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the walking dead recapping: clear

Previously on The Walking Dead: I aint a Judas

This episode felt a bit like a  filler episode after what we have experienced with Suicide King and Home, but it still had its intrigue.

  • Rick, Michonne, and Carl have decided to go on a run into town to get some ammo and weapons for their expected war with the Governor. On the way, they encounter another survivor who is walking on the road. Following Rick’s sense of mistrust towards outsiders, they drive right on by. The individual manages to catch up to their car when they are stuck in the mud, but they just keep driving on.
  • Rick and Carl are both mistrustful of Michonne, and are using this run as a means to see where her loyalties lie.
  • Once in the abandoned police station, they soon realize that other survivalists had the same idea, and looted the place beforehand. Rick manages to convince Michonne that he signed some permits for weapons at local stores, and that weapons should be there.
  • While on their mission, they stumble upon a building that has been elaborately booby trapped. While trying to get past the traps, they are shot at by an unknown individual on the roof. They manage to fight back–with Carl ultimately shooting down the gunman. Rick removes the man’s bullet proof vest and helmet to reveal that it is Morgan (played by Lennie James), his savior from season one.
  • Feeling bad about their assault on Morgan, Rick and Michonne drag him into his lair where Rick plans to wait until he wakes up. Once inside the house, they realize that Morgan has acquired a great deal of weapons, and proceed to take them for their cause. The walls are covered with chalk writing, which ranges from a map of Rick’s neighborhood to a note stating that Duane has turned. Carl convinces his father that he wants to go out and get a crib for Judith, which he allows with Michonne’s help.

  • Morgan wakes up, and immediately attacks Rick, stabbing him in the shoulder with a knife. Rick manages to overpower Morgan, trying to convince him that they know each other and that Morgan saved him. Morgan comes around and begins to explain what happened since Rick left them. Morgan refused to shoot his wife–which in the end lead to his son’s death as she attacked Duane when Morgan was not looking. Rick tries to convince Morgan to come with him to the prison so he can save him. A distraught Morgan refuses, stating that they will die either by bullets or from the bites.

  • Carl tries to escape Michonne’s shadowing, in order to complete a secret mission of his own. Carl wants to go into a cafe and retrieve a picture of his family so Judith has something to remember Lori by. Michonne will not leave Carl, and helps him distract the walkers inside the cafe so they can retrieve the photo.
  • The group meets up, Rick without Morgan in tow, Michonne and Carl with a crib for Judith. Carl informs Rick that Michonne is one of them and they can trust her.
  • Michonne tells Rick that she knows he sees apparitions, and reassures him that she used to talk to her dead boyfriend.
  • The trio drives by the bloody remains of the hitch hiker (he shouldn’t have screamed so loud, he apparently attracted a hoard of hungry walkers.)


  • Although this episode did seem like a filler episode, there was a lot of material going on. One of the most important ones was the reunion of Rick and Morgan. Morgan is obviously distraught and in a crazy town of his own (a mirroring of Rick after he lost Lori). Similar to Rick, Morgan is feeling like a failure after he was unable to lead and protect one of his own. It was interesting to see the two characters who have both suffered due to the failure of their responsibility. During their conversation, it seemed in a way that Rick was reasoning with himself, as he also faced distrust and failure as a leader.
  • Michonne stood out as a character in this episode. She had some good one liners, and she was just as much of a bad ass as she always has been. However, I have grown cautious of these forms of character moves where they become very likeable suddenly. It happened with both T-Dawg and Axel, where they become likeable, and then all of a sudden they are killed off on the show. Although I do not think Michonne’s days are limited on the show this season, its something worth noting.
  • Zombies really do not seem like much of a threat to these characters anymore. They show up in the background constantly. Even when they were surrounded by walkers in the car and in the cafe, there really is not the overwhelming sense of hysteria that I felt in season one and two. I guess that feeling goes with the tagline of this season “Fight the dead, fear the living.”


“I cannot stop you, however, you cannot stop me from helping you.”-Michonne

“You will be torn apart by teeth or bullets”-Morgan

“We are eating his food now?”-Rick

“The mat said ‘Welcome’-Michonne

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