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how i met your mother recapping: farhampton

Previously on How I Met Your Mother: Marshall and Lily had their baby, Marvin, and we found out the bride at Barney’s wedding is Robin.

Apparently, Farhampton is the place to get married. It’s where Victoria and her fiance planned their wedding. And, it’s where Robin and Barney have planned theirs. One couple didn’t make it. What about the other? You ask. I’d like to know as well, but I can say with confidence we don’t find out in this episode. And I would say it’s likely we won’t find out until later this season, and possibly the finale. But we’ll see, won’t we.

Robin, Barney, Quinn, Lily, Marshall, and MArvin

Similar to the Season 7 finale, this episode flashes between that fateful day in 2012 when Barney and Quinn decided to get engaged and Ted and Victoria run away together. Lily and Marshall are delirious with love (or was it lack of sleep) and seeing their friends under the sea with the fishes and scuba divers. Needless to say they are not helpful with the “Quinn doesn’t need to know about Barney and Robin dilemma”, which of course means, they inadvertently tell Quinn about Barney and Robin.

Meanwhile, Ted has forced Victoria to write Klaus (played by the hilarious Thomas Lennon) a note, because it’s common courtesy when leaving someone at the altar. Ted tries several times to get the note in the right room and on his last attempt he stumbles into Klaus, who is leaving Victoria too. Ted asks him why and he says he doesn’t feel %$&^%*%&(*%^$#%@&*^%*%^ which translated from German to English means he doesn’t feel an absolute need, love, and affection for her that fills every fiber of his being. And Ted realizes, he doesn’t either.

After rehashing the whole Ted, Robin, Barney story Quinn still is reluctant to move forward with the engagement. That is, until she meets Nick and Nick’s abs, aka Robin’s new Beau. Robin tells Barney she’s kind of hurt by how easily he could brush off their relationship, and he gives her keys to a storage unit, which holds nothing but memories of their time together. The good memories before they got fat, lost their hair, and became absolute grouches.

Lily, Marshall, and Barney

Flash to a little ways down the road: we still don’t know if Robin and Barney have gotten married, though they seem to have their doubts. But there is woman with a yellow umbrella waiting for the same train as Ted. Could it be? Could it be? We will see. We will see.

Best/Funniest Moments

  • Ted rubbing Victoria’s letter on her, so it smells like her.
  • Barney spooning a Tiger while on a horse drawn carriage ride in central park.
  • Marshall and Lily not remembering anything, all episode long.

Barney: “You know, I hate to perpetuate the stereotype, but German female wrestlers from Saxony are just beggin for it.”

Lily: (talking about baby Marvin) “You’re the prettiest girl in New York City.”

Ted: “When you leave someone at the altar you always leave a note!”

Kristen is a confused young adult who sometimes thinks TV shows are actually her life. Wouldn’t that be cool? Unless she was a victim on Dexter, or a deranged privileged teenager on gossip girl, or a wolf on teen wolf, or Liz Lemon! Never mind. It wouldn’t be cool. Kristen is a young adult. Follow her @kris10_Alyse or read frustrateddreamer.com

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how to make it in america recapping: in or out

Ben is going to meet with a new Crisp sales rep and doesn’t want to wear a t-shirt from his brand. Which makes me wonder why so many of us shy away from self-promotion. Are we scared it will come off as self-serving? Or is it just easier to watch other people believe in us than actually show off how much we believe in ourselves. A little off topic, but hey, I warned you last week that I watch this show as much for inspiration as I do for the entertainment value.

The boys meet with Andy, Crisp’s new sales rep, who lacks experience with shopping around a fashion brand. But offers them big dreams and immediate loyalty. Something he’ll be “rewarded” for by the end of the episode.

Rachel’s on the hunt for a new job and proves she’s perfect on paper and can say all the right things in an interview. She lands the job at Biscuit, just like she knew she would. This does nothing for her happiness and what does any respectable transitioning adult do after landing a job they’re not excited about? Call up their weed man and place an order…of course.

Rene is trying to change his image and instead of using his former tactics on Kevin (Andre Royo, Bubbles from The Wire aka more proof that once you’re on an HBO show, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll act your way onto another one), is told he can help with marketing for Rasta Monsta as an alternative payment method for his gambling debt. Kevin is fired from his ad-agency, but not before they advise Rene to get an athlete and do some old fashioned viral marketing. Enter Wilfredo (we first met him as the elusive skater in season one), who isn’t really given an option and becomes the first “celebrity” Rasta Monsta works with.

Cam, who appears to want to make some life changes as well, tries to woo Lulu…unsuccessfully. But it doesn’t deter him from apartment hunting and convincing Ben to go after Nancy Frankenburg (Gina Gershon, gorgeous in both Showgirls and Cocktail) as a potential sales rep for Crisp that could get them in the door at Barneys. Somehow Ben is tasked with getting the samples back from Andy, who doesn’t take things well and departs with a über sarcastic, “Enjoy your weekend, Shabbat Shalom!”

Ben and Cam find themselves at Nancy’s party, hobnobbing with Isaac Mizrahi, but otherwise completely in a “fish out of water” scenario. Between Ben’s lackluster pitch to Nancy and Cam’s childishly frolicking in her son’s bedroom, it wasn’t surprising that the boys left without securing a new sales rep. Fortunately, they left the duffel and Nancy’s son grabbed a Crisp hoodie. Ben tried an earnest approach, but we won’t know until next week if Nancy was impressed.

The best parts of the episode were the interactions between Dom and Rachel. As they went around the city, completely stoned and doing some dog walking, a little spark developed. The expression on Dom’s face after Rachel’s little peck on the lips was hilarious. Hopefully this doesn’t result in heartbreak for Mr. “The whole work needs to learn how to relax,” as that might seriously harsh his perpetual high.

At its end, “In or Out” proved to be another setup episode. Will people fall in love with the revolting taste of Rasta Monsta if/when the drink goes “viral”? Is Ben going to care that Rachel and Dom have something brewing…assuming he even finds out? Does this mean the writers will finally stop making Cam just “Ben’s boy” and give him a deeper story? This is pressing stuff people! And they only have six episodes to cover all of this, lest this season goes down as a dud.

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