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grimm recapping: beeware

Written by Cameron Litvack & Thanis St. John

It’s morning in Portland and a young lawyer named Serena boards a packed street car. Suddenly a guy pulls a boom box out of a duffel bag and the whole crowd rocks out, dancing and singing along to YMCA. At the next stop, everybody but the lawyer gets off, still dancing and laughing. The driver finds Serena dead and calls the police. Sgt. Wu is among the first responders and he fills Nick and Hank in when they arrive. Serena’s body is in horrifying shape—her face swollen into an inhuman mask. Wu is convinced she died of natural causes and is willing to wager money on it. Nick tells him to pay up—he’s found a puncture wound on the victim’s neck.

Medical examiner Harper agrees with Nick. The victim died of massive amounts of apitoxin (a fancy way of saying bee venom), delivered in an unknown way. (Harper tells the detectives she’s never seen a needle large enough to cause the neck wound.)

Looking for clues to what happened; Nick, Hank, and Sgt. Wu review the security camera footage. (And could the Apple logo on Nick’s computer be any more front and center in the shot?) Unfortunately, the flash mob blocks Serena from sight, so Wu’s assigned to bring in the whole crew for questioning. Continue reading

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