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thoughts on community: foosball and nocturnal vigilantism

Will’s P.O.V

Things I learned this episode:

  • Troy and Abed LOVE that damn elevator music from the Halloween episode.
  • Annie has always been the most driven character but now she has prove3n to be the most manipulative. Love it.
  • Knowing that Shirley is good at something other than getting on my nerves makes me like her…slightly.
  • Now with Nick Kroll (The League) being addicted to football, futbol, and Foosball I fear that he has been typecast.
  • Foosball should never be so intense…unless there is a Dragonball Z/Boondocks inspired insertion, because that would be/was AWESOME
  • I want to walk around with two friends and a soccer ball so I can reenact a swinging Foosball kick.
  • Even when Abed talks like Christian Bale in Batman I get annoyed.
  • “Big Cheddar” is a horrible nickname.
  • Maybe Shirley and Jeff’s new found “best friend” -ship will make her more relevant to me…maybe.
  • Can I get some more Pierce love. PLEASE!

Nicole’s P.O.V

Things I loved about this episode:

  • Troy getting excited at the thought of an animal hospital, until Abed noted that the animals are the patients.
  • Ruxin!
  • Britta’s exploding phone.
  • Troy humming Abed’s song from Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps. Continuity!
  • Annie’s Christian Bale voice.
  • Yet another legendary Troy freak out.
  • Leonard’s frozen pizza review.
  • Shelly and Jeff interacting. However, in terms of intensity: air hockey > foosball
  • Real life foosball is awesome. Thank you foreigners.
  • Young Shirley is Darryl’s daughter.
  • Annie is a dedicated liar.
  • Dragon Ball Z-esque showdown between Shirley and Jeff? Community REALLY knows their fan base.
  • There weren’t any overly cheesy group scenes.


Women’s shoes? Rick doesn’t have a wife. Or women’s feet?” – Troy

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tvdm box office picks for labor day weekend

[Editor’s Note: Both of our picks are set for limited release. We could have included Shark Night 3D, which will be in theaters across the country, but then we would have had to quit this blog and leave the Internet forever. –Nicole]

Will’s Pick: A Good Old Fashioned Orgy

With the summer box-office being held captive by the wholesome, family-friendly, action flicks (Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Rise of the Planet of the Apes) I feel it’s only fair that September is kicked off with A Good Old Fashioned Orgy starring Jason Sudeikis.

The plot is simple: Lifelong friends, house in the Hamptons, Labor Day weekend, Orgy. That’s just the natural order of the world. Sudeikis is coming off of a successful comedy hit Horrible Bosses so people should be warming up to his seemingly childish sense of humor. His supporting cast isn’t stockpiled with the familiar faces we have see in the R-rated comedies of late, instead we are given relative fresh faces to the big-screen genre with Tyler Labine (Reaper), Nick Kroll (The League) and Leslie Bibb (Law Abiding Citizen).

I’ll be the first to say that I don’t think this film will be on par with Anchorman but it has the ability to give new talent a showcase and some awkward LOL moments never hurt anyone either.

Nicole’s Pick: InSight

The only big name  InSight boasts is Sean Patrick Flanery (best known for Boondock Saints or Simply Irresistible…depending on what you’re into) and the plot centers around Kaitlyn (played by Passions‘ soap star Natalie Zea). Kaitlyn is an ER-nurse who is electrocuted while working to save the life of a woman who was stabbed and killed.

She is instantly shown all of the woman’s memories and makes it her duty to find the murderer. Throughout this search, Kaitlyn teams up with Detective Rafferty (Flanery), deals with haunting visions and by facing another woman’s past, is forced to deal with her own.

I love psych thrillers. I’m also all for mindf*cks and messages from the beyond, especially when they’re not cheesed up by bloated production and big studios. This thriller movie has potential to actually “thrill” instead of severely disappointment, which is reason enough. Outside of that, Adam Baldwin (ChuckAngelFireflyHalo 3…take your pick) is, for me, the other source of my excitement for this movie.

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