, and suddenly realizes that succumbing to the sacrifice is the wrong decision.
  • While Rick decides that he will not hand over Michonne, Merle takes matters into his own hands–claiming that the group needs one man to do their dirty work. Merle leads Michonne to the tombs where he suspects a breach is present. He knocks out Michonne, ties her up, and leads her away. When Rick discovers what has happened, Daryl decides that it is his duty to find his brother and stop him.
  • Merle is obviously battling with himself, as Michonne points out that he is not evil because she notes he feels a weight on his shoulders with his task, while real evil would not have any doubt. While at a stop, Merle accidentally sets off a car alarm while hot wiring a car, attracting a hoard of zombies. They barely get away after a brief fight with the zombies. As they drive away, Merle decides to let Michonne go, claiming that he has business that he needs to handle.
  • Drunk and in a car blasting rock music, Merle is attracting zombies. He slowly drives away, with the zombies following him to the location where they are to meet the Governor. He hides out in the abandoned building, slowly shooting the Governor’s henchmen. He misses his chance to kill the Governor, and is unfortunately attacked by a zombie–revealing his location. The Governor takes no time at all to find Merle–ultimately shooting and killing him.
  • Rick has a meeting with the members of his group. He reveals everything about the Governor’s deal, how he was considering turning over Michonne, and Merle’s decision to take matters in his own hands. He concludes by saying that they cannot continue with just one leader making all the decisions, and that there must be a democracy now. He leaves them with the decision if they want to stand and fight, or flee.
  • Daryl finds Merle as a zombie munching on a corpse. Daryl breaks down in tears, while Merle tries to attack him. Daryl ends up stabbing zombie Merle multiple times in the face.


  • Merle’s attempt to be the bad guy and do the dirty work for the prison group, yet ultimately succumbing to his conscience and choosing to let the group make the decision was honorable.
  • Daryl breaking down and stabbing zombie Merle multiple times in the face was obviously him letting out all his frustration from his brother. If only Merle wasn’t so hard headed and so dead set on being an outsider.
  • In previous episodes, Rick’s hallucinations of Lori have lead to Rick making impulsive, illogical decision. However, Lori’s presence in this episode served some good (for once).
  • The shots of Merle as a shadowed face was really interesting.


“You’re as cold as ice, officer friendly”-Merle

“No one is going to mourn you, not even Daryl. He has a new family now.”-Michonne

“I can’t sacrifice one person for the greater good, because we are the greater good. We are here because of us, not me.”-Rick

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