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thoughts on glee: hold on to sixteen


Rachel: The Voice of Reason?: I don’t think Quinn is being reasonable in her attempt to get Beth back – that goes for Puck and Shelby – and now Rachel. I don’t like the Shelby/Puck fling but ruining Shelby’s blossoming teaching/coaching career may be a bit drastic – like, seriously, think of the Troubletones Quinn. If it’s gotten to the point that Rachel Berry is giving you advice about anything other than the glee club then you should know it’s time to come to your senses.

Pumas and Cougars, Mr. Sexual Chocolate?!: Honestly, I missed Sam. Maybe it was the acoustic awesome, or the relationship we missed with Mercedes, or maybe even his “trouty-mouth”, either way I’m glad he’s back performing on the right stage. I’m glad he is over Quinn because she is dealing with WAY too much right now but I am interested to see how much drama he stirs up with his effort to get Mercedes back.

Finn’s Leadership: If Finn hasn’t been helping Santana cope with her sexuality or semi-stalking Sam on Facebook to get him back to McKinley he is apologizing to Blaine for being a jerk earlier on in the season. I admire Finn stepping up when the group needs him most because – let’s face it – he is probably the most sane, and relevant, member left to take up the mantle.

Dance to Your Heart’s Content: I hate it when people try to stop others from doing what makes them happy – unless that other person is a serial killer or that kid who likes to make fun of  you because he saw your grandmother give you a kiss on the cheek because she clearly loves you more than his grandmother ever could…or something like that. What I’m trying to say is that I’m glad Tina stood up for Mike when he was afraid to do so. I can’t wait to see Mike on a future season of America’s Best Dance Crew.

Unfair Advantage: Why did The New Directions sing like 30 songs at sectionals while the other clubs had one? I know the New Directions have to persevere and all that jazz but can we at least make the competition believable? Even though FOX cut off the beginning of “ABC” (did that happen to anyone else?), I still don’t think the New Directions’ barrage of songs beat out the Troubletones.

All Together Now: If you didn’t see a “New Tones/Troubled Directions” super-group in the cards when they branched off then, let’s face it, you’re not that smart. I was actually more excited for the reunion than I thought I would have been but maybe it was because it was a last minute pick me up I needed after a overwhelmingly lackluster episode. Now let the countdown to the next big “diva-off” begin!


Red Solo Cup – Sam (B)

Would I have enjoyed this more as a Puck/Sam duet? Yes. Is it believable that fresh from Ireland Rory knows all the words to this song? Not at all. However, it was fun. More fun would have been seeing those red cups filled with something a little bubblier than sparkling cider, but alas, I was just happy to see Sam seamlessly transition back into the club.

Buenos Aires – Unitards (C)

Harmony was like Rachel, but flirtier, and in true Rachel fashion, she put on a one-woman show. The group aspect didn’t even remotely shine and giving Lindsay Pearce some much deserved screen time was clearly the only purpose. Post-performance: I KNEW they weren’t going to win sectionals.

I Will Survive/Survivor – Trouble Tones (B)

Mercedes and Santana providing double the diva power? Smart. Going with a mash-up? Also smart. The choppy and kind of awkward choreography? Not so much. Overall, this was a great performance, but Santana’s voice wasn’t as strong as its been in recent episodes when she sounds like she’s battling her inner demons via song. Post-performance: I wasn’t quite sure they were going to win, but I KNEW they weren’t going to place behind the Unitards.

ABC/Control/Man in the Mirror – New Directions (A)

First things first, Artie should always be the go-to guy for any Jackson classics (see PYT for reference) and I would really like to see Artie, Sam, Blaine, Finn and Puck do a Jackson Five song (or any 5-member boy band for that matter). This performance had what the first to competitors didn’t: a showcase of the group’s overall talent and good choreography….but then again, they also got three songs to get it right. For a moment, we got back the Blaine from his pre-New Directions days, back when he was the head Warbler in charge. I missed that Blaine. I also missed Artie, which I didn’t realize until this performance. Post-performance: I was pretty sure they were going to win. Hello…medleys trump mash-ups, it was obvious.

We are Young – New Directions and Trouble Tones(?) (B)

The Finn and Rachel combo is always great and everyone seemed so happy and young. I doubt Rory’s ever heard this song either, but he looked carefree, which was the point of the performance, so points for that. I guess this means the band is getting back together or at the very least, the Trouble Tones are joining forces with the New Directions.


  • I truly heart Sebastian. Sorry Klaine lovers, but I wouldn’t mind seeing something happen between him and Blaine, even if it’s only in some weird, trippy dream sequence.
  • White Chocolate Trouty Mouth can just come back? Without registering for classes or anything? Wait, Glee isn’t realistic and that’s part of the appeal.
  • Dalton has a fight club? I’d LOVE to see Blaine go all Tyler Durden.
  • I don’t believe Santana needed to write down all those insults for Sam, she is the freestyle queen!
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thoughts on glee: i kissed a girl

Finn’s Mistake: After hearing that Santana AND “Snix” (Her sassy alter-ego) is going to be suspended for two weeks and miss sectionals he decides to renege on him admitting that she slapped him. I would like to say “Thank You” to Finn for keeping Santana around her classmates. I don’t what I would do if I didn’t get to hear her verbally rip apart her peers on a daily (weekly) basis.

Kurt’s Election: After hearing that Brittany is ahead of him, Kurt tells Rachel that he plans to stuff the ballot with fake votes to ensure his victory. I know he is worried about getting into NYADA with Rachel but I can’t make myself believe that this one extracurricular is going to solidify his admission.

Santana’s Secret: After the New Directions barrage her with songs in support of her homosexuality, Santana tells them that she “came out” to her parents and they were fine with it. But when she tells her “abuelita” she tells Santana that “Everyone has secrets. They’re called secrets for a reason”. This upsets Santana…and ME! After watching this show since it debuted, the only thing that really makes me sad is when Santana is upset. It’s pretty much the worst thing in the world…like 4serialz. But I am glad that Santana is finally admitting who she is now but I hope that doesn’t take anything away from Snix.

Beiste & Cooter…& Sue?: Talk about your bizarre love triangles or whatever. Sue is trying to avoid losing votes due to her lack of a consistent male companion in her life so she takes Beiste’s new beau Cooter. Cooter says that he doesn’t need a buddy to lift weights with he wants a girlfriend. Beiste says that she will fight for his love but I’m sure Sue will eventually end up dumping since the election is over anyway.

Teacher’s (Heavy) Pet(ting): After Puck comes to Shelby’s aid when Beth has to go to the hospital for busting her lip they end up at her place in her bed. Puck eventually leaves after Shelby comes to her senses but is this already too much? I love how Glee goes from one controversial topic to another – even overlapping them in this case. But it’s not too far-fetched from reality so it’s not just ridiculously over-the-top. I’m not legally allowed to say that I like their relationship but I’m glad Puck has come to the realization that Quinn is psycho because of it.

Rachel Steals the Show: After Beiste and Figgins realize that the ballot was stuffed they tell Kurt that he could be suspended if they find it out it was him. Rachel tells Finn she stuffed the ballot because she wanted Kurt to win. Finn tells Rachel that she needs to make this right. After Santana is done performing Rachel comes in with tears in her eyes and tells the group that she told Figgins the truth and she has been suspended for a week and that she can’t perform during sectionals. I actually like this move for the New Directions. By now we all know that Rachel is bound to do something spectacular during the big performances, unless there is a conscious effort to give someone else a moment in the sun. I’m hoping that Blaine gets to solidify his spot in the group or maybe even Rory – but they may be a stretch at this moment. My first place vote: Trouble Tones FTW!!!


F*ckin Perfect – Kurt and Blaine (C)

This is the song Klaine sings to each other in the car? Really? I just can’t see that, which is probably why the first song of the evening failed to really move me. The overall sentiment was lovely, but their voices didn’t quite achieve orgasmic duet power. Kurt’s distracting ensemble aside, I found this performance incredibly ‘bleh’.

I’m the Only One – Puck (A)

I love this song. I loved Melissa Etheridge’s video for this song. Most importantly, I LOVED Puck covering this song. His voice had the perfect amount of ‘rasp’ and he did an amazing job of straddling the line between tossing Santana some solidarity and grrl power, while pouring his heart out to Shelby. Puck (and his weird little faux-hawk) is definitely one of my favorite characters this season.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Finn and the (guy) New Directions (A+)

If you haven’t heard Mr. Laswell’s version, listen to it now. Finn did an AMAZING job covering that cover. It was beautiful and marvelous and flawless and a slew of other adjectives meant to express the perfection of this performance. Cyndi Lauper made this feminist anthem fun and up beat, but the slower version really pulls out the meaning of the lyrics. I was glad Santana didn’t ruin the ending with a smart-ass quip. I love when she does that, but it would have completely ruined the mood.

Jolene – Coach Beiste (B)

Great pick lyrically and the visuals really expressed how badly she wants her Cooter. Anything comments beyond that would be gratuitous.

I Kissed a Girl – The Troubletones and (girl) New Directions (C)

I probably wouldn’t have used a song about drunken girl-on-girl action to empower Santana. She’s not kissing her BFF at the bar for a free shot or making out with her roommate at a party for kicks and giggles. She’s a young girl in high school who is being shoved out of the closet. Alas, the performance was super PG, but maybe they had to tone it down after the enjoyably raunchy Toxic performance. I loved seeing the girls back together for a moment and this was one of the few times in the episode that Rachel didn’t look miserable, so bonus points for that. Also, did anyone else want Santana and Rachel to kiss?

Constant Craving – Santana and Shelby……and Kurt (A)

This performance was well on its way to A+ status. Santana was showing her emotional vulnerability again and that has proven to be the Popeye spinach she needs to really “go there” these last few episodes. Then Shelby came in and her interpretation of the lyrics enhanced the moment. And then….they awkwardly tossed Kurt in for the ending. I appreciate the many layers of the performance, but I would have appreciated Kurt’s contribution more if the segue was a bit more natural. Yet and still, this was another tear-jerker.

Note: This episode was directed by Tate Donovan aka Jimmy Cooper aka Mr. Love Potion #9. Also, Santana was consistently gorgeous this whole episode.


If elected I promise to have sugary treats available at all times; it helps with you with concentration, that’s what George Washington said.” -Brittany

I’d rather raw dog a beehive.” -Puck (to Quinn)

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spoiler alert!!! here’s jesse!!!

Oh Jesse St. James, where are you when we need swoon overload battles between you and Blaine Anderson? What’s that? You’re coming back to coach? For Vocal Adrenaline?!?! But I thought you gave up on them to love on William H. McKinley’s New Directions? Well I guess I can settle…

If you don’t understand yet, that means Jonathan Groff is returning to Glee later this season. He will be featured in episodes coaching his former glee club Vocal Adrenaline. I’m not sure if he will ever have a face-off with, fan-favorite, Blaine (Darren Criss) yet but a man can dream right? Click here for all the details on Jesse’s return.

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glee recapping: “the purple piano project”

Glee returned last night, and after all the news about contractual disputes, departing cast members, new haircuts and everything else under the sun it was refreshing to see the familiar hallways of William H. McKinley High School again. If nothing else the introductions let us know exactly what year some of the New Directions were in (Senior: Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Mike. Junior: Tina, Artie).

Once the catching up was over it was obvious that a few notables were not in attendance. Lauren ditched the club after her “rep” suffered after nationals. Sam’s father got a job “out of state” so I suppose that means Sam followed…for now. Quinn Fabray had gone “punk” and found a new crew to hang with, their handle the “Skanks” of course.

We got our first taste of the talent from The Glee Project with Lindsay portraying Harmony. The biggest news was of the bittersweet variety, with Blaine becoming a full-fledged member of the New Directions and Santana has been banned until she can completely commit herself to the group. Season three is here “Gleeks”!!!

The Music

Was I a tad exasperated that it took so long into the episode for Glee to give me the kick-off performance I have been craving all summer? Certainly. Not only did it further heighten my expectations, but also it made me realized this episode might be a little more story-focused. Obviously necessary when there’s been a full summer between then and now, but I’m impatient. I’ll work on that.

We Got the Beat – New Directions (emphasis on the ladies)

I loved the showcasing of the non-Rachel talent. The overall performance had all theatrical size of last year’s Empire State of Mind opener. The food fight at the end brought a hint of reality to everything, which sometimes escapes Glee.

Solid B rating….good, but not great.

Hey Big Spender – Sugar

This was horrible. But it was musical (kinda?), so it fits the basic criteria. I would have loved to hear Santana belt this out for real. Sugar may have vocally destroyed this song in the worse way, but she had tons of bravado.

Solid D rating…it was a good intro to a new character, so points for that.

Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead! – Kurt and Rachel

A shining example of the many benefits of Kurt and Rachel’s newfound bestie-hood. They do such a great job of playing off each other, both in showmanship and sound. I couldn’t help but be reminded of their season one “diva-off” when they sang another Wicked standard, Defying Gravity.

Solid B rating…I liked, but did not love this performance

It’s Not Unusual – Blaine

I’ve missed Blaine’s face. But his ability to combine Carlton’s corny almost perfectly with Tom Jones’ style reminded me of how much I missed his ability to infuse personality into everything. This was the perfect way to introduce Blaine to his new school and was it just me, or was there something there between him and Santana? Obviously not of the romantic variety, but maybe a musical match in the making?

Solid A rating…Blaine minus the Warblers is still (pitch) perfect

Anything Goes – Harmony and the Not Rachel(s) and Not Kurt(s)

We mentioned when this blog first started that we weren’t above blatant bias. With that being said, although the performance was great and it served as another strong intro for yet another new character, I wasn’t moved. Yes, I saw the tap-dancing and heard Harmony’s magical voice, but that’s how bias works. I can’t wait to see Harmony and Rachel interact, fight, “diva-off” and perhaps end it all with a friendly duet.

Solid C rating…I know it deserved a B

You Can’t Stop the Beat – New Directions

Rachel’s opening really set the stage for this episode’s final number. Perfect selection to remind them (and us) to have a little confidence that Nationals isn’t a pipe dream. This performance gave me chills and I couldn’t figure out why, but I think I just love seeing them do what they love. It has a different effect when they perform just for fun and aren’t burdened with trying to get new members or win any awards. Also, Brittany and Mike Chang should really get a duet this season, she has the sound and they dance together so well!

Solid A rating…Quinn watching longingly from the rafters would probably agree.


Santana – “Senior year is all about being the Cheerios top ho and modeling my fierceness after my numero uno Latina, Paula Abdul.
Jacob – “Paula Abdul is an Arab…”

Jacob – “Brittany, what are your plans or the future?”
Brittany – “You’re working on a time machine too?”

Puck – “She’s the one that got away…really really slowly.” (Referring to Lauren breaking up with him)

Mr. Shuester – “For many of you this is your last year. Let’s make it special.”

Brittany – “C’mon Quinn, you know we use to be like the Three Musketeers. Santana and I are like Almond Joy and you’re like a Jolly Rancher that fell in the ashtray.”

Rachel – “Who doesn’t love the Go-Gos?!”

The weird, not Mercedes – “I prefer the Bangles.”

Mr. Shuester – “Ladies and Gentleman, let’s hear it for Glee Club’s newest member, Blaine Anderson!”

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