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revenge recapping: sabotage

Previously on revenge: power

Emily and Daniel

here’s to wasting my millions and my growing stupidity

As Emily moves forward with her moves on Daniel, Aiden becomes jealous. Though Emily’s reassurance doesn’t seem to be enough to placate him, Aiden bites his tongue and lets her continue. Emily has a meeting with Daniel, during which she realize that Helen Crowley has surveillance set up in Daniel’s office. Emily invites Helen to the charity wine auction she is hosting, giving Aiden another chance to speak with Helen. Daniel has also been invited to this auction and, at the prompting of Victoria, Conrad’s old rival, Jason Prosser (played by Dylan Wash), who has taken to mocking Conrad about his fall from grace. Victoria sees an opportunity to pin Jason against Daniel, and help Daniel out from under the thumb of the initiative, which he is currently oblivious to. After losing out on a bid to Daniel, Jason is seething but Victoria calms him down and lightly slips into the conversation that Daniel is going after Stonehaven United Solutions. Without hesitance, Jason begins to drool and as soon as Victoria has left his presence, makes moves to acquire it.

Aiden get Helen alone in the elevator. It seems as though this will be nothing but a PG-rated ride to the ground floor while they dance around the real issues. That is until the elevator stops and begins to fill with gas. The two are kidnapped and interrogated. Aiden advises her not to say anything, and then valiantly brings them both to freedom after shooting their kidnapper. But it was all a hoax to get Helen to trust Aiden.

With Jack still in jail Amanda and Declan are trying to find a way to get him out. Jack warns them to let him be, but neither, Amanda especially, like that option. She goes to Charlotte, who goes to her father, who denies them what they want. So Amanda plans to take drastic measures, which thankfully she doesn’t follow through on because Conrad, at the advisement of Ashley, has already gotten Jack out of jail.

NolCorp is in trouble and Nolan has put his faith in the wrong lover.


  • Nolan’s heart will break upon learning that Padma has betrayed him and he will run right back to Marco’s arms.
  • Helen will grow angry with Daniel’s questioning and lose her patience
  • Aiden’s jealousy will eventually get the best of him


Nolan: Well it looks like fauxmance part deux is a runaway success. How’s your other boyfriend handling it?

Daniel: How about a million dollar nightcap?

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