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judgment call: terra nova premiere

Terra Nova was my pick for the tvd&m fall television list for two simple reasons: sci-fi and dinosaurs. I’ve heard a lot of justifications for why this show would be idiotic, but the loudest and most annoying was the low-budget look of the dinos in all of the promos. I ignored all of this because I’ve judged shows for shallow reasons too and with Steven Spielberg as an executive producer, expectations were bound to be high.

Watching a new show is like the first date. Everyone is on the best behavior, trying to be appealing as possible with the time they’re given. I try to look at any series premiere for its potential, but also if there’s any hope for longevity. For the record, I don’t think the dinos looked all that cheap considering it’s a brand-new, network show. Regardless, there is a butt-load of potential here!

The first 15 minutes of Terra Nova were dramatic and I was immediately sympathetic to the Shannons:

photo source spinoff.comicbookresources.com

Jim Shannon (Jason O’Mara, Life on Mars)
Elisabeth Shannon (Shelley Conn)
Jason Shannon (Landon Liboiron, Degrassi the Next Generation)
Maddy Shannon (Naomi Scott, Life Bites)
Zoe Shannon (Alana Mansour)

In a land where “four is family” they were desperately trying to hide their fifth child. When that failed, Jim went nuts trying to protect his family and landed himself in jail. They were torn apart and used Terra Nova as an opportunity to start over. According to Commander Nathaniel Taylor (Stephen Lang, Avatar), Earth was ruined by greed, war and ignorance. He doesn’t paint Terra Nova as perfect, but it’s definitely a fresh start for everyone and as of yet, he doesn’t seem like the crazy dictator type.

We see the family adjusting to their new world and of course when a family uproots there’s always one child who joins the “bad crowd”. I don’t think this is the case with Jason, but Skye (Allison Miller, Kings) and her buddies who enjoy going OTG definitely got him into a bad situation.

photo courtesy of latimesherocomplex.wordpress.com

We also met the Sixers and their leader Mira, who I almost immediately disliked. Then I realized it wasn’t Mira but the actress, Christine Adams, and her role on Nip/Tuck (completely different show and something I’ll have to get over). The Sixers are the rouge citizens of the new world. We don’t know much, but they weren’t introduced as murderous, just outsiders with an agenda.

Only two hours in and there’s already so much I want to know about these people and the world they live in. I wonder what the writers were trying to convey by having Jim Shannon go from working in narcotics for the Chicago P.D. to providing security in a world where dinosaurs exist. Maybe nothing? I could have read too much into that. I enjoyed that this show gives you more than one plot point to wonder about. No huge event and we’re not just focused on saving a cheerleader.

A few other things that were (seemingly) significant:

  • The geometric equations
  • Commander Taylor’s secrets, including his son and his interactions with Mira and Sky
  • The details of how the “time stream” works
  • Sixers, who they are and why they are the “opposing group”
  • Control the past, control the future….TELL US MORE!

Did you watch? Did you love it? Hate it? Holding off until next week’s episode before forming an opinion?

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fall 2011 tv premiere dates: sept. 19-25

Last week we fell in love with Ringer and Up All Night, as well as the return of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. This week brings back even more old favorites and quite a few new shows.

Premiering September 19th-25th








Monday (Sept. 19th)


Dancing With the Stars (@ 7pm CST)

Castle (@ 9pm CST)


How I Met Your Mother (@ 7pm CST)

Two and a Half Men (@ 8pm CST)

2 Broke Girls (@ 8:30 pm CST)

Hawaii Five-O (@ 9pm CST)


The Sing-Off (@ 7pm CST)

The Playboy Club (@ 9pm CST)








Tuesday (Sept. 20th)


Dancing With the Stars results show (@ 8pm CST)

Body of Proof (@ 9pm CST)


NCIS (@ 7pm CST)

NCIS LA (@ 8pm CST)

Unforgettable (@ 9pm CST)


Glee (@ 7pm CST)

New Girl (@ 8pm CST)

Raising Hope (@ 8:30pm CST)


The Biggest Loser (@ 7pm CST)








Wednesday (Sept. 21st)


The Middle (@ 7pm CST)

Modern Family (@ 8pm CST)

Revenge (@ 9pm CST)


Criminal Minds (@ 8pm CST)

CSI (@ 9pm CST)


The X-Factor (@ 7pm CST)


Up All Night – regular time (@ 7pm CST)

Free Agents – regular time (@ 7:30pm CST)

Harry’s Law (@ 8pm CST)

Law and Order: SVU (@ 9pm CST)








Thursday (Sept. 22nd )


Charlie’s Angels (@ 7pm CST)

Grey’s Anatomy (@ 8pm CST)


The Big Bang Theory (@ 7pm CST)

Person of Interest (@ 8pm CST)

The Mentalist (@ 9pm CST)


The X-Factor results show (@ 7pm CST)


Community (@ 7pm CST)

Parks and Recreation (@ 7:30pm CST)

The Office (@ 8pm CST)

Whitney (@ 8:30pm CST)

Prime Suspect (@ 9pm CST)








Friday (Sept. 23rd )


A Gifted Man (@ 7pm CST)

CSI: NY (@ 8pm CST)

Blue Bloods (@ 9pm CST)

The CW:

Nikita (@ 7pm CST)

Supernatural (@ 8pm CST)


Kitchen Nightmares (@ 7pm CST)

Fringe (@ 8pm CST)


Dateline (@ 8pm CST)








Saturday (Sept. 24th)


Rules of Engagement (@ 7pm CST)

48 Hours of Mystery (@ 9pm CST)








Sunday (Sept. 25th)


Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (@ 6pm CST)

Desperate Housewives (@ 8pm CST)

Pan Am (@ 9pm CST)


60 Minutes (@ 6pm CST)

The Amazing Race (@ 7pm CST)

The Good Wife (@ 8pm CST)

CSI: Miami (@ 9pm CST)


The Simpsons (@ 7pm CST)

The Cleveland Show (@ 7:30pm CST)

Family Guy (@ 8pm CST)

American Dad (@ 8:30pm CST)


Boardwalk Empire (@ 8pm CST)

Not sure what you want to watch? Check out our picks for what we can’t wait to see, what looks too horrible to watch and what will probably be cancelled by the time 2012 rolls around.

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fall 2011 tv premiere dates: sept. 12-18

This week kicks off TV premieres for shows, both new and old. We get how annoying it can be to miss a new show entirely because you missed the first few episodes. For the next few weeks, we’ll provide all the helpful info you need to watch TV as diligently as we do.

Premiering September 12th-18th





Tuesday (Sept. 13th)

The CW:

90210 ( @ 7pm CST)

Ringer (@ 8pm CST)


Parenthood (@ 9pm CST)





Wednesday (Sept. 14th)


Survivor ( @ 7pm CST)

The CW:

H8R  (@ 7pm CST)

America’s Next Top Model ( @ 8pm CST)


Up All Night ( @ 9pm CST)

Free Agents ( @ 9:30 pm CST)





Thursday (Sept. 14th)

The CW:

Vampire Diaries ( @ 7pm CST)

The Secret Circle (@ 8pm CST)


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (@ 9pm CST)

Archer ( @ 9:30 pm CST)


Not sure what you want to watch? Check out our picks for what we can’t wait to see, what looks too horrible to watch and what will probably be cancelled by the time 2012 rolls around.

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‘boss’ trailer: kelsey grammer as the mayor of chicago

Most of Kelsey Grammer’s finest post-Frasier work has been done behind the scenes (directing, producing, writing, etc.). Boss takes Grammer to a darker place than the smart humor of his well-known roles (Example A: The Poster Art). He plays Tom Kane, mayor of Chicago, who is hiding a severe neurological disorder from everyone for the betterment of his political career. I think some level of corruption amidst all of that is to be expected.

There hasn’t been much publicity for the show as of yet and the premise doesn’t sound terribly exciting. However, the trailer is what sold me on giving Boss my minimum two episode viewing for new shows that peak my interest. Well that, as well as Kathleen Robertson (Clare Arnold, B.H. 90210) and Connie Nielsen (The Devil’s Advocate).

The show premieres on Oct. 21, but will Starz have another Spartacus-esque hit on its hands or will Boss go the way of Gravity and fade quietly into oblivion?

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dexter and ringer bring old faces to the new fall season

There was a show that came on TBS. It was funny and kind of played out like Sex and the City if Carrie’s crew were all men. The show was called My Boys and aside from focusing way too much on the Cubs to be a Chicago-based show (the White Sox do exist, contrary to what the rest of the country believes), it was really good. If you’re saying to yourself, “What the heck is a My Boys?”, then you’re probably among the millions that didn’t tune in. I was sad this show got so little attention and was cancelled with very little fight.

Fortunately, the TV gods have given me yet another reason to be excited about the upcoming fall season. Jordan Spiro (aka PJ from My Boys) will be joining the cast of  Dexter and with Lumen’s open-ended exit and the ‘back to basics’ nature of this season, I’m hoping she’s not a love interest.

And if all of that wasn’t enough to give me TV-gasms for days, Veronica Mars‘ Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls) will be joining the cast of Ringer. Dohring will be playing a teacher, which may not sound super exciting, but as we’ve seen with Moonlight and his episode of Party Down, he’s capable of adding personality to just about anything.

If you haven’t already, check out the other reasons we’re looking forward to TV this fall.


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