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thoughts on parks and recreation: campaign ad

Previously on Parks and Recreation: The Comeback Kid

Synopsis: Leslie and Ben encounter their first campaign-related disagreement when trying to decide the best campaign ad she can use to go head-to-head with her new opponent. Chris attempts to become BFFs with Ron, which of course makes him uneasy. Meanwhile, Andy and April spend the week visiting various doctors and specialists.

I’m sure the two are unrelated, but PandR being this funny definitely helps dull the pain of being Community-less every Thursday night for the next few weeks. Without further delay, here are my favorite parts of ‘Campaign Ad’:

  • Paul Rudd as the spoiled rich kid, Bobby Newport. He’s the Sweetums heir. He has a candy-bar and boat named after him, Bobby Bar and Bobby’s Boat, respectively. His dad is BFFs with John Cougar Mellencamp. Also, he used the term ‘cam-pleasure’, which is his alternative to campaign. Genius.
  • Hey Ann, are you still a nurse or did they fire you because you slept with all the doctors?” I asked a nicer version of this question just last week!
  • Also, I completely forgot Andy and Ann dated, let alone lived together. But the real tragedy is that Andy thinks insurance is just for cars.
  • Donna’s new ‘do.
  • As a child, Leslie wanted her campaign manager to be Mr. Belvedere, which is odd.
  • “Ron Swanson, how are you?” – Chris “Present.” – Ron
  • Not really a part of the episode, but is Andy still taking classes?
  • Raclette, Persian grey-hound

  • “Nuh-uh, I always go negative. Even if I like the guy, I go negative. Keeps ‘em interested.” True story.
  • “When I bet on horses, I never lose. Why? I bet on all the horses.” Insight from Tom.
  • “Positive is always better than negative. Barack Obama said ‘yes we can’ and now he’s president. Ben said ‘no we shouldn’t’ and now he’s working for his girlfriend.” Leslie burn.
  • Who knew saying ‘Bobby Newport’ in evil voices over and over again could be so darn funny? And really, with the picking on Jerry? Et tu Ben?!
  • “I don’t know what happened. I declined his invitation, he started laughing and the next thing I knew, we were at lunch. Did he drug me?” I was glad they addressed that.
  • Leslie’s ad sucked, but that little jump with Charlie at the end was adorable.
  • The good news is there’s only two pieces of bad news…” is an innovative way to break bad news.
  • Ron used his Christmas present. However, it failed to be effective because Chris is super nimble.
  • Although it was also a fail, it would be nice to be able to ‘dine and dash’ your medical bills.
  • “I’m not lonely, I have me. And 4000 Facebook friends and a hot girlfriend.” Chris is too hot not to have friends. Obvi.
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paul rudd: from ‘clueless’ to ‘idiot’

Paul Rudd is the boy-next-door. Cute. Friendly without being annoying. Romantic while teetering on sappy. Has been in enough frat pack movies to be well-liked, but will never be the popular jock (i.e. Brad Pitt) or bad boy (i.e. Colin Farrell circa the early 2000s) of Hollywood. Throughout his career, Rudd has built a catalog with something for everyone, which really hit home after reading 9 Milestones in the Evolution of Paul Rudd.

As the title implies, it looks at the nine movie roles that took Rudd from Cher Horowitz’s ex-stepbrother to a trippy hippie in Our Idiot Brother, which is in theaters this weekend. I would have personally accredited Forgetting Sarah Marshall for helping Rudd first get in touch with his ‘inner hippie’ and introducing him to Russel Brand’s shaggy look he’d use for this newest movie.

If the reviews are any indication, Rudd has another solid movie on his hands, but are you planning on checking it out? And if you have, is it worth seeing?

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knocked up…the kinda-sorta sequel

Knocked Up was funny. It wasn’t Judd Apatow’s Step Brothers, Anchorman or 40-Year-Old Virgin funny, but it was more than a few laughs above Year One and You Don’t Mess with the Zohan.

In its entirety, Apatow’s catalog has something for everyone and after Bridesmaids, I’m convinced he’s one of the few to understand and appreciate the box-office appeal of raunchy, female-led comedies. Nothing against Katherine Heigl, but if we could go back in time and pick Kristen Wiig or Maya Rudolph for her role in Knocked Up, I would probably rank it higher on my list.

Debbie and Pete

Well a Knocked Up sorta-sequel, This is Forty, is in the works and this time around, Apatow is focusing on Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann’s characters (Debbie and Pete). They collectively made up for the funniest moments of the movie and Apatow’s previous ‘sorta-sequel’, Get Him to the Greek, was hilarious. Suffice to say….expectations will be high

Jason Segel has already filmed a scene or two for the upcoming movie, which means we will (more than likely) see more of his creepy/hilarious flirting with Mann’s Debbie. And for all of you Megan Fox fanatics who swear she’s a great actress, she’ll also have a role. This could actually work in her favor (and make a few people forget how hard she jagged being in the third Transformers installment) IF she’s able to keep up with her cast mates in the comedy marathon.

Apatow, Fox and Segel

Will you see This is Forty when it hits the big screen next year? Of course you will…we all will. The man made a movie that’s basically Hitch with animals and still grossed millions on its opening day. For better or worse, we trust Apatow’s brand. He has us and he knows it.

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