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sons of anarchy recapping: stolen huffy

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Laying Pipe

This week of SOA was on the tamer side compared to the previous episodes (four episodes in and we’ve already lost one of our most beloved characters, RIP Opie) However, don’t let this fool you, there was still much drama to behold, as the Sons must face their most deadliest adversary to date.

As promised by Pope, the remaining Sons are released from county prison. In the midst of planning Opie’s wake, Jax and the Sons of Anarchy have an emergency meeting to discuss the happenings in county prison–and how they must move on. Jax explains to the boys that Pope is their deadliest enemy, and their only way of survival is to make amends with Pope, which will ultimately end the retaliation killings with rival gangs, such as the Niners. Jax further explains that Pope revealed that the home invasions were not issued by the African-American gangs, and that Pope offered them assistance on discovering the culprit for a mere fifty grand. The Sons of Anarchy agree to this deal.

After the raid at the brothel, Gemma and the rest of the escorts are in prison waiting to be released. A rumor is circulating that Emma, the prostitute that Gemma beat up in the previous episode, was behind the raid.  Nero and his bottom b*tch are busy clearing up the mess from the raid–and discovering an eviction notice–Jax and Chibs arrive to help. Two dangerous looking thugs arrive as well and want to take care of the Emma problem. This ultimately becomes a race against time as Jax and Chibs must find Emma before the thugs do. Of course, Jax finds her first at a rundown motel doing what she does best, and of course the thugs show up at the same and demand the girl. And guess what happens next? CAR CHASE! The chase is quickly ended after Jax and Emma suffer a small crash, followed by a brief stand off in the front yard of the projects with the thugs, and a deal that the Sons of Anarchy will take care of Emma, who claims she is innocent. It is revealed at the clubhouse that Nero’s bottom b*tch informed the thugs where Emma would be hiding, and justifies her actions by saying she did it for the good of the business and to teach the other escorts to never rat.
Jax and Emma

Opie’s body is brought back from the morgue to the Club House. Opie looks peaceful in his Sons of Anarchy inspired coffin, but the damage the laying pipe did to him is clearly visible on his face. The grieving widow, Lilla, is left with Opie’s two children and her own son, and is obviously devastated by Opie’s death. During the wake, Opie is sent off to a better place with only the best–a bottle of tequila, some new chains for his wallet, and a childhood photo of him and Jax tucked into his breast pocket. The wake was probably one of the most beautiful and equally sad moments of the season. It’s moments like these that it is made clear that Jax has been forever changed and ultimately, the club needs to change in order to keep the death toll from rising.

The Gemma-Wendy-Tara Love/Hate Triangle

Gemma just keeps on switching BFFs here. One minute she hates Wendy, the next she asks her to bail her out of jail. One minute she thinks Tara is the best thing that ever happened to Jax, the next she wants Tara’s enemy, Wendy, to win visitation for Abel. Must be menopause. I thoroughly believe Gemma is threatened by the person Tara has become (Tara is now the queen of the Sons, she has really stepped out from her shy demeanor since season one, and Tara demonstrates that even with a cast, she can beat someone up). However, all of these women are connected by a common cause: the personal welfare of Abel. While Gemma keeps switching sides for the welfare of Abel, Tara and Wendy both hold solid ground for their arguments. Tara (and Jax) both believe that Abel is not ready to hear all the damages that Wendy has done to him, while Wendy believes Abel is going to want to know who his real mother is and why she has been in the shadows. Looks like we are in for some interesting baby mama drama this season. Gemma is obviously a loose cannon this season, and this could easily become the catalyst for an all out war between the matriarch and the up-and-coming matriarch.
Gemma and Tara
The Question of Opie’s Family

Opie’s family has been hit with devastation since season one. First with the death of Donna in season one, the death of Piney in season four, and now Opie’s untimely death. Will Lilla be able to handle the challenge of a single mother with three children, or are viewers in for another Opie family tragedy?

How Jax has changed, For Both Good and Bad

Jax was obviously and understandable changed after witnessing the death of his best friend. Jax was already on a rocky and perilous road once he became the president of the Sons, and this only adds to the challenges. It is clear Jax wants to keep the Sons out of the ominous and deadly grasp of gang warfare. It is commendable that he wants to save his club for a better future, but at what cost? It has already been hinted that Jax has plans for Tig, which could ultimately turn Jax into the man he claims to never want to be–Clay. Furthermore, Jax is dealing with Pope as a way to end retaliation killings. But, what does getting in bed with Pope mean for the Sons. Will Pope use this power and leverage over the Sons to create more death and despair after the death of his daughter? Probably. Jax is also willing to offer Nero a part in the porn business as a means to make money (to get the Sons out of the drug business perhaps?) and to help out a friend. What will Jax’s deal do for Gemma and for the Sons? We will have to wait til next week to find out, but I think some drama just might ensue!


Jax: “I think Opie has been looking for a way out since Donna died. He hasn’t been the same since. He went out a warrior.”

Clay: “I don’t even know who you are anymore.”

Gemma: “Why don’t you bounce my face off the floor, then maybe you’ll recognize me.”

Gemma: “What the hell is happening to us.”

Jax: “Look mom, I have a few things on my plate today. I’m burying my best friend. So your need to be loved and worshiped is a little low on my list.”

Jax (to Tara): “You’re the only one who will call Abel ‘son'”.

Jax (to Opie): “I’ll see you later, brother.”

When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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sons of anarchy recapping: authority vested

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Sovereignty

Charming, the ironically named hometown of SAMCRO, already has it in for new President Jax Teller and his gang of rebel vigilantes. Jax and his fellow bikers only have eight hours before they are officially pronounced fugitives of the law, local law enforcement is turning to Opie in an attempt to end the Motorcycle gang’s exploit for good, and a series of home invasions leave residents of Charming wondering if it’s just merely gang retaliation, or something much more sinister.

While in hiding (at a “classy” brothel) Jax and Bobby receive a call regarding Tig. Upon arrival, Tig is still standing stunned and alone at the site where Damon Pope viciously murdered Tig’s daughter as part of his “eye for an eye” policy of revenge.  Jax, Bobb, and Chibs attempt to clean up the murders while Tig, sitting away from his friends, cradles the charred remains of his daughter. This is one of the most heart wrenching moments in the series so far. Tig believes that Pope is going to murder his remaining daughter, and goes on a pursuit to Oakland to find her and warn her of Pope’s evil plan to destroy his family.

Meanwhile, Jax and Tara are dealing with the obstacles of becoming the new king and queen of the Motorcycle Club. Jax feels it is his duty to look out for his member’s family, while Tara believes the true threat is within the boundaries of their own family.  Jax is also concerned with the situation of becoming fugitives. As they only have eight hours before they are pronounced fugitives, Jax believes that the Niner’s, Damon Pope, and the local police force are trying to flush them out of hiding. In season four, it is revealed that incarcerated SOA member, Otto, has become a rat in an act of revenge, and consequently, a RICO case has been filed against SAMCRO. This case is the ultimate threat to the livelihood of SAMCRO members and the gang itself, and Jax must find a way to prove that the case was made on bogus charges.

The episode concludes with the AWOL members of SAMCRO turning themselves in. As they are being arrested, Opie makes his appearance, punches a cop in the face, and is arrested along with Jax, Chibs, and Tig. A completely legitimate way to demonstrate comradeship against the earlier pursuits of law enforcement to turn Opie into a rat.

  • In the most endearing moment of the episode, Jax and Tara finally decide it’s time to get married. Viewers have been waiting since season one for something official to finally happen between those two love birds. Jax and Tara exchange vows within the lobby of the brothel, in front of a very perturbed judge. Although the setting was less than fairytale, the love between the two can be felt through the screen, and I cried a little.
  • After the tragic murder of Tig’s daughter at the hands of the evil Damon Pope, viewers wonder what this could mean for Tig. Is he going to try to seek revenge for himself, or revenge for the club?
  • Clay continues his typical journey of lies and deceit by pursuing Opie at his home. Opie is still (understandably) angry at Clay about the situation regarding his deceased father, Piney. Clay, being the amazingly predictable character that he is, spits the same lies at Opie that was said at the table. Clay claims “history escalated, it’s either kill or be killed.” A reluctant and vulnerable Opie, faintly believes Clay.  Could this be because of Clay’s obvious physical ailments, or is it too hard to grasp that your team leader is a homicidal sociopath?
  • However, Clay did offer some insight into his murder spree. Although we already know that it ensued because of the detrimental revelations that John Teller’s letter would have exposed, Clay actually provides Opie with some truth to the situation, by blaming history rather than just the individuals (John, Piney) themselves.
  • Jax and Gemma’s lover, Nero, have become somewhat close. While on a ride along, Jax and Nero confide in each other on the struggles of having an ex wife who uses drugs during pregnancy, and the prospect of starting a new life clean of gang affiliations. This new formed relationship could serve either two purposes for Jax: Nero could represent a new father figure for Jax, one that Clay lacked OR Nero could become a new member of SAMCRO and a way to eliminate Clay altogether.

jax and tara

Jax: “Something is coming for our families.”

Jax: ” I want you to be my wife, I always have. Right now. In a brothel, wanted for murder.”

Tara: “So much for romance.”

Jax: “I’m a fairy tale man. Nothing says love like capital murder.”

Clay (to Opie): “You’re walking away from SAMCRO because of your hatred for me. That is a mistake.”

Jax: ” Is this you becoming me?”
Opie: “How did I do?”
Jax: “Not bad.”


When not obsessively catching up with current and ’90′s television shows, aliciawrites19 enjoys nerding out to her favorite books and learning survival skills from horror films.

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