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thoughts on parks and recreation: live ammo

Previously on Parks and Recreation: Lucky

What could be better than an all new Parks? Community and Parks FINALLY back together on the same night.

Leslie learns that the budget for the Parks Department is in danger of being cut. In typical Knope fashion, she leaps to find a solution that makes everyone happy. She successfully convinces Councilman Pillner (played by Bradley Whitford, who is no stranger to navigating the fictional political waters on NBC) to make the cuts elsewhere, which causes a ripple-effect  and results in the threat of puppies dying and people losing their jobs. April takes on more responsibility as the stand-in Leslie, including running a pet adoption fair. Elsewhere in Pawnee, Chris and Ron meditate and “bond”.

The best part of this episode was that it raised the stakes going into the election. Sure, there have been a few laughs throughout the campaign (Pistol Pete’s dunk for example), but it’s become imperative that Leslie beats out Bobby Newman. Not just for the sake of Pawnee, but Chris would lit-er-ally lose his job if Newman is elected. Here were my favorite parts of what may have been (relatively) the most serious episode of Parks this season:

  • Tom’s apartment, which makes me wonder a few things: How much does he make? Is a shelf of coconut water really girl heaven? But most importantly, is 80 degrees the ideal temperature…isn’t that a little hot?
  • Councilman Pillner’s obsession with ships in bottles and Andy misunderstanding the point of it all.
  • April calling the gentleman in the meeting Mr. Hamster Penis.
  • Tom tweeting to Russell Simmons his idea for a “cologne that can kill spiders”.
  • My new favorite motivational quote: “C’mon little sparkle, don’t give up.”
  • The Beer-yonce Knowles aka beer in a sexy mug and the Jay-Zima. If only the Snakehole Lounge was real!
  • Jennifer Barkley (Kathryn Hahn) is back. Good for TV, bad for Knope 2012.
  • I expected that Chris would meditate on a grassy knoll or in an abandoned secret garden behind a community college.
  • Unfortunately, my love for Tom diminished slightly when he wouldn’t play with the cats because he didn’t want animal dander interacting with his cash-murr.
  • “April, that would be the coolest thing since N’Sync, Aerosmith and Nelly performed together at the Super Bowl half-time show.” (Leslie, you forgot about Britney!)
  • Are we really to believe Ron Swanson, lover of meat, wasn’t familiar with gyros (aka the hot spinning cones of meat)?!
  • Tom’s two-toned tie is example enough of why he’s the only man in Pawnee worthy of being an image consultant and  a swagger coach.
  • Tom’s tiny cup photo makes a return! (“What is he thinking?/”Why is my cup so tiny?”Summer Catalog)
  • Drinking the tap water in Pawnee is a bad idea. Duly noted.
  • Cranium, whiskey and wheat grass sounds amazing!

If you want to see more ‘Live Ammo’ and you missed good ol’ Jerry this week, you don’t have to wait until season four comes out on DVD, check out these deleted scenes.



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thoughts on parks and recreation: the trial of leslie knope

Comedies shouldn’t make you cry. The whole point of watching them is for the humor and LOL moments, but Parks and Recreation, similar to my other favorite NBC comedy (Community), isn’t just funny. When you fall in love with a show that makes you care about the characters, you have to accept that sometimes heart is more important than humor. So with that in mind, here are my favorite parts of ‘The Trial of Leslie Knope’:

  • Ron Swanson reacting to his newfound understanding of how invasive the Internet is by trashing his computer.
  • The Lil’ Sebastian present Ben got for Leslie, but NBC, there’s a time and place for shamelessly promoting your store. That wasn’t it!
  • Chris fighting depression with tons of herbs and vitamins. That bag was huge…too much healthy has to be a little unhealthy, right?
  • I broke one rule and I will accept a slap on the wrist, but when you sit back ad let your reputation be destroyed, you go down in history as a frozen whore. I’m fighting.” Leslie illustrating that heart I mentioned earlier.
  • Leslie’s iMovie announcement that she and Ben had finally hooked up.
  • April and Andy as character witnesses.
  • Khakis and buttondown shorts. Your basic white people clothes.” Donna should have more lines.
  • Ron smelling sulfur coming off of Tammy 2.
  • Former (and current?) Pawnee laws: black people can’t use city sidewalks, all sex positions are prohibited and chicks who laugh are witches.
  • Ben is the antithesis to “chivalry is dead”. I’m a little giddy to see their love flourish outside the confines of sneaking around. Plus, Tom and Ann have shown us that the show can handle characters that don’t work for the PandR department.
  • Ethel, the whole episode.
  • Poor Jerry Gary.


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the best kind of community x parks and recreation mashup

If you’re a fan of Community, you’ll like this. If you’re a fan of Parks and Recreation, you’ll appreciate this. If you are amazing enough to be a fan of both, you will LOVE this.

Community‘s intro x Parks and Recreation‘s style


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thoughts on parks and recreation: the treaty

Tom is back!!! And then, moments later my heart drops when I realize that despite all of the signs that may have hinted otherwise, Beslie (I think that’s what I want Ben and Leslie to be called) are not. I have seriously slacked on my PandR posts, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t watching. The Halloween episode was kind of funny, while last week’s End of the World illustrated how separated the characters were. The Treaty, mostly, brought everyone back together. I’m assuming the last few episodes were some ploy by the writers to introduce new comedic couplings and simultaneously still make us yearn for better days when the actual parks and recreation department was relevant to the show. Now finally, I think we’re back to a slightly better square one.

R.I.P. Entertainment 720.

  • Ben and Leslie were both Model UN dorks legends…it’s annoying how perfect they are for each other.
  • Ron sands his toenails because they’re too strong for clippers. He does this every three weeks. Ron Swanson’s manliness surpasses that of other so-called manly men.
  • Ex-girlfriends genuinely enjoy offering you love advice on your current “4-day relationship.” Chris and his new appreciation of sarcasm will get this.
  • Ethnic girls grow on trees in Mexico.” – Applicant Courtney…and I agree with Ron, this isn’t an entirely racist statement.
  • Leslie accidentally slapped Ben during their incredibly dorky handshake. I rewound that a few times before it stopped being funny.
  • Similar to Donna, I wanted to hear more about Ann and Chris’ attending a tantric sex workshop.
  • Sorry Applicant Gary, Tom is right. A fact isn’t an anecdote.
  • I wish Ron would find some way to hire Applicant Keith. Sure, he ruined his interview Merv Bronte-style, but it was awkward and April would have so much fun with him.
  • It’s time for you to nut up Switzerland.” – Leslie gem #1
  • The only thing I will be waving is your decapitated head on a stick in front of your weeping mother.” – Leslie gem #2, complete with Andy’s classic look of shock.
  • We have the freakin’ moon, what are you gonna do without tides Peru!” – and Leslie gem #3
  • Rearranging Peru does spell Eur(o)p(e)…see!
  • Kathy Ireland doing nude aerobics. The mental picture gift that keeps on giving.
  • I’m now convinced that Ron doesn’t run, but instead utilizes a speed walking/jogging hybrid to catch people.
  • Poor Jerry. He had a few good moments (hot daughter, hot wife and a huge penis), but now he’s back in his sad little place.


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parks and recreation recapping: pawnee rangers

Parks and Recreation has a superior ensemble cast, which was illustrated in last night’s episode. Do the writer’s rely on having April and Andy play off each other, or Ron and Leslie go head-to-head? No, they create new and interesting combos (Chris and Jerry) and offer up different dynamics for old favorites (Donna and Tom). More melodic singing from Aziz Ansari and a special visit from “Batman”…what other show could have pulled that off?


Twenty Questions* About ‘Pawnee Rangers’:

  • Andy is doofy but without him, who would think up such gems as “Brother Nature”?
  • Would Boy Scouts be cooler if Ron Swanson was running the whole organization?
  • And with that in mind: are Pawnee Goddesses better than Girl Scouts?
  • Does anyone else desperately want to see a video of Ron’s weddings and/or bachelor parties?
  • Ben watches Game of Thrones…shocked?
  • Are canvas sheets really that versatile?
  • Donatella and T-Mobile are the best nicknames ever.
  • Can we make “Treat Your Self 2011” a real thing? If so, what would be your “treat”?
  • Would Leslie Knope really incorporate Miley Cyrus into anything? Ever?
  • Who Google’d rat tumors? (Slowly raises hand)
  • How many of those badges did Leslie earn and how many did she give herself?
  • Jerry has a large penis AND a gorgeous daughter.
  • Wasn’t it nice to see Chris blow off Jerry, which makes him a little less perfect and a tad douchey?
  • What’s dorkier: collecting stamps or antique coins?
  • Tom’s cashmere velvet candy cane ensemble….hit or miss?
  • Was the hug between Jerry and Chris the first time we’ve seen him receive affection, ever?
  • After seeing him in costume, should Christopher Nolan have commissioned Adam Scott for Dark Knight?
  • Is ‘chickenettes’ something ladies would enjoy being called? (I’m completely for it btw)
  • What was Millicent and Chris’ date like…and why couldn’t we see it?
  • Who else forgot that Ben, April and Andy are roomies?

*Two are statements…obviously.

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