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game of thrones recapping: the ghost of harrenhal

Previously on Game of Thrones: The Garden of Bones

Renly Baratheon is out of the running for the Westeros crown after a shadow creature appears in his tent and kills him. Bummer. In the Game of Thrones, this seems a bit like cheating, but no one has time to complain. Catelyn and Brienne, who were in Renly’s tent when the magical voodoo assassin showed up, are blamed for the king’s death, but they both escape. And while all of Renly’s former bannermen join Stannis, the Tyrell siblings throw their lot in with Petyr and, I assume, Joffrey the Demented Boy King (first of his name).

Across the Narrow Sea, Dany gets one gigantic step closer to finally returning to Westeros. Xaro Xhoan Daxos offers her all the ships, horses, and soldiers she needs to conquer the Seven Kingdoms as long as she marries him. Hooray! The girl queen gets to return and smash the Westeros “boys’ club” to smithereens with her dragons and foreign armies. Oh, just kidding. Dany’s advisor Jorah wants her to reject the offer so that they can just return to Westeros on one dinky ship. This idiotic plan has nothing to do with the fact that Jorah is in love with her. Nothing at all.

Elsewhere, lots of epic action continues to dangle just over the horizon, tempting viewers. Theon abandons his father’s lame order to storm the fishermen villages in favor of a bold move to attack Torren’s Square, a city dangerously close to Winterfell. At King’s Landing, Tyrion discovers that the alchemists have been making thousands of pots of wild fire, a deadly substance capable of burning through wood, steel, and iron. Beyond the Wall, Jon volunteers to join Quorin Halfhand on an expedition to kill off the wildling scouts that lurk beyond the Fist of the First Men.

Meanwhile at Harrenhal, Arya finds an unexpected ally in Jaqen, the man whose life she saved a few episodes back when all of them were first captured. Jaqen now works for the Lannisters, but he has not forgetton what Arya did for him. Citing the religious teachings of the Red God, he claims that only death can pay for life and that he now owes Arya three deaths. Arya is understandably skeptical, but she does propose that if anyone should be killed, it should be the Tickler (famous for his rat/bucket/fire torture techniques). A short time later, the Tickler is found dead in the Harrenhal courtyard, and Arya looks up to find Jaqen smiling at her as he places one finger upon his cheek. Two more to go.


  • I’m not sure if Dany’s former prostitute friend Doreah is, in fact, still a former prostitute. Dany pretty much suggests Doreah should go make the men of Quarth “happy” in exchange for local gossip. Shouldn’t one of the benefits of being part of Dany’s entourage include not having to be a prostitude anymore?
  • I wonder how much CGI money it cost to just make one of Dany’s dragons barbeque his own morsel of food. Hope no one was hoping that her dragons would, you know, actually do anything important this season.
  • In The TudorsNatalie Dormer played Anne Boleyn, a woman intent on marrying the King of England. In Game of Thrones, she plays Margaery Tyrell, a woman also willing to do anything to be queen. This seems like an oddly specific role to get type-casted into. Unfortunately for her, it probably is going to be a bit harder to pretend she’s in love with teenager Joffrey than Jonathan Rhys Meyers (though perhaps easier than pretending to be in love with Renly, who was obviously in love with her brother).
  • Not to question the supreme wisdom of the Red God, but how does death pay for life? The math behind this religious command (+1 for a live saved righted by the -1 of a death) suggests that it is inadvisable to go around saving lives because then you’ll just have to kill someone else to right the universe. Sorry, Red God, I’d rather worship Ned’s weird tree.

Missing in action: Joffrey, Robb, Sansa, Melisandre

Body count: 2 – Renly gets offed by a shadow creature, and the Tickler dies under equally mysterious circumstances at Harrenhal


Petyr: “Do you want to be a queen?”

Margaery: “No. I want to be the queen.”


Lancel: “I swear to you on my life.”

Tyrion: “I don’t care about your life.”

Hayley has other interests besides just nerdy TV shows. She also is a big fan of thinking. She ponders the great mysteries of life, like how more of her time can be devoted to watching those nerdy TV shows.

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game of thrones recapping: what is dead may never die

Previously on Game of Thrones: The Night Lands

Catelyn Stark arrives at Renly’s camp to represent her son’s interests in the coming war. Instead of an army on the march, she finds an army busy with a frivolous tournament. She’s not impressed, but Renly seems too busy with his romantic entanglements to care. His new wife Margaery is young, beautiful, and rich, but Renly is actually already involved with her brother Loras. Oops. Luckily, Margaery turns out to be a dutiful wife (redefining the definition of dutiful), and she casually mentions that as long as Renly gets her pregant she’s fine with anything. You know, because Renly is king now, and kings get to do what they want.

On the island of Pyke, everyone’s least favorite brother and sister duo (and that’s saying something considering Cersei and Jaime’s bid for the title) continue their sibling rivalry. Their father Balon reveals his master plan for attacking the north by sea, giving Yara the majority of the responsibility while Theon’s task largely involves overcoming the weak fishermen villages. Despite this, Theon decides to turn his back on the Starks and become a true ironborn of Pyke. This apparently involes kneeling on a beach, getting water poured on your face, and chanting.

Over at King’s Landing, Tyrion deceitfully and brilliantly concocts a scheme to find out which one of his trusted allies is actually loyal to Cersei. He secretly tells Grand Maester Pycelle, Varys, and Petyr three different versions of a plan to marry off Myrcella, Cersei’s only daugter. When Cersei, unable to contain her rage, confronts Tyrion, she unwittingly reveals her informant by blurting out the specifics of the plan. Tyrion finds his betrayer, Grand Maester Pycelle, in bed with a young woman (doubtless an employee of one of Petyr’s less savory establishments), and he orders the older man’s beard cut off before sending him straight to the prison cells.

Meanwhile, the younger Stark children continue to experience misfortune. A melancholy Bran hopes that his dreams of being a wolf are actually real, a welcome escape from his paralyzed body, but Maester Luwin rejects such hopes. However, Luwin also rejects the existence of dragons, so he might not be the best source. Sansa remains a forced guest of the Lannisters who killed her father. On the road to the Wall, Arya and her band of social misfits are attacked by King Joffrey’s men. Yoren and a few others are killed before the rest of the children are gathered up and captured.

  • I was kind of wondering why Natalie Dormer would join the cast since, in the books, Margaery Tyrell spends most of her time in the background of other people’s scenes. Mystery solved! Margaery’s character in the show has been bulked up to that of the most understanding member of a weird royal threesome, a role apparently worthy of the former Tudors star.
  • I liked how Yara admits to Theon that she let icky awkwardness unfold between them in the previous episode because she just wanted to know what kind of man he was. There wasn’t an easier way to do that?
  • Part of me missed Dany and her dragons, but then again, if including them would have just involved more sad scenes of starvation in the desert, I’m okay they were left out.
  • Thanks to multiple Season 2 trailer viewings, Varys’s speech to Tyrion seemed a bit empty without dramatic music in the background. It’s almost like I don’t expect voice-overs from trailers to actually show up in what they’re previewing.

Missing in action: Dany, Robb, Stannis, Melisandre, Joffrey

Body count: at least 3 — The bloodshed on the King’s Road was a little hectic, but we know at least 2 children were killed plus the (surprisingly) heroic Yoren.


Cersei: “You think a piece of paper will keep you safe. Ned Stark had a piece of paper.”

Catelyn: “They are the knights of summer, and winter is coming.”

Varys: “Power resides where men believe it resides. It’s a trick, a shadow on the wall. And a very small man can cast a very large shadow.”

Hayley has other interests besides just nerdy TV shows. She also is a big fan of thinking. She ponders the great mysteries of life, like how more of her time can be devoted to watching those nerdy TV shows.

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