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the office: the final season

It’s finally coming to a close: the television show that changed the way comedies were filmed. Mockumentaries paved the way, doing away with laugh tracks.

We’ve all known it’s been a long time coming– and, honestly, I think the last season should have been when Steve Carell left. Ratings, the plot, and the comedy has slowly been going downhill. But I’m positive that the last season will be great.

So far this season we’ve been getting hints that we’ll find out who the cameramen are and why they film Dunder Mifflin. Other things that have happened this season: Jim and Pam are in the middle of a tiff, as Jim accepted a job in New Jersey without telling her.

They’ve also succumbed to Cousin Oliver Syndrome: with two new characters who,¬†admittedly do bring life to the show, are called “New Jim” and “New Dwight,” as they look like and act like Jim and Dwight.

I’m positive that this last season will be one to remember. And, if all of our wildest dreams can come true, Steve Carell will come back for a cameo.

Emily enjoys lots of things: laughing and watching television being one of the top two. She loves smart comedies involving witty repartee, loud actions and gestures, over-the-top theatrics, and a solid plot. 

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